History Gets Personal

This morning Rush Limbaugh mentioned a legal case that has personal connections with me.

He was discussing Trump’s tweet acknowledging that he did not tape James Comey. It has inflamed the Left. But, of course, anything Trump does results in an orgy of anger. His shoe size would probably make them mad.

Their insanity has caused no less than law professor Alan Dershowitz to defend Trump. He did so in a piece in The Hill, “Opinion: Trump’s bluff: perfectly legal.” Dershowitz explains his conclusion by relating a very famous case Lincoln handled. He writes:

As a young lawyer, he, too, bluffed a witness into telling the truth. In one of his most famous murder cases, a witness testified that he saw Lincoln’s client kill the victim. The time it occurred was at night, so the witness testified that he was able to see the crime because there was a full moon. Lincoln then handed the witness an almanac and asked him to turn to the date in question. The almanac showed that there was no moon on that night, and the witness broke down and admitted that he had not seen the crime. The defendant was acquitted. Lincoln later acknowledged that he had deliberately fooled the witness into telling the truth by handing him an almanac for the wrong year. The correct year’s almanac indeed showed a full moon.

Norman Rockwell depicted the incident in this painting.

The story is personal because the defendant, William Duff Armstrong, was my relative. His father, Jack, my great great or so grandfather met Abe when he came to New Salem, Illinois. They had a famous wrestling match which Lincoln won and the two became fast friends. Abe lived with them for awhile, even rocking the cradles of their children. When Duff got in trouble, his mother, who Lincoln referred to as “Aunt” Hannah, asked for Lincoln’s help. He told the anxious mother at the trial that her son “would be cleared before sun down.” He was.

Hannah was fond of Abe and saw him off when he boarded the train to Washington to become president. She told him she was afraid she’d never see him again and that he would be killed. He told her, “Hannah, if they kill me I shall never die another death.” She didn’t see him again, but he did intervene for her when she asked that Duff be discharged from the Army after an illness. Lincoln granted her request.

My Republican roots run deep.

Digging Himself Deeper

This motormouth “comedian,” John Oliver, gave this 24 minute rant on his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight.” It ran June 18th. If you want a peek at what the “entertainment” industry is pushing on the American people, take a look.

Whatever happened to comedy? This is mean spirited, targeted hysterical propaganda. It’s disturbing to think many young people think he’s right. They probably even think it’s the moral point of view.

Only problem is, it’s deceptive. Notice the editing of the Sean Hannity bit around 11 minutes into this rant. Hannity’s voice changes as they go to a cut of him calling out a girl in the audience. He is using his Bill Clinton impersonation. Yet they don’t allude to that and have edited it to make it appear a natural segue from his patriotic comments. I hope Hannity sues.

Then when he mentions the Appalachian project Oliver doesn’t tell you that it was a complete failure. The lives and incomes of the coal miners, who it was supposed to help, remain unchanged in the decades it was implemented. Bet a lot of that money went to friends of Senator Robert Byrd.

You wouldn’t have to drill deep to find lots of other errors. The Murray Energy Corporation and its chief executive Robert E. Murray found enough to sue. They claim that Oliver’s 24-minute segment was “false, injurious, and defamatory,” and was an “attempt to advance their biases against the coal industry and their disdain for the coal-related policies of the Trump Administration.” They added that Time Warner “is widely reported as a top ten donor of Hillary Clinton” and that Clinton has “an agenda of putting coal miners and companies out of business.”

Anyone who thinks critically would ask why a propagandist has to be so hyper. That’s because he doesn’t want the audience to dwell on anything too long because they might recognize that he’s not making sense. Rapid fire delivery does that.

So do props. What are we in third grade?

It’s tragic that this passes for humor.

What’s Comey Up to?

What was James Comey up to entering the New York Times building yesterday? The Daily Mail caught him with his wife going to visit the Old Gray Lady.

Can we expect another “bombshell” this afternoon? Is he taking his memos to show them and sew discord across the nation?

It’s a shame that the media, pollsters and failing politicians don’t have the common sense of the American people – or the humor. I ran across these comments in looking at this story. They are on point. They should take a look at what real people are thinking.

“Former head of the FBI can’t come up with a disguise or way to leak to the delusional MSM without being caught on camera??? Is he really that stupid or did he just not care? Did he tell the receptionist his name is Anon E. Musleaker?”

“This story only serves to continue to feed the beast distracting from the REAL ISSUES.”

“We don’t care about Comey, we don’t care about Russia, we care about our healthcare, our jobs, stifling regulations and taxes, and we care about the safety of our families. The liberals can whine all they want in their safe spaces until they rot.”

“The problem is that they don’t just rot. They riot.”

“It’s like an evil kid who has always been a problem, but a manageable problem until he’s 15, at which time he’s bigger and stronger than the parents, and twice as determined, and now is demanding to violate all of the common sense things that rational people know to do.

“The problem we face as a country is exactly what those poor parents face. The time to correct the evil kids in our country was 40 or 50 years ago. Now the problem is so vast and so out of control that there isn’t a good solution. We’re in a position as a country that just surviving may be the best possible outcome, and unfortunately not the most likely outcome either.”

“The shit show won’t end peacefully and won’t end until we win or they win. First off I would hope that if I were anywhere near as tall as Crimey is, I would have an alpha spirit instead of being an admitted coward. Next we have to realize that Comey and the NYT are but 2 small pieces of the satanic weed patch that has overtaken the west.

“We all know about and nebulously talk about cultural Marxism via democratic party rule. We are right but can’t imagine how right we are. For a primer watch a video on it by you tuber vertigopolitix.

“While we slept the Frankfurt school Marxists were welcomed into the US and Canada. Their critical theory and warped philosophy sought to critique and deconstruct our society, our morals, our norms.

“It reminds me of Joel Gilbert’s movie there’s no place like utopia where he talks about pinkos embracing creative destruction.

“While we slept these purpose driven Marxists took over entertainment, and catastrophically education and politics.

“This brings us to now. Morals are gone. The family is gone. Art is someone taking a dump on a pie plate and smearing a bible into it. Higher education is now gifting students with a useless degree in race-gender based outrage for the privilege of a lifetime of debt. Politicians and government employees are brainwashed idiots who at best sell the citizenry out for profit, or half way down the line do it because they are fooled, and at worst do it because they are dyed in the wool Marxists.

“This brings us to Comey. He’s a pure Marxist like Hitlery or Lynch or Mueller or Obama or Holder or much of DC and the majority of the higher education brass. They critique and want to destroy the status quo aka anyone who disagrees with them.

“Comey is part of the marxist establishment who is ideologically sworn to demolish western society. Just like almost all college professors, most politicians, and therefore most civil servants.

“Right thinking people rightly struggle to get it. Comey and a majority of the far left suffer from mass mental illness and like the violent wind up toys we are seeing illustrate, know only their poisonous ideology. This ideology allows them to put morals on the shelf and do anything including break any law.

“They won’t stop until they are submitted. Why? Because they are ideologically driven mongoloids or mentally ill wind up toys. Marxist adepts like Comey and well paid carnival barkers like the msm won’t stop until they are stopped.”

Then there was this great observation: “I don’t see what the big deal is for Comey to enter the NY Times building. My guess is he and the editor were simply talking about their grandchildren.”

100% Tax Reform, Better than 50% Health Care

Whenever I see David Schmick on TV, it’s like the old E.F. Hutton ad. When he talks, I listen.

Schmick is a very savvy former Capitol Hill staffer. His words count more than the average pundit because he’s been there done that, knows players very well and has the right measure of cynicism. He’s not one to seek attention or publicity, which right there adds to his believability.

Schmick was on Stuart Varney’s program this morning on Fox Business to talk about the Senate rollout of the Obamacare repeal and replace bill. Varney asked him what was going on in the Senate closed door meeting this morning “where they’re trying to hammer out healthcare reform.” Here’s what he had to say:

“The best way to look at it is what’s in Mitch McCeonnell’s brain right now. First of all, he’s probably three votes short. That’s where they were thinking last night. That doesn’t count the two moderate senators from Maine and Alaska who aren’t going to vote for this. But there’s a lot of bluffing going on right now. I saw one Republican senator saying ‘I’m shocked that the staffers are writing legislation.’ I mean, hello, it’s like Claude Rains in the movie Casablanca saying I’m shocked that there’s gambling going on here. The staffers always do it.

“There’s also very adroit play acting going on by the president who said the House bill is mean and heartless. So it makes it easier for the more traditional Republicans to vote for this bill. The normal play acting. They’ll be a lot of deal making – it will be on opioid funding, I’m sure a little bit more extension of the Medicaid, but Mitch McConnell is one thing. He is very knowledgeable about his caucus. So if you hear later this morning that he’s going to call a vote and that’s what he’s saying, a vote for next week, it means only that he’s within three votes.

“One other thing, that he has the ultimate bluff, too, with a lot of conservative skeptics of this bill. He is saying, privately, that if they don’t get the votes now they will come back after the recess but they’re just going to come back and this sounds like technical talk, regular order, which means they’ll open it up to the Senate. So they’ll pass the popular things that both Democrats and Republicans want and then it will just be chaos. Frankly if the Republicans had said to the Democrats in January this is your Obamacare problem, fix it, I think they would be taking all the blame but it’s gone too far now and I think that a lot of conservatives are going to say I really don’t want to see this opened up to the Senate because who knows what you get.”

Varney then asked if some of the Democrats’ unhappiness with leaders Pelosi and Schumer could have some of them voting for the Republican plan

Schmick replied, “I think on tax reform it’s very very possible at this point. We’re already seeing a lot of behind the scene discussions that weren’t there before the Georgia election to be frank with you. Obamacare it’s going to be tough except for maybe one or two votes in the Senate, Senator Manchin from West Virginia and that’s a little tougher because Obamacare is such a holy document in the Democratic party, it’s tough to go against that.”

Varney then noted that a lot of investors don’t want to know about the nitty gritty and parliamentary rules, they just want to know if we’re going to get Health Care and Tax Reform.

“Yes I think it’s better than 50-50 on Health Care for sure and I think it’s 100% on tax reform, I really do. I think that the House already kind of has their plan in the event that the Republican plan in the Senate doesn’t go down. They will get a tax reform bill. It may be slimmed down, but it’s going to have a lot of things that investors want and there is no way the Republicans can move into 2018 without a tax reform bill and Health Care may get very, very messy but on the tax reform that’s a done deal even if it’s slimmed down.”

What Now Dems?

Four elections and four losses for Democrats this year.

You’d think they’d reexamine their methods. But, no. They are still hysterical, violent, insulting and elitist. There’s no sign they’ll stop this strategy either.

In each election, they have made Republicans stronger, not given us a death blow. In the Georgia election, Trump won the district by 5,000 votes. Karen Handel by 10,000. The GOP actually upped its game. The Democrats also spent $20-30 million on this one race. At this rate they’ll be as cashed strapped as their Democrat dense state of Illinois. One wag called that much spending “Jebonomics.” Fitting.

By making it a referendum on the president, they probably upped our turnout, too. Why should a congressional race be about the president? Obviously there would be little Ossoff could do to oppose him since he is in the minority.

Maybe it would have helped if the Democrat Ossoff had lived in the district. Isn’t that campaign 101? The arrogance of it was stunning. Did they think foisting a bunch of Hollywood libs on the common sense people of Georgia would help them? Seriously? We’re not even watching their movies anymore, much less checking in to see what advice these often addiction and relationship challenged people want us to follow.

How about coming up with some ideas? Maybe it would be better for Democrats to realize they need to start acting like normal human beings who have to work with people they don’t like for the good of their family. It can be done. Ask most employees. They’ll never get back the working people otherwise. Focus on issues. But then, again, they don’t really have any new or innovative ideas to promote. It’s just the same class warfare and neosocialism.

Democrats have put themselves in a dilemma. They either appeal to their radical base or lose independents and working people. They’ve so immersed themselves in going after this or that fringe group of immigrants, Hispanics, blacks, gays that they are ignoring the concept of appealing to all Americans. We don’t know what they stand for anymore except rage and spite.

I really didn’t pay attention to the polls in this race. Why should I? They are wrong most of the time. They were wrong in a parallel way with the Hillary/Trump race. Hillary was said to be ahead by anywhere from 5-7 points. Didn’t turn out that way. Same in the Handel/Ossoff race. The libs are still relying on them as they are the media. Only the people aren’t listening to the media either.

I don’t see the Dems changing their strategy, however. I don’t think they’ll take back the House or the Senate in 2018. They lack good candidates and they are tone deaf.

Keep it up, Dems, you’re making my day.

Hospitalized Tucker Delights Libs

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was taken to the hospital Friday. He had appendicitis. If you’ve ever had it, you know how very painful it is. I know I couldn’t wait to get on that operating table and get that appendix out

Liberals, who claim to be the party of compassion for their fellow man/woman, were gleeful when they found out that the conservative Carlson was in pain.

CNN viewers in particular lashed out at him after Jake Tapper got on twitter to wish Carlson well.

Here are some tweets;

If I were an internal organ I’d want to get the F out of Tucker too
Cialis overdose?
Surprised he missed. His chronic headuptheassitis never caused him to miss a show
The same guy that speaks poorly of minorities #Karma
Oh did someone shoot him too?
Is he ill? Hope it is painful, and debilitating.
I like you Jake but wishing this YUGE ass hat speedy recovery loses big points in my book.
Was hoping he was getting vocal chords removed. Oh well. Hope he gets better soon and takes a long time resting before returning.

Nice, eh?

Don’t ever credit these people with decency. They have none. They are miserably unhappy people who want to make everyone else unhappy, too.

Me-Agyn on Her Way Out?

Megyn Kelly’s transfer to NBC has not been easy. Probably not the shoe-in she expected.

Kelly has said she felt she was “born” to be a mainstream media personality. If you recall, she fancies herself a new Barbara Walters. But it’s not looking so good for her. First, her interview with Putin bombed. Then she got unwanted controversy from both sides over her Alex Jones interview. It appears the poobahs at the peacock are not thrilled.

Breitbart’s Tony Lee writes:

NBC is reportedly “freaking out” because the network’s over-hyped talent Megyn Kelly has already been a “ratings disaster.”

“They didn’t pay her $15 million for this. They are now worried that her numbers will be bad when she joins the 9 am hour of Today,” a source reportedly told Radar Online. “If Kelly tanks at 9 am she will also bring down Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb at 10 am.”

The debut of Kelly’s Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, with its much-hyped Vladimir Putin interview, could not even beat out a rerun of 60 Minutes. Her second show got clobbered as well. As Radar Online noted, Kelly’s interview with Erin Andrews “was destroyed by 60 Minutes, which scored 7.66 million total viewers. Kelly got a paltry 4.35 million people to tune in to her program.”

Already in desperation mode, NBC is reportedly “scrambling” to land big “gets” like Kathy Griffin or Adrianna Grande because, according to the source, the network seems to have already determined that “people are not tuning in to watch Megyn without huge guests.”

After reportedly being rejected multiple times, Kelly finally found a producer for her daily one-hour morning show just last Friday.

Veteran producer Jackie Levin agreed to produce the show, which is set to debut in September.

NBC News reportedly had trouble locking down an executive producer for Kelly’s daily one-hour show for months. According to one television insider, though “NBC and Megyn Kelly would like you to believe” her show did not have an executive producer because “there are just so many great people lining up for the job,” it was “quite the opposite.”

According to the insider’s source, Kelly and NBC had “approached some big names and they have all said no.”

Kelly reportedly wanted Bill Geddie, Barbara Walters’ longtime producer, to run her morning show. But he reportedly turned her down in addition to other top names because “no one wants to take the gig and most of the blame if Kelly flops at NBC.”

NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack has reportedly been busy lowering expectations for Kelly to the network’s affiliates.

When news of NBC’s hiring of Kelly broke, one executive reportedly said that “the degree of difficulty” would be “extremely high” for Kelly and if she does not succeed, “she could end up fading into obscurity,” especially since her trial run at Fox News for a news-magazine show was panned and got terrible ratings.

Happiness or Freedom?

Charles Payne brought up an interesting topic on his show Friday on Fox Business.

The Amazon purchase of Whole Foods prompted him to discourse on where we’re headed. Warning: the woman is a liberal par excellence. Judy Woodruff is her mother and her father is Al Hunt, both lefty “journalists.”

Personally, I don’t think you can have happiness without freedom. You can have pleasure, but I can’t imagine happiness once a person is enslaved to the tech world.

I worry that today’s millennials embrace all the devices without a thought of the impact they will have on society. What will happen to personal contact? Relationships? What about employment if robots do a lot of tasks? Are we setting ourselves up as gods in our hubris? Will we dump the family as the foundation of civilized society?

Are any of them pondering the consequences or are Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and tech titans crafting a new world?

It’s troubling.