Winner Now Loser Thanks to IRV

Yesterday this website ran a story about a Congressional seat in Maine. Because of Instant Runoff Voting, the Republican, who had the most votes, has now lost.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Democrat candidate Jared Golden was just announced the winner of Maine’s 2nd Congressional district after an algorithm decided the race.

As previously reported, Republican Congressman for Maine’s 2nd district, Bruce Poliquin filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Maine’s Secretary of State to stop an algorithm from deciding the election in his race against Democrat opponent Jared Golden.

Congressman Bruce Poliquin pointed out that Maine has a long history of plurality winners in its elections.

Poliquin also argued against an algorithm deciding the Maine election in a Facebook post Tuesday.

“This system only adds additional cost to taxpayers, creates overwhelming confusion for our citizens, and is ripe for mishandling and unlawful electioneering actions, as evidenced already,” Poliquin wrote on Facebook. “Mainers deserve better than their money being wasted, their frustrations growing, and their sacred right of voting being manipulated.”

Thursday, the race was called for Democrat Jared Golden after the algorithms decided in his favor.

A reader from Australia writes, “We have it in Australia and it is called preferential voting. It is a nightmare. For example It resulted in preference deals allowing a senator (Ricky Muir Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party) to be elected with only 0.53% of the primary vote (a direct vote for the candidate). It is subject to backroom deals where major parties can claim the smaller parties votes. Typically the Green’s (and other loony parties) preferences go to bolster the Labor party (equivalent to Dems). Be careful not to add another corrupt arrow to the democrat’s bow.”

Well we just did in Memphis.

All the attachments the Democrats successfully put on voting, such as early voting, motor voter laws, no need for ID, provisional ballots, etc. just water down the vote of registered Americans. They also know that once these things are made into law they are very hard to remove.

I wonder what the vote tallies would be if we had only absentee voting and voting on election day by ID’d citizens. I do not believe it would be the same as the current voting and Republicans are the losers.

Another Reason to Like OAN

While Fox News sides with CNN and joins the Acosta suit against the White House, One America News does the opposite.

OAN CEO Robert Herring tweeted, “1) WE are going to file in the CNN vs White House court an Amicus Brief in favor of the White House. Acosta’s actions are stopping our people from getting their questions answered, so that we can give our audience the real news direct from our President.

“(2) Can’t believe Fox is on the other side, but they have direct communication to the President. We are lucky if we get a five minute interview once a quarter.”

Smart move.

One America News is much more conservative than Fox News. They also cover much more international news.
They have opinion shows in the evening (all conservative) and file some good stories from their White House correspondents and others.

With a lot of Fox’s audience disenchanted with some of their anchors and reporting, One America News has the opportunity to go and get these dissatisified viewers.
The network is available on Channel 347 on Direct TV.

Just in Time for Christmas

A friend sent me this video:

The Dallas News says:

Inside a Dallas warehouse are stacks and stacks of Trumpy Bears — great American grizzlies, teddy bears who fear nothing.

Trumpy Bear, a teddy bear designed with a shock of blond hair and bushy eyebrows like President Donald Trump’s, has been on the market since 2017, but it has become a sensation this week because of a Twitter post that went viral.

A lot of people have wondered whether the widely shared commercial is a spoof, but its creators say Trumpy Bear is not a joke. It’s a real product, sold by a real Dallas-based company, Exceptional Products Inc.
Many people hadn’t heard of the bear sooner because a lot of TV stations declined to run the ad, saying it was overly political, according to Elliott Bracket, vice president of Exceptional Products.

“This particular one we ran on local Fox in New York City, and somebody that had a really large Twitter following tweeted this out, and that’s what sort of set the wildfire again,” he said.

Trumpy Bear may be based in Dallas, but its inventor is a New Jersey woman, V.L. Lange, who says she designed the bear in Trump’s image after he was elected.

“I felt it was time to name an American fearless grizzly bear after our new Commander and Chief [sic],” Lange, who declined to be interviewed, said in a written statement.

“This iconic bear should be viewed as the symbol that anyone can run for president of this great country of ours,” her statement read. “The weight of the responsibilities that come with the presidency can be a burden that I, for one, could never endure.”

You might not want to give it to any children of snowflakes.

Well That Didn’t Take Long

Memphians passed up an attempt to repeal Instant Runoff Voting on the November 6 ballot.

Oh, it sounded so good. It would save money and time and it would show our City Council, who backed it. Social Justice Warriors went to town on it and they got their wish.

Many warned that IRV takes away the one man, one vote principle and that it can end up electing someone that no one really wanted.

It looks like that is already happening in Maine. Rick Moran at American Thinker writes:

Maine Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-Me) has filed suit in federal court looking to stop the secretary of state from counting “ranked choice” ballots.

Polquin won a plurality of votes on election day. But Maine’s quirky federal electoral system forces the state to employ a system where a computer algorithm determines who gets votes from the minor candidates in order for one candidate to receive 50% of the vote.

Ballotpedia explains:

In a single-winner ranked-choice voting system, voters rank candidates by preference on their ballots. If a candidate wins a majority of first-preference votes, he or she is declared the winner. If no candidate wins a majority of first-preference votes, the candidate with the fewest first-preference votes is eliminated. Votes cast for the eliminated candidate are transferred to second-preference choices (if a ballot lists only the eliminated candidate, the vote is considered exhausted and is removed from future tallies). A new tally is conducted to determine whether any remaining candidate has won a majority of the remaining votes. The process is repeated until a candidate wins an outright majority. This system is sometimes referred to as an instant-runoff system.

So Poliquin’s chances for victory have been reduced considerably, despite the fact that he won the most votes on and before election day.

Portland Press Herald:

Poliquin and three other plaintiffs are asking a federal judge in Bangor to block Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap from proceeding with the nation’s first ranked-choice voting run-off in a congressional race. Neither Poliquin nor Golden secured a majority of the vote in the first count of ballots in the Nov. 6 election, thereby pushing the tabulation to voters’ second-choice candidates – or perhaps third-choice – until one of the front-runners crests the 50 percent threshold.

U.S. District Judge Lance Walker scheduled a hearing for 9 a.m. Wednesday on a request from Poliquin’s attorneys for a temporary restraining order that would force Dunlap to stop the process until the case is settled. Walker had scheduled an initial hearing in the case for Dec. 9, but the retabulation of votes could happen as soon as Wednesday unless the court intervenes.

Dunlap, a Democrat, said ballot processing will continue until he hears otherwise from the court. “If a judge tells us to stop, we’ll stop. … I think we have to obey the law, and the law says that we proceed,” Dunlap said Tuesday afternoon.

Voters have approved ranked-choice voting twice at the ballot box, making Maine the first state to use the process in statewide primary and federal elections.

Poliquin’s lawsuit claims the use of ranked-choice voting violates the U.S. Constitution because the document “sets a plurality vote as the qualification for election” to Congress. However, the U.S. Constitution does not mention plurality or ranked-choice voting, and several constitutional scholars said Tuesday that the lawsuit is not likely to prevent the state from moving forward with the run-off.

This is unnecessarily confusing, even if ranked choice voting is declared constitutional. The method was actually adopted in 2016 statewide, but the state supreme court ruled that the system violated the Maine Constitution.

But federal elections for senator and congressmen were exempt. Hence, Poliquin’s suit to stop the counting.

So, are Maine voters voting for the man or the office? By applying “second choice” ballots to another candidate’s totals, the idea that someone’s vote should count despite the fact the candidate they voted for was not their first preference is weird.

I fail to see a problem with a winner receiving only a plurality of votes instead of an outright majority. This is what representative democracy is all about; the winner represents all voters, not just their supporters. But I guess that concept is too difficult for some voters to grasp.

Agreed. But Memphians declined the option to have a plurality winner in local elections. We will be experiencing the same problem in the future. Then expect all the SJWs to howl and pontificate.

Then maybe this ridiculous IRV will be repealed.

Trouble Brewing in Mississippi

On election night I watched the Senate election in Mississippi with apprehension.

Tea Party darling Chris McDaniel entered the race to challenge Republican incumbent Cindy Hyde Smith. This proved to be a problem as McDaniel’s 16% kept her from winning the election. There will now be a runoff with Democrat Mike Espy, who trailed her by just one point.

The election is in two weeks and can anyone doubt that the Dems are drooling over the possibility of this pick up, so cheating, lying and stealing will be planned out now.

Here’s what Breitbart said:

Democrats in Mississippi are hoping to pull off an upset in the November 27 Senate runoff election between GOP nominee Sen. Cyndy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) and Democrat nominee former Rep. Mike Espy (D-MS).

This is precisely what they did in the Alabama special Senate election in December of last year when Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) narrowly defeated embattled GOP nominee Roy Moore.

At first glance, the odds in favor of a Democrat victory would appear improbable.

President Trump easily defeated Hillary Clinton in Mississippi in 2016 by 18 points, 58 percent to 40 percent.

It has been 36 years since the state last elected a Democrat to the United States Senate in 1982, when incumbent Sen. John Stennis (D-MS) was re-elected to his seventh and final term.

But some level of trouble is on the horizon for the GOP, and the Democrats are looking to capitalize on it.

In the three-way election to complete the remaining two years of Sen. Thad Cochran’s term last Tuesday, Hyde-Smith, who was appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant to the seat in April after Cochran’s resignation, finished in first place with 41 percent, Espy finished in second place with 40 percent, and State Senator Chris McDaniel, the Tea Party favorite who narrowly lost the 2014 GOP runoff primary election to Cochran, finished in third with 16 percent.

Under Mississippi law, candidates must receive more than 50 percent of the vote to be declared the winner. If any candidate fails to win 50 percent in the general election, the top two finishers face each other in a runoff election three weeks later.

Though Hyde-Smith is favored to win the runoff, her campaign ran into turbulence late Sunday after a comment she made on the campaign trail was posted on Twitter and her opponent quickly jumped on it, as Politico reported:

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.), running for election against an African-American man, joked in a video posted online that if she were invited by one of her supporters to a “public hanging,” she would be in “the front row.”

The clip was published on Twitter Sunday by a Mississippi blogger, who said Hyde-Smith was campaigning with a cattle rancher when she made the comment.

“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row,” Hyde-Smith said. There was no further context for the remark immediately available.

Lamar Smith Jr., a blogger who publishes The Bayou Brief and describes himself on his Twitter account as “the last man to argue with Andrew Breitbart,” posted the video on his Twitter account.

“In a Monday morning appearance on CNN’s New Day, Espy told co-host John Berman that Hyde-Smith made the comments ‘a campaign issue’ by telling the ‘joke’ in the first place,” the Daily Beast reported:

“This is 2018,” he continued. “We just should not have this. We need leaders who would try to unite us and not divide us.”

The comments, Espy added, “are hurtful to the millions of Mississippians who are people of good will, and they are harmful because they tend to reinforce the stereotypes that have held back our state for so long, that have cost us jobs and that have held back the economy.”

Late Sunday, Hyde-Smith issued this statement about her comments:

In a comment on Nov. 2, I referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement. In referencing the one who invited me, I used an exaggerated expression of regard, and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous.

On Monday, Gov. Phil Bryant commented on the controversy while at an event attended by Hyde-Smith, as Politico reported:

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, also a Republican, said at the event Monday that sometimes politicians say things they “could have phrased better,” but he said he believes that Hyde-Smith did not mean any offense by her remark.

“I know this woman, and I know her heart. I knew it when I appointed her, and I know it now,” he said. “There is nothing in her heart of ill will.”

“Absolutely we have been sensitive to race relations in this state,” he said, adding that when he invited President Donald Trump to the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, some African-American leaders refused to attend in protest.

With two weeks until the runoff election, it remains to be seen how much impact this controversy will have on the outcome of the race.

That was unbelievably stupid of her. You can bet that the coverage of her will try to convince everyone that she’s a racist. It works most of the time.

Control of the Senate – and all that entails – could be at stake with this one. Black voters will go 100% for Espy. Watch out for Jackson. The black mayor there is an outright Communist. There is a lot of potential for trouble there.

Explaining the Arizona Loss

You would think it would be easy to win the Senate seat in Arizona. After all, the citizens there rejected RINO Jeff Flake, who had an 18% approval. Surely if voters rejected liberal Flake, they would reject a liberal Democrat.

Besides, the state has had Republican governors running it for decades. That must mean something, right? They would keep an eye out on cheating, you would think.

Check the incorrect box on all of the above.

How did this happen?

A writer from Arizona explains:

I am torn on this one, not so much that the Dims cheated, and I am sure they did, but the fact that the mailers they sent out were meant to confuse the uneducated voters.

I admit that when I got the first one I was sure that McSally was a Dimacrat. The ad laid out a convincing argument that she was against all conservative issues. And to top it off there was no mention of either party, it just portrayed McSally as the Democratic candidate.

Then I got 3 to 4 a week with the same message until the election, If I wasn’t up to speed, I would not have voted for her.

The fact is that the Dims are upping their game, and using the ignorance of the average voter to their advantage.

And another adds: “No. How about this. Kick Kelli Ward and every other loser to the curb. Start trying to find some better candidates. My God, look at the two senators Arizona just had. Flake and McCain. Were there two worse in any state in the union? Look at the candidates in the election we’re talking about right now. A left-wing nut and a total dud that beat the other two Republicans in a primary. Candidates matter. How you run a race matters. The Arizona Republican party is a disgrace. How about the citizens of Arizona clean out the Arizona Republican Party, so we can get somebody who can identify some better candidates.”

All true, but there was cheating as this Arizona relates:

I just talked to a friend about it…we have lived in Az for over 25 years and he didn’t know about it!
Maricopa County is 60% of the State population. Mail in ballots are 75% of the voting here according to articles. Mail in ballots had to be sent no later than Nov. 2 (Fri).

“The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office offered “emergency voting” from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Monday for voters who could not make it to the polls on Election Day. The Recorder’s Office said it allowed VOTERS to determine what constitutes an emergency.” So, mail in ballot are stopped on Friday–so they claimed Emergency Voting for Maricopa County for whoever came in–no questions asked—there was no “Emergency” last weekend!

Then the ” Washington Free Beacon reported that the Arizona Republican Party filed a lawsuit on Wednesday targeting a rule in two counties, Maricopa and Pima, that allows voters to “fix issues with the ballots ” up to five days after the election.
John Kyl is speaking out about it. “And voting laws in our state should be applied uniformly across the map. Unfortunately, the Democrats legal strategy sounds an awful like an effort to disenfranchise voters from 11 counties from rural parts of our state and that’s troubling”.
Then the comment about Fontes (Recorder) –who mixed the ballots that had “irregularities” and the inconsistent method” to rehabilitate ballots”.

Talk about a mess! Did the Dems steal it–looks like it to me! And yup, I live in one of those 11 counties that didn’t get special emergency voting!

Do we get to just say—Arizona is now officially a Banana Republic.

When will our people act offensively and pre-emptively on these elections? We let them cheat, we let them introduce third party stealers and we let them define our candidates and voters.

I still think it was possible that a red wave occurred. It just got stopped by cheating.

Was There a Red Wave?

Given the hijinks going on almost a week after the polls closed – with votes still being found – the integrity of the election has to be in doubt.

We were told there was going to be a blue wave of Democrats voting. Was there? Before election day we were told that many states saw a record Republican early vote. This trend should have carried over on Tuesday.

Florida appeared to be a GOP win in the Senate and governor races. It seemed we were doing well until the Western states started showing tallies. That’s when Fox News jumped the gun and declared Dems had won the House.

In Montana, where Matt Rosendale had been leading incumbent Democrat (and much loathed) Senator Jon Tester, the last bit of ballots swung the race to Tester. That was a surprise.

In Nevada, polls had put incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller ahead of his rival, “Wacky Jackie.” Then we find out that in the cities, people are still standing in line to vote at 11 p.m. – long after they should have closed. Who brought busloads of “voters” to the polls that late? Want to make any bets?

A bunch of California Republican House seats looked safe – a few were even declared winners – until later when new votes, again, magically threatened the seats. They are still outstanding seats to be determined!

In New Mexico, 8,000 ballots were just found in a warehouse. Of course, they swung the election to the Democrat.

In Georgia, the governor candidate loser Stacey Abrams decided she’d do everything to see the final vote recounted. She may get her way. I believe she and the Dems claim votes are still out there, too.

Then Florida has defied every bit of integrity with the governor and Senate recounts in two counties. Supervisors of election in both Palm Beach and Broward have flat out defied the law. Will they get by with it?

If there had been a blue wave, none of this would have been necessary. It makes you wonder if there was a red wave and it’s being suppressed.

You wonder, too, if the blue wave narrative by the media, which began more than a year ago, was to set the stage for fraud. They wanted a self fulfilling prophecy. If anyone doubted the validity of the seats gained, media/Dems could point to the blue wave plan.

The Dems are much more cunning than we are. They planned this “win” right after the 2016 election, just as the DOJ/FBI gang had a backup “insurance” plan if Trump won. You can bet that they have a plan for the next two years that has been in progress since then, too.

Our side should have checked for fraud. We were naive to trust the states and areas where Dems are in control.

Will the DOJ take a look? How can we ever have faith that votes will be fairly tallied?

How can we assure that we can win again?

Warring Angels

I don’t know much about Bill Still except that he is described as a former newspaper editor and publisher who has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post and the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. He has a website called The Still Report.

On November 4 he posted this video. For those who believe that God has a hand in our affairs and sometimes manifests to people, you will credit this. If not, you will dismiss it. I offer it as a very interesting perspective.