Gohmert Fingers Mueller

Among those objecting to the deification of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) stands out.

He has written a 48 page dossier, shall we say, detailing Mueller’s long history of screw ups, mistakes, political attacks and unjust prosecutions. It’s worth a read. Gohmert writes as he sounds – simply and to the point, so it is not difficult to look at this document. You can find it here: https://www.hannity.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Gohmert_Mueller_UNMASKED.pdf

In it you come across the terrible things Mueller has done, beginning with the Whitey Bulger case in which four innocent men were accused of murder and imprisoned. It appears someone was getting a payoff from mob guy Bulger and Mueller continually blocked the release of the innocent ones. Wonder why?

Then there is the anthrax case, which he botched completely. Of the two accused, one killed himself and the other was later found innocent and paid more than $5 million of taxpayer money for Mueller’s mistake. You will particularly enjoy the part about the dogs.

Then there was his bud James Comey, who chased AG Ashcroft to his hospital bed and succeeded in getting him to recuse himself in the case of Scooter Libby. The tactics they used on Libby sound very familiar. Think Michael Flynn.

On his greatest hits list is the prosecution of Republican Senator Ted Stevens who lost his seat after allegations of money cheating; then there is Martha Stewart, caught in a process lie; the overlooked CAIR and Holy Land Foundation coverup; the Boston bombing Tsarnaevs; Mueller’s move to get rid of long serving FBI agents; the FBI’s failure in 3 Islamic attacks; and his attempt to alter the FBI training manuals. And that’s not all.

Quite a list of bad behavior, in case you had forgotten.

It’s imperative new AG Barr gets to the bottom of these terrible people who pervert our justice system.

2020 Condensed

Victor Davis Hanson has a way of getting right to the nub of things.

In this quote he describes the 2020 election:

On one side in 2020 is socialism, “Medicare for All,” wealth taxes, top income tax rates of 70 or 80 or 90 percent, a desire for a Supreme Court of full of “wise Latinas” like Sonia Sotomayor, insidious curtailment of the First and Second Amendments, open borders, blanket amnesties, reparations, judges as progressive legislators, permissible infanticide, abolition of student debt, elimination of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau and the Electoral College, voting rights for 16-year-olds and felons, and free college tuition.

On the other side is free-market capitalism but within a framework of fair rather than unfettered international trade, a smaller administrative state, less taxation and regulation, constitutionalist judges, more gas and oil, record low unemployment, 3-4 percent economic growth, and pressure on colleges to honor the Bill of Rights.

The choice couldn’t be clearer, could it?

If You Read One Story Today…

It should be this one, which appeared in The American Thinker.

It is scary to think this person has been in charge of crime and justice in our nation for decades.

Robert Mueller: A Scary and Mendacious Man
By John Dale Dunn

Robert Mueller’s troublesome, unethical, and corrupt FBI career prior to his appointment as the special counsel on the Trump-Russia Collusion investigation deserves a serious vetting. I provide here two points of reference: a monograph by sitting congressman and former Texas State Court judge Louie Gohmert titled “Robert Mueller: Unmasked” and a book by Louisiana attorney and sitting Louisiana state senator John Milkovich titled Robert Mueller: Errand Boy for the New World Order.

Congressman Gohmert’s 48-page monograph is a discussion of a “long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people that is a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence. He lacks the judgment and credibility to lead the prosecution of anyone.” Gohmert focuses on 18 examples, including:

Collusion with Boston mobster Whitey Bulger in criminality and framing innocent men for murder that resulted eventually in the release of innocent parties and 100 million dollars in compensation for for DOJ Boston Office misconduct.
The FBI with Mueller as director harassed and hounded Congressman Curt Weldon in revenge for criticizing FBI failures related to 9-11.
Dishonest prosecutions of Senator Ted Stevens.
Prosecutorial abuses in the anthrax murder investigations post 9-11, producing one suicide and one award of 6.8 million dollars to the other innocent target.
Mueller’s unethical acceptance of the special prosecutor position when he was conflicted by his longtime personal and professional relationship with James Comey.
Mueller hired extremely partisan, biased, and conflicted attorneys for his special counsel team.
Mueller’s investigation ignored that FISA applications evidence presented to justify warrants to surveil Trump associates were not verified and thus a fraud on the court and illegal.

Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich

Milkovich’s book, Robert Mueller: Errand Boy for the New World Order (2018), recounts Robert Mueller’s history of prosecutorial misconduct before his appointment as special counsel in the Trump matter.

Mr. Milkovich: “Mueller has left his imprint on some of the most notorious episodes of government wrongdoing of the last thirty years.” Mr. Milkovich is and was assiduous in his research and provides almost 400 endnotes and more than 125 items of bibliography as reference sources for his 165-page self-published book. When I asked him about the tough calls, he pointed to the sources and compelling evidence.

Mueller misconduct and his position in the DOJ/FBI:

1. 9-11-2001 — FBI Director Failure of the FBI to investigate suspicious characters reported to the FBI in the fall of 2000 by Dr. David Graham, former Air Force officer and dentist friend of Mr. Milkovich, who suspected that the men were planning a terrorist attack on Barksdale Air Force Base, home for a Nuclear B52H Air Wing. Dr. Graham reported his concerns to the local FBI office and was “stunned and outraged” in September 2001 when he saw after 9-11 that two of the men were in the group of 9-11 terrorist hijackers. Dr. Graham protested to the FBI, was rebuffed, raised a political ruckus, threatened to write a book, and shortly thereafter was poisoned but survived with severe injuries and disability. During his treatment at two medical facilities, FBI agents appeared and encouraged physicians to let Dr. Graham die because they said he was mentally ill and suicidal.

2. Boston Mob 1984 — Asst. U.S. Attorney and Acting U.S. Attorney Boston Providing cover for the Whitey Bulger Winter Hill Boston gang that committed murders and, of course, other crimes. The FBI framed four men, who were convicted and incarcerated for murder. The FBI was found culpable, and more than $100 million was awarded in compensation to the injured parties.

3. Pan Am 103 1988–2001 — Chief of the Criminal Justice Division of the DOJ Was in charge of the investigation of the 1988 Pan Am 103 Lockerbie plane bombing killed 258 passengers and 11 on the ground. Army major Charles McKee, who headed a Middle East hostage rescue team, was returning to the U.S. on Pan Am 103 with evidence to expose CIA-sponsored criminal activity. After the plane was destroyed, Mr. Mueller supervised an army of FBI agents on the investigation, and finally, 12 years later, the case went to trial by a panel of Scottish judges. Two Libyans were tried for murder; Al Amin Fhima was found not guilty, and Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was found guilty, sentenced to 20 years. Many references by Mr. Milkovich provide a case that asserts that the FBI’s incompetent investigation failed to bring to justice Ahmed Jibril, the terrorist who arranged to plant the bomb, and others, including CIA agents, who were complicit in the bombing order to eliminate Major McKee.

4. BCCI 1991,92 — Chief of the FBI Criminal Justice Division Mr. Mueller was actively and energetically involved in providing cover for the criminal malfeasance and perfidy by officials of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), cover-ups for black ops, money-laundering, and financing of international criminal activities. Mr. Mueller and the FBI interfered with the investigation by Manhattan district attorney Robert Morgenthau.
5. Ruby Ridge 1992 — Chief of the FBI Criminal Division The FBI tried to get Randy Weaver to be an undercover informant on separatist groups in Idaho, but he was not cooperative. Then federal agents (Marshals and what the FBI claimed to be a hostage rescue team) surrounded his isolated cabin in the mountains, and there was a 11-day siege, punctuated by a killing of Weaver’s wife from cover while she stood on a porch holding a baby. In addition, the son was shot in the back with a machine gun, running from the gunfire. Mueller objected publicly to anyone who would criticize the FBI conduct.
9-11-2001 — FBI Director Mueller was named FBI director one week before 9-11-2001, and his conduct and actions related to the catastrophe are another indication of his corrupt nature. Milkovich makes the case that not only did Mueller arrange to evacuate Saudis after 9-11, but he obstructed, covered up, and obfuscated what the FBI knew about the terrorist plot and Saudi involvement before the attacks.
6. 9-11-2001 — FBI Director Mueller was named FBI director one week before 9-11-2001, and his conduct and actions related to the catastrophe are another indication of his corrupt nature. Milkovich makes the case that not only did Mueller arrange to evacuate Saudis after 9-11, but he obstructed, covered up, and obfuscated what the FBI knew about the terrorist plot and Saudi involvement before the attacks.

7. Anthrax Terror Post 9-11-2001 — FBI Director when the post-9-11 anthrax mailings killed five and injured 14 others in the D.C. area shortly after 9-11, Mr. Mueller as FBI director was heavily involved in the investigations and accusations of two scientists who ended up innocent. Dr. Bruce Ivins committed suicide, and Steve Hatfill won an award of $5.8 million dollars when he sued the FBI for prosecutorial misconduct. Mr. Milkovich focuses on Ivins and does not discuss the Hatfill matter in his book.
Mueller said he had no regrets about the anthrax investigations even though the perps were never found and two men’s lives were turned upside-down by FBI malfeasance and incompetent, abusive investigations. Mr. Milkovich details the incompetence and abuse in the Ivins investigations and indictment.

The last two chapters of Mr. Milkovich’s book lay out the case for the danger of the expanded power and reach of the administrative and surveillance state and the effort led by Mueller and his prosecution gang to accomplish a coup d’état.

Versailles in Reverse

Louis XIV famously constructed the palace of Versailles to ensure that the nobility would be attracted to the glamor and the prestige and leave their own castles and Paris to come to his court. This made sure that he always had an eye on them and kept them under his control.

Washington DC needs to do the same – in reverse. We need to get those bureaucrats out of their cushy jobs where they protect each other and construct their own government. I’d like to see the IRS in Davenport, HHS in Texas, etc. You get the picture.

President Trump and Agriculture Sonny Perdue are doing just that. Why wouldn’t agriculture people want to be closer to farms? Makes sense.

Not to the employees. They want to stay in DC. Maybe they get allergic smelling hay.

According to the Hill:

Members of the American Federation of Government Employees turned their backs on Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Thursday, apparently over plans to relocate them from Washington to the Kansas City area.

Perdue announced Thursday that two of the Department of Agriculture’s research agencies, the Economic Research Service (ERS) and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, will be relocated to be closer to major farming regions, according to Politico.

While Perdue has justified the relocation as a way to improve customer service and save taxpayers up to $20 million per year, some ERS employees have said it is a political move, according to the publication.

Specifically, some ERS staff have expressed suspicions the relocation is an attempt to shrink the agency and weaken its ability to conduct research that does not align with the Trump administration’s policy agenda.

Bingo. And the American people’s agenda, too.

Let’s hope this movement spreads to other agencies. Without their bureaucratic scaffolding to keep their structures the way they want them, maybe some money would be saved, some superfluous employees removed, dedicated replacements hired and our needs be met.


Daily Mail Bests CA on Shooting

There’s a big story on the shooting death last night in Frayser in the Daily Mail. They had more than the CA (which had nothing for this morning’s edition) and the morning’s Daily Memphian.

Here is the headline: “Memphis honors student and father-of-two, 20, who was ‘killed by cops in hail of 20 bullets in his front yard’ – sparking huge overnight riots with furious protesters pelting police officers with bricks and bottles, leaving 25 injured”

The subheads:

The violent clashes broke out after Brandon Webber, 20, was shot and killed by officers on Wednesday in Memphis, Tennessee
Officers went to Webber’s home to arrest him for outstanding felony warrants
They said they saw Webber get into a vehicle and that he then proceed to ram task force vehicles several times before exiting with a weapon
The officers opened fire on Webber outside his home and he died at the scene
Webber’s family claim as many as 20 shots were fired during the incident but officers won’t confirm
Webber, who is a father of at least two, was an honors student who graduated from Memphis Central High School in 2017 and was enrolled at the University of Memphis
The mother of his toddler son was reportedly in labor in hospital when Webber was killed
Shocking photos show armed police facing off with an angry crowd as the streets descended into chaos following the fatal shooting
At least 25 officers were injured as protesters threw rocks and bricks at officers

By George Martin For Mailonline

Violent clashes between police and protesters broke out in the streets of a working-class Memphis neighborhood after a 20-year-old black man was shot dead by U.S. Marshals during an attempted arrest in his family’s front yard.

The violent clashes broke out after Brandon Webber was shot and killed by officers on Wednesday night as they tried to arrest him for outstanding felony warrants outside his home in Frayser in North Memphis.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations said officers went to the home at about 7pm to look for Webber who had outstanding felony warrants.

Officers said they saw Webber get into a vehicle and that he then proceed to ram task force vehicles several times before exiting with a weapon. Marshals then opened fire on Webber. He died at the scene, according to officers.

The Bureau would not say how many marshals fired or how many times Webber was shot. They have also refused to say what the felony warrants were.

His father, Sonny Webber, said his son was shot between 16 and 20 times.

Webber, who had a history of arrests on minor drug-related and driving charges, was the eldest of eight children and had two young children of his own – a two-year-old boy and a newborn daughter.

He was described as an honors student who graduated from Memphis Central High School in 2017 and was enrolled at the University of Memphis.

The mother of his toddler son was in labor in hospital when Webber was killed. She filmed an emotional Facebook Live video crying in her hospital bed after hearing the news. She is pregnant with Webber’s third child.

Public records show that Webber was arrested five times, for driving violations and on charges that included possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

Shortly before he was shot on Wednesday, Webber posted a live video on Facebook that showed him in a car, rapping and apparently smoking a marijuana cigarette. In the video, he looked out the window and said he saw police. With a laugh, he looked directly into the camera and said the officers would ‘have to kill me.’

The video appeared to have been removed from his Facebook page late Thursday morning.

In the hours after his death, friends flooded Webber’s Facebook page with messages of love, grief, disbelief and outrage at the authorities responsible for his death.

‘He was loving and a very sweet kind person,’ Diamond Butler, who has known Webber since middle school, told DailyMail.com. ‘I just want everybody to know he was a caring person. He took care of his kids.’

Alorea Hardwick, the mother of his toddler son, was reportedly in labor in hospital when Webber was killed. It is not yet clear if she is pregnant with Webber’s child. Webber had two young children – a two-year-old boy with Alorea and a newborn daughter.

Shocking photos show armed police facing off with an angry crowd as the streets descended into chaos following the fatal shooting with hundreds of riot-gear clad officers called into to quell the unrest.

At least two dozen police officers and two journalists were injured during the confrontation. Six officers were taken to hospital suffering mostly minor injuries.

It was not clear how many civilians were hurt but three people were arrested.

Officers cordoned off several blocks near the scene as people threw rocks and bricks at law enforcement during the tense clash.

By 11pm, officers had used tear gas and most of the crowd dispersed.

Officers on horseback patrolled the area and lines of police cars with flashing blue lights were parked along the street. An ambulance could be seen at the outer edge of the scene. A helicopter flew overhead as police cars trickled away.

Residential streets remained blocked and a heavy police presence remained in the area on Thursday morning.

In identifying Webber on Twitter early Thursday, Shelby County Commissioner and mayoral candidate Tami Sawyer said ‘Every life lost should matter…every single one. How many times will this be ok? It cannot continue to be.’

Memphis police officers were called in to help with crowd control as word of the shooting spread on social media.

Lots of pictures accompany the storyhttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7136263/Police-shooting-Tennessee-leads-anger-chaos.html

Midtown Murder Prompts Discussion

The horrendous and senseless death of Glenn Cofield on Friday got a lot of people’s attention.

He was, according to the CA, a “prominent financial services executive and charity volunteer,” who was gunned down Friday night around 10:30 in Midtown. He had attended a charity event and parked at the Greater Lewis Church parking lot off Poplar and the Parkway. When he got in his car, someone approached him, put a gun to his head and killed him.

The police are not saying why or if they have a suspect, but for Midtowners it hits home. I learned of it because one of his sons lives a few doors down and several in our block were taking up a collection for flowers, food and to help in any way he and his wife need.

Someone with a lot of gumption put up a thread on Nextdoor under the title “Societal Problems (Mores/Morals) and Political Problems in Memphis.” He wroe “Okay, this is a wide open POST. Due to the recent post of a senseless murder in Midtown(and I know there are many more senseless murders that happen here in Memphis), it seems everyone has an opinion as to the cause and a way to fix it. Please respect ALL of the people who have been senselessly killed or murdered.

“My question is: What is the cause of this problem, who is the blame, and how can this be corrected; socially and/or politically?

“This should be an open discussion but PLEASE be polite and accepting of everyone’s thoughts, ideas and opinions, no matter how much you(individually) agree or disagree with them…”

It didn’t take long before he got responses. You may find them as interesting and reflective of our times as I did.

First was this one:
“A living (minimum) wage would probably be good start. Many crimes occur due to economic desperation, and systemic exclusion of various races and the absurd racial disparities in our educational and transportation systems. Fix what is driving people to act out of economic desperation, and crime will decrease significantly.”

That’s about what you’d expect from a thirty something young person, which this person is.

“OMG, did you just graduate from SJW University?” someone answered.

The next asked, “Thanks for your input. Can you explain a little further?”

Here is the rest of the dialog, names removed:

“EVERYONE: As I asked; PLEASE be polite in your responses. What is needed is communication; an open forum, to discuss the many problems Memphis has and WHY Memphis has these problems….”

“Since you asked, Law, order, and almighty God have been pushed out and rejected. What do you think sowing that seed reaps?”

“What kind of “systemic exclusion of various races” causes a person to put a gun to an innocent man’s head and execute him in front of his wife? And what kind of brainwashing causes a person to make such a pathetic excuse for that kind of unmitigated evil?”

“… great question. The answers are so difficult, complex and multifaceted that it would take many caring and serious responses to approach solution material. I think the path to violence begins primarily with broken families where love and care for children is absent. It’s not long anymore for little boys to find false security and acceptance in gang lifestyles where they can be used by older boys who were themselves lost and rejected. It only gets worse from there as problems of poor self esteem, the affects of misguided goals in our society, the absence of personal responsibility and the very difficult problems of accessing healthy, prosperous opportunities ripple out like a virus affecting everyone around each of these young men. This is only one piece of a problem that I personally believe no human power alone can fix.”

“I wish I had the answer(s), I don’t. Most often, when I do stop and think, when I do question the why, I end up with nothing but more questions.

“Is it in the nature of the killer? Is it nurture? Does society play a role? Does a general lack of morality lead to these horrible acts? Is it a lack of some God or another in the person’s life? Is it as some suggest rooted in racism and/or poverty? Is it the free access to weapons, firearms in particular? Is it drugs? Is it the schools where our children are gathered in pens much like cattle? The questions are endless.

“The studies and reasons posited by so many scholars, people of the cloth and people who know, or claim to know, are endless. Endless answers, yet these horrific killings continue.

“I grew up in a time and place where many causes now attributed to these senseless, horrific acts were present. Yes, there were murders, but few, many less per capita than today. I often reflect back to those times and try to see what the real differences were, to try and see if in those differences I can find answers. Sometimes I’m successful only to read of yet another senseless killing that doesn’t fit in anyway the answer I’ve come up with.

“I reflect back on my life as an adult and them a parent and ask why my children, now adults, have never committed a murder.

“Why did I never commit a murder? Would I, or could I have committed a murder if some number the reasons posited were present in my life? Honestly, no, I don’t think I could or would have committed a murder. Maybe given some strange set of circumstances I could have, I certainly know in war, when faced with kill or be killed, I am capable of taking another’s life; but that is different, or so I tell myself.

“Here is what I think I know… Barring some mental/psychological problem, a child can be raised to not resort to violence, to find the taking of a life horrific and to go into adulthood as a person who values life… all life. A child can be raised to embrace inclusiveness. A child can be raised to shun hate in all its many forms. A child can be raised without fear.

“Simply put, I believe the answer to all of this begins and ends with how a child is raised. It begins at birth and if we get it right throughout that child’s life, we have a chance. No guarantees, but a chance to stem the tide.”

“I think you are imagining that any situation is as simple as cause -> effect, but there are many intermediate stages. What I am talking about are the circumstances that put them in a the situation to begin with. People who have economic opportunities available to them and are not systematically mistreated have far less motivation to steal things from another person. If this was indeed a botched robbery as it was reported to be, there are likely dozens of variables that put the perpetrator in that parking lot to begin with that could have been systematically addressed decades before the crime.”

“There is no way humanity can save themselves from themselves. This is the whole sweeping theme of the Bible. The fall of man and his separation from God our Father has kept us fumbling around in the darkness of our own hearts since the beginning. We can throw every socially philosophical answer mankind can create but it will never deal with the very root of our conundrum. Only our creator can heal His creation. And this is what Jesus Christ came to tell us. We refuse to listen. And we are left asking these questions that were answered on the Cross many years ago.”

“I don’t think anything Jesus ever taught suggests that not making a good faith effort to solve society’s problems is the course of action he expects of us.”

“That’s a cop out. Blaming our fall in american / human society because of our wickedness ..Nothing wrong with having honest,loving faith, but the bottom line being, is Society..You, Me, US, have to take stock, and get an handle on things, and take whatever steps needed to right our society. I have similar friends who think the Jesus mindset, and think that it’s OK to pollute the planet, waste and exhaust our natural resources, etc..as when JESUS returns, he’ll restore the planet. Same mindset with dealing with murdering jackals..Nope, memphians, need to confront and resolve these horrible conditions…and if and when jesus returns, it will be wonderful.”

“So if I murder someone in cold blood in front of his wife it is society’s fault. If I am poor it gives me a license to commit any crime. Next it will be the victim’s fault. When will the murderer be held accountable? At least the murderer got accepted into the gang. Even if he is caught they will just let him out. People are responsible for their own actions.”

“There is another thread wanting to start a book club. If you really want to have an intelligent and meaningful discussion about how this can happen, we should go back and reread “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. I’ve always thought it provides a more insightful and instructive look at the human condition than any academic or professional text on the subject.”

“The seeds of a liberal society, out of control.”

“Moral responsibility is not the same as societal variables. No one is “blaming” anyone but the perpetrator for their actions, but to find any meaningful way to prevent such things from happening, we can’t ignore what conditions lead to the perpetrator being in that situation to begin with. The point I am making is not that personal culpability is not present in such a situation, but rather that we (as a society) have a responsibility to not increase a persons motivation to commit crime to begin with. I once heard a rabbi say “Cane asked God, ‘am I my brother’s keeper?’ And the rest of the Bible is an answer to that question.”

“Nobody, or mostly nobody arrives at the point of committing murder without having traveled a long road that led them there. Yes, it was their choice at that moment to commit the crime and nobody is suggesting otherwise, nor are they suggesting the person be absolved of personal responsibility. That murder though, did not begin when the person pulled the trigger. It began many years before and that is where we as parents, individuals, members of the community, city, state and nation can make a difference.

“I happen to believe that we must start at birth, as parents and as time goes on others, the neighbors, the community and so on and so forth are part of raising that child. If we start early enough the person has a good chance to never reach that moment when they pull a trigger.

“I also believe that here in Memphis (and other cities), generational poverty and in many cities racism and inequality plays a role in the crime we face. Those are not the only issues, but they are a significant part of the crime and murder rate.”

“When instead of treating people as equals, you treat them like inept members of society that have to be taken care of, you destroy self esteem. If one had to work to eat, they wouldn’t have time to be up to no good.”

“I imagine if the young person who committed this crime had come from a long line of people who had been treated equally and paid a living wage crime might not have been his choice. I imagine that children treated with respect learn to respect others and do not see killing someone as a way to eat.”

“Paying someone a living wage is not a handout, it is a cornerstone of equality. Can you survive on $7.25 an hour?”

There will be lots more added in the coming days I imagine.

I’m not sure a living wage is the answer to all the problems. You have to ask, as Dr. Thomas Sowell always advises, “what next?”

So you provide $20 an hour for a wage. Can businesses afford that? How many will close? New York restaurants have wiped out a lot of staff to pay the “livable” wage. Would the loss of jobs, particularly in an age when automation is around the corner, help?

In Mexico the cartels are awash in money, but that doesn’t stop any of their people from continuing and increasing the crimes they commit. They don’t stop despite the buckets of cash they get.

When does being poor allow someone to be immoral or act illegally? We accommodate too many criminals that way and it feeds the judicial system, resulting in more criminals.

No one on Nextdoor attempted to provide a practical solution. Can we wait for Utopia for 20 or 30 years while the SJW methods are allowed to work? If they work, which I seriously doubt.

The injustice of the murder will be felt more than 20 or 30 years from now for the victim’s family. Does that not matter too?

No Heart for This Bill

While other states around us have passed a heartbeat bill limiting abortion, Tennessee failed to act. The Republicans were cowards, pushing it off on a committee to evaluate it this summer.
In other words, they did nothing.

This has riled the West Fayette Republican Club.

From The Tennessee Star:

The West Fayette Republican Club has cried foul against the “deceptive” defeat of the Heartbeat Bill in the Tennessee Senate and called for a number of steps to correct that error.

The group unanimously passed a resolution regarding the Heartbeat Bill on Thursday, Hal Rounds, the president, said in a statement.

The club has called upon Republican senators to “return to the aggressive support of the Heartbeat Bill” and extend the legislative session or call a special session, and that stage agencies should record the number of abortions during the time the bill has not been approved. Furthermore, the West Fayette Republican Party asks that volunteers portray the number of such abortions with crosses posted on the Legislative Plaza along with a list of senators who did not have their names listed as voting in favor of bringing the Heartbeat Bill to a full Senate vote.

On April 22, a majority of the State Senate voted to table the motion to reconsider the Heartbeat Bill through a recall, putting an end to any further action on the measure during the legislative session, The Tennessee Star reported.

The Senate version of the Heartbeat Bill was sent to “summer study” by the Judiciary Committee on April 9. Pro-life supporters said that could mean the end of the legislation.

The House version of the bill, HB0077 by Representative Micah Van Huss (R-Jonesborough), passed the full House on March 7 by a vote of 65-21-7 (Present Not Voting).

The full language of the West Fayette Republican Club’s resolution follows.

Whereas SB1236 was filed by Senator Mark Pody for introduction in the Tennessee Senate on February 7, 2019 and was subsequently amended by SA0277, popularly known as “The Heartbeat Bill,” for its core objective of defending the life of each human child whose life has begun in the womb of the mother, and

Whereas SB1236 was defeated in the Senate session of 2019 by successive postponements in the Senate Judiciary Committee, ultimately being “Deferred to Summer Study,” a deceitful process that is generally tantamount to defeat by evasion, known to be used to insulate the defeat of a measure from those public servants who accomplish the defeat when the measure is known to be demanded by the people of Tennessee, and

Whereas the procedures provided in the Senate rules (specifically Rule 63) allow a bill to be put before the Senate for a vote despite its obstruction in committee, and

Whereas the sponsor, Senator Mark Pody did act under the authority of Rule 63, filing the required “Notice to Recall from Committee” on April 15, 2019, and

Whereas the actual hearing on the Motion to Recall from Committee was tabled using a voice vote, despite the call for the electronically recorded voting process which would have served to expose which Senators voted against the Heartbeat Bill, and

Whereas the people of Tennessee recognize the medical and moral truth that, from the first reflexive spasms that announce the sparks of a functioning central nervous system, fed by the feeble beginning pulses of the nascent human heart, to the blossoming rhythm of the child’s pounding heart, sparking the consciousness of self that long precedes the emergence of the child from the protection and nourishment of the womb, that human being is alive, and

Whereas the killing of a living child in the womb is homicide, regardless of whether the statutory law officially recognizes that fact and provides safeguards to prohibit such homicide, and

Whereas the stream of homicides perpetrated on human babies through abortion in Tennessee persists as a result of this furtively contrived defeat of the Heartbeat Bill, and

Whereas it was attempted to divert focus on the defeat of the Heartbeat Bill by posing the legislative process as the thing that must be protected, announcing that the committee system “… is the lifeblood and the backbone of our legislative process. To bypass it puts that entire process at risk…” and

Whereas the Rule 63 “safety valve” exists precisely because the committee system, however necessary and useful, can be – and in this case was – used to frustrate the people of Tennessee, who want to see their representatives take actual responsibility for their actions on behalf of the citizens of the State, and

Whereas SB1257/HB1029, titled the “Human Life Protection Act” merely announces that Tennessee will stand by and watch as some other state takes on the challenges of confronting the intensely flawed policies in the Roe v. Wade ruling by enacting their own equivalent to the “Heartbeat Bill,” facing the inevitable attacks with courage and commitment, and, finally, struggling through the court system to at last destroy the Roe v. Wade precedent, proving their leadership and spine that the Tennessee Assembly seems to lack,

Therefore we, the members of the West Fayette County Republican Club, do hereby declare that the following be

Resolved, that we urgently request that the Republican members of the Tennessee Senate return to the aggressive support of the Heartbeat Bill, extending the legislative session as necessary, notwithstanding the sentiment that the session is presently coming to a close, and be it further

Resolved, that whatever personal sacrifices must be made by the elected Senators of the State of Tennessee, it shall be established that protecting the life of the children presently in the wombs of their mothers in Tennessee shall be their personal priority, opening a special session of the Tennessee state assembly, until the Heartbeat Bill is brought to a practical state of perfection and enacted into law, and, be it further

Resolved, that, in the meantime, the Tennessee health services and development agency shall record the number of abortions accomplished in Tennessee from April 22, 2019 until a Tennessee statute that truly accomplishes the purpose of the Heartbeat Bill becomes law, and that tally shall be delivered to every Tennessee Senator who did not insist that their name be shown, on April 22, as voting to bring the Heartbeat Bill to the floor, and be it further

Resolved, that the daily tally of abortion deaths be portrayed by crosses posted by volunteers invited by the governor, on the Legislative Plaza or equivalent publicly noticeable location outside the Capitol, and be it further

Resolved, that the growing display of crosses may be accompanied by an adjacent list of the Senators who did not insist, on April 22, to have their names listed as voting to bring the Heartbeat Bill to a full Senate vote, on a sign under the caption “But we protected the committee system.”


All members of the West Fayette Republican Club in attendance, May 23, 2019

Hal Rounds, President

Good for them.

AOC’s Cartoon Should Scare You

I came across this new video from Mr. Reagan.

He found a cartoon/movie that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did. It is truly astounding. He shows it and provides commentary. You have to see it to believe it as they say, and it’s not long.

It’s hard for me to imagine the hubris of this woman, who is just under 30 but acts like she has all the wisdom in the world and lived through decades of history.

While you and I might dismiss it, the film presents gullible young people with a vision of the United States they will see as virtuous, fair and appealing. In other words, a Social Justice Warrior’s dream come true.

Don’t brush it off. This is what they’ve been teaching in our schools and what she wants to encourage.

Now take a look, comrade!