Version or Truth?

‘Our job is to put the best obtainable version of the truth out there. Period. Especially now.’

Those words were spoken by Carl Bernstein – and repeated by Bob Woodward – at last night’s White House Correspondents dinner.

Let it sink it.

What is an “obtainable version of the truth”? Version of the truth? It is significant that they preferred “version” to just plain “truth.” It’s an admission that it’s not the truth they’re after; it’s a version of it that they can pass on to viewers and readers.

Evidently the dinner was a full out Trump bashing fest. I did not watch it. I’d rather watch reality, i.e. the President himself speaking directly to the people at his Harrisburg rally.

Woodward continued the punching. The Daily Mail says:

Woodward, his partner in the Washington Post story which led to the fall of Richard Nixon’s presidency, initially struck a more conciliatory note.

‘The press, especially the so called mainstream media, comes under attack during presidential campaigns and their aftermath,’ he began.

He then quickly turned on Trump: ‘The effort today to get this best obtainable version of the truth is largely done in good faith.

‘Mr President, the media is not fake news. Let’s take that off the table as we proceed.’

He also warned reporters, including CBS’s White House Correspondent Major Garrett, David Farenthold of the Washington Post, and Chris Matthews, anchor of MSNBC’s Hardball: ‘The polls show distrust for the media.’

But he added with a shrug: ‘So be it.’

What else would you call the fake polling, fake Russian connection stories, fake tax return, fake “golden shower” tales than fake news? Has Woodward not watched or read any of this? Ever since he and Bernstein had a story against Nixon land in their laps and were able to get a president ousted, the media has conflated its importance and pursued their own power at the cost of American trust.

Others from other sectors of fake media joined in the bashing.

To really bring their message home, the WHCA used the ‘Daily Show’ comedian Hassan Minhaj to launch an all-out attack on Trump and his administration.

Minhaj explained that he was asked not to make fun of the absent President, because it would be childish.

However, he proceeded anyway, saying that he was just echoing the rhetoric of the ‘childish’ president.

He made a point to call out those members of the Trump the administration were not there, such as Steve Bannon, Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump.

‘I do not see Steve Bannon,’ he said repeatedly, slowing the words ‘not see’ down,. giving the effect of saying ‘Nazi- Steve Bannon’.

‘Jeff Sessions, on his reply card, just wrote no – his second favorite N-word.’

Minhaj then went straight for the jugular on the president, saying: ‘Donald Trump is liar in chief.’

He also made sure to bring up Trump’s chief spokesman, saying ‘I think he’s at home googling how to fake his own death.’

Minhaj was given a standing ovation at the end of his attack, which he finished off by saying: ‘Donald Trump doesn’t care about free speech. The man who tweets everything that enters his head doesn’t care about the amendment which lets him do that.’

Before Saturday night’s dinner, the head of the WHCA said that the focus of the evening would not be on the red carpet but on the bedrock principles of the event: the First Amendment and the crucial role of the press in a democracy.

I greatly admire how the President has put them on defense. Where once it was assumed that news people provided news, now it is just as likely that they provide fake news. It’s very hard to prove a negative, and that’s the position the media’s now in. The more they diss him, the more they show they aren’t fair. The more they scream about him, the more they can’t – and won’t – be objective.
It begins to look like a child’s full blown, kicking on the floor, screaming, tears popping out tantrum, except with foul language and vulgar comments.

Do these people really think they have any influence over the electorate? Didn’t the election teach them anything?

They are playing with fire.

As newspapers fail throughout the country; as Hollywood box office continues a steep decline; as TV viewers keep turning from their liberal propaganda; maybe they’ll find out.

Many of us are happier living in a world without them. And, in today’s world, it’s very easy to do that. We prefer the truth than their “version” of the truth.

Tillerson Starts to Axe

Last night I watched a BBC show entitled “Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby.” Two people go to the most unusual and posh hotels around the world. One such was the Royal Mansour in Marrakech, Morocco.

The hotel is splendid, to say the least. About 500 people work in warrens under the main floor to take care of the needs of guests, clean uniforms and linens, and cook for the two top restaurants. One of the employees told the host he only gets 2-3 hours sleep at night, because he is always available to serve guests. They must always be at their beck and call to cater to whatever whim or need they have.

In the garden, a fortune was spent on importing 600 year old olive trees to adorn the grounds, along with palm trees, a pool and flowers. There was pressure to work night and day on this in preparation for a U.N. conference on climate change that was days away.

Only the best for the U.N., eh? It occurred from November 7 to the 18th. That’s a nice, long stay for the global political elites. Why not? They aren’t paying a dime for it. Taxpayers are. And for what? The purpose was to “discuss and implement plans about combatting climate change and to [demonstrate] to the world that the implementation of the Paris Agreement is underway. Participants work together to come up with global solutions to climate change.”
Then Secretary of State John Kerry attended with his granddaughter, Isabelle. Hey, why not bring the whole family to a luxurious place you don’t pay for.

With the election Nov. 8, you can imagine the long faces. USA Today reported,

An election watch party at the Royal Hotel that included dozens of summit delegates, environmentalists and others grew somber Wednesday as vote tallies pointed to a Trump victory.

“We came here to celebrate the election results and it has turned into a kind of a wake,” said Chris Tanner, who is doing post-graduate research on climate impacts with the State University System of New York.

I would very much like to have seen their expressions.

Thankfully, our new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has begun stopping the gravy train these people enjoy.
From Bloomberg:

The State Department plans to cut 2,300 U.S. diplomats and civil servants — about 9 percent of the Americans in its workforce worldwide — as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson presses ahead with his task of slashing the agency’s budget, according to people familiar with the matter.

The majority of the job cuts, about 1,700, will come through attrition, while the remaining 600 will be done via buyouts, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the decision hasn’t been publicly announced. William Inglee, a former Lockheed Martin Corp. official and policy adviser in Congress, is overseeing the budget cuts and briefed senior managers on the plan Wednesday, the people said.

The personnel cuts, which may be phased in over two years, represent the most concrete step taken by Tillerson as he seeks to reverse the expansion the department saw under former President Barack Obama’s administration and meet President Donald Trump’s demand — outlined in an executive order signed last month — to cut spending across federal agencies. A draft budget outline released in March for the year that begins Oct. 1 seeks a 28.5 percent reduction in State Department spending from fiscal 2016.

People at State have stood up for the global elitists over Americans every time. That needs to stop. This is our best opportunity to end their sprees in decades. Please persevere, Mr. Secretary.

Not Again!

The Washington Examiner reports that now Fox News’ Jesse Waters is in hot water over a woman.

In this case, it’s Ivanka Trump.

It had to do with the comment he made in this video. He says he “really liked how she was speaking into that microphone,” at an event in Germany.

The Washington Examiner says “Many viewers saw it as a sexually explicit remark, agitating a sore spot for Fox, which has seen two of its biggest names depart over the past year due to sexual harassment claims.

“Watters on Wednesday, however, defended himself, saying he was merely referring to Trump’s voice, which ‘resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ.’”

Has it come to this? No one can speak tongue in cheek or innocently without someone on the left plotting their takedown?

If the media were honest, they’d have had the scalps (can I say that?) of JFK, Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton and many more.

They want to take out Fox News. They may be succeeding.

Dishing Out Lies

Yesterday Tom Colicchio, a darling of the hipster chef scene, appeared on MSNBC to pile on Trump and our immigration laws. He was joined by Jose Andres, a chef who reneged on his deal with Trump to cook at his new DC hotel, and Andrew Zimmerman, the guy famous on cable for eating the nastiest things he can find. (He has also felt himself enough of an expert on politics as to consider a run.)

Colicchio made this astounding remark, “there’s no legal way for immigrants to actually enter this country.”

Huh? That is a new level of stupidity, even among pundits. Don’t forget, a restaurateur like him needs cheap labor. I’d bet that outweighs any charitable feelings he has.

But he is also associated with Food & Wine magazine. I received an email from them recently with this excerpt, which comes from their sister publication, Travel & Leisure.

It shows how pervasive the propaganda against Trump and immigration is throughout just about any part of life, even eating.

Before Mexican photographer Pablo López Luz started shooting aerial photography of the border between Mexico and the United States, there was no President Trump. Talk of building a wall to further divide the two nations hadn’t yet surfaced as a hot button issue in the U.S. Presidential election. By the time Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, López Luz’s latest art book project, Frontera (Newwer Editorial/Toluca Editions; November 2016), was nearly complete and is now a very timely subject in the wake of the new White House administration.

“I thought it was absolutely impossible that he would be elected America’s next president, and a part of me even thought, ‘Well, this might be interesting if he actually wins, because then my project Frontera would seem even more politically relevant to the bigoted nonsense he was shouting about Mexico and Mexicans,” López Luz told Travel + Leisure.

López Luz’s study of the Mexico-U.S. border does not tell the story of illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking, narco-wars, economic disparity, sex tourism, and all the other problems that have made the border an issue. Instead he focused his lens on the aggregate disparity of both countries as a result of the man-made terrestrial division. He says he wanted to know that if there were no human borders, would those conflicts even exist? For Frontera, López Luz wrote that he wanted to look at the naïve need for order that he says borders falsely provide and that paradoxically become the root of pervasive disorder.

He began photographing the border in 2014 thanks to some initial funding from one of his private collectors. But aerial landscape photography requires good weather. The first time López Luz went up to shoot, it was cloudy the whole flight and they flew to the part of the Rio Grande that he ultimately didn’t find interesting. He had miscalculated. After the six-hour journey, the helicopter touched down back in Monterrey and he had nothing to show from it. Instead of using a digital camera, López Luz shoots with film, which becomes tricky if there isn’t enough light. When he developed the film and saw the contact sheets, he says the images were dark and unusable.

He went on three more flights to shoot the border, though on these occasions it was self-funded. He found a company in San Diego that charged him $600 per hour for the flights. Just after take off, bad weather forced them to land in Tucson, Arizona, where they were grounded for two days. López Luz says that his best aerial shots were taken during a later flight that zig-zagged from Tijuana to Ciudad Juarez then on to El Paso, and back along the border to San Diego. It was the longest flight he had taken and for once, the weather was mostly agreeable. He was able to photograph the border in its entirety, and all the fences and rivers and check points and cities that cleave the U.S. from Mexico.

Mexico’s sprawling border cities appear in his photographs as though they’re just inches from spilling over into to the United States. He says this is the only way to distinguish whether you are looking at landscapes belonging to north or south. Mountains, deserts, dry lands, most rivers and all the scrub brush in between—both landscapes blur and appear the same. And that’s what López Luz does; he draws attention to the physicality of the landscape itself—not the disparities that fall on either side of the political boundary.

Moving on from Frontera to face the new political realities taking shape on both sides of the border, López Luz can’t help but question the purpose of a wall nor understand, if built, the potential it has to make matters worse. Not to mention the cost of building a nearly 2,000-mile blockade across deserts, over mountains, and through cities.

“I just question the actual idea of the border, and the actual idea of building a bigger, taller, stronger wall. Once you’ve seen both of our countries from above, from my perspective, you realize how absurd it all is.” —Rocky Casale

Don’t think I’ll be perusing Food & Wine anymore.

A Great Speech You Probably Missed

Tuesday President Trump visited the Holocaust Museum in DC as part of the Day of Remembrance held each year.

He gave a terrific speech, but it went virtually unnoticed by the mainstream media because it doesn’t support their portrayal of him as racist, anti Semitic, etc.

It was a very moving speech and worth listening to. Fox Business carried it and host Stuart Varney was wise to show it and was moved by it, too.

O’Reilly in His No Spin Zone

Bill O’Reilly’s not going gentle into that good night. He’s going to fight his ouster from Fox News and go offense.

Last night he had a podcast defending himself and promising “you’re going to be shaken.” He also will be sharing his take on the news. This runs about 20 minutes.

Seems he is taking my advice and using his website as a platform to voice his opinions. He may find this frees him in a way that is very energizing.

Another plus – women won’t have to worry about working with him.

And Now Hannity

Yesterday Sean Hannity addressed the sexual harassment charge being leveled at him by Debbie Schlussel. I vaguely remember her being on his show, but wasn’t impressed by her. She wasn’t on much.

Hannity said he would defend himself tooth and nail. He’s right to do that. They are gunning for him. After the O’Reilly debacle, he should watch out. Since this is a single charge against him and because he travels with a large group everywhere he goes – something I saw at a Southern Republican Leadership Conference – I find it hard to believe he was on the move with her.

From what’s coming out, it seems the whole thing has been overplayed by the Fox hating media. The woman wrote on her blog, LawNewz,

“I would never accuse him of that. Sexual harassment has a special meaning under the law, and I would never accuse him of that,” Schlussel, an attorney herself, said. Schlussel said the interaction happened in the early 2000’s when Hannity was in Detroit taping a show.

“He tried to get me to go back to the hotel after the show after he and his executive producer Bill Shine treated me horribly,” she said on the radio program. Schlussel later clarified that it wasn’t his hotel room, but rather his hotel. She told that she did go on the show following the incident, but after that was “banned from Fox News.”

“I never thought I was sexually harassed by Sean Hannity, I thought he was weird and creepy not someone I liked,” Schlussel said.

The Huffington Post whipped this into a frenzy evidently.

Once they smell blood in the water, the floodgates of scandal open big from the lamestream media. Good for Hannity for fighting.

Swamp Monsters Seek to Stop LePen

Part of the French election occurred yesterday. The results are that Marine Le Pen will face Emmanuel Macron May 7th.

Le Pen wants to keep France French, evidently a radical idea for the elite. Le Pen wants to make France great again and this is unacceptable to the establishment that likes things the way they are.

It appears this is France’s last chance to avoid becoming a sort of Islamic socialist state. A French friend tells me that it is very dangerous to be in Paris. She warned that if you go on the subway system, do not speak English and do not look at others. Just don’t speak at all, she says.

There are also great swaths of homeless people, many of them Muslim, who live in the streets. There are areas the police won’t go into; areas that operate under Sharia law.

Macron doesn’t seem interested in addressing the survival of his nation. He’s kind of a mini me Obama. The latter phoned Macron last week. Wonder what advice he was giving him?

Like Obama, Macron is young, 39, and looks the part of an attractive political candidate. He doesn’t have much of a background. The Agence France Press describes him ” “Neither of the right, nor the left” in his own words, Emmanuel Macron is a 39-year-old former banker hoping to convince the French to take a chance on his brand of youthful optimism.” Kind of a hopey changey kind of guy.

Thomas Lifson at says

He was trained at the ultra-elite École nationale d’administration, from which France’s ruling technocrats have been drawn for generations. He worked for the French government as an “inspector” of finances, and then went to work for the Rothschild Bank in Paris, where he made millions of dollars. He received a senrio appointment from Francois Hollande’s first government in 2012, as Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, but resigned when Hollande became so unpopular that it might damage his own prospects.

And, for a little spice, he married his high school teacher who was 24 years older than he, and was married and had two kids. The romance started when he was 15, but don’t worry – they waited until he was 18 to go public. The kind of people who make such jokes contend that this is a cover for him being gay. Who knows? Who cares?

And just as President Reagan did archetypal activities relating to our national myths – clearing brush wearing a cowboy hat – Macron speaks to French cultural obsessions.

Emmanuel Macron is celebrating his victory in France’s first-round presidential election at a Left Bank eatery frequented by Ernest Hemingway and other artistic dignitaries.

The choice to dine in La Rotonde in the Montparnasse neighborhood fits with Macron’s literary leanings — he quotes poets and philosophers in his campaign rallies.

While Macron insists he’s neither left nor right, La Rotonde has a “caviar left” feel. It has an anti-establishment flavor though too, thanks to the surrealist painters associated with its past.

So very anti-establishment that obviously the political establishment would be worried, don’t you think? Maybe not:

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel says it is important for France and for Europe that Emmanuel Macron win the French presidential runoff election.

Speaking in Amman, Jordan, Gabriel said: “It’s important for France because he has the courage and the strength to lead the country out of its lethargy.”

He adds that a Macron victory would signal a “new beginning for Europe,” but he says a win by Marine Le Pen would “push Europe deeper into crisis.”

What a guy! Hard to imagine a 39 year old woman interested in a 15 year old boy.

Let’s hope Le Pen is mightier than the Leftist sword. We really don’t know because the same people who were wrong about our election, are prognosticating again.

Melania and Michelle Belt It Out

On Saturday, President Trump and First Lady Melania visited Walter Reed to award a soldier a Purple Heart.

Of course, Melania being the fashionista she is, many people admired her belt.

To others, it brought to mind Michelle Obama’s fascination with high, wide belts. I hadn’t particularly noticed because I felt she was, shall we say, inelegant in her choice of clothes. Maybe she was trying to see how far she could go and still get the drooling press to applaud.

Those who didn’t, called it a boob belt and highlighted it in this video:

One America News on Cable

I have heard a lot of good things about this new network, One America News. However, for a long time it was not available on cable. You could get it via Roku, but that’s hardly as easy as switching a dial.

I see it is now on Direct TV channel 347. It might make a good alternative to those tired of the constant debates on Fox News and their current turmoil.

Their website says “One America News Network is owned by Herring Networks, Inc. Herring Networks, Inc. is a family owned and operated, independent media company focused on providing high quality national television programming to consumers via its national cable networks. The for-profit company was established in 2004 and has its primary production operations in California and Washington, DC.”

Their website looks pretty good, with a variety of both national and international stories. That is one of my biggest complaints about other cable news networks; the world revolves around Washington DC alone.

The weekend lineup is pretty much all news. Week days have some individual shows. It will be worthwhile to see if they gain traction.

Hey, they might just hire Bill O’Reilly and some of the others pilloried by the lamestream media.

And, as a plus – no My Pillow ads!