Kavanaugh Vindication Coming?

As posted previously, the calm demeanor of the administration and Senate Republicans over the Kavanaugh accuser suggests they have something up their sleeves.

Senator Charles Grassley, head of the Judiciary Committee, has been bending over backwards to accommodate Dr. Ford and everyone has been eager – too eager? – to hear her side of the story. Why?

Yesterday I came across this tweet. Ed Whelan is President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a conservative think tank, and used to be an official in the United States Department of Justice. He also writes for National Review.

Ed Whelan @EdWhelanEPPC

By one week from today, I expect that Judge Kavanaugh will have been clearly vindicated on this matter. Specifically, I expect that compelling evidence will show his categorical denial to be truthful. There will be no cloud over him.
5:37 PM – Sep 18, 2018

He added:

Ed Whelan @EdWhelanEPPC

Senator Feinstein will soon be apologizing to Judge Kavanaugh.
Ed Whelan @EdWhelanEPPC

By one week from today, I expect that Judge Kavanaugh will have been clearly vindicated on this matter. Specifically, I expect that compelling evidence will show his categorical denial to be truthful. There will be no cloud over him.
5:46 PM – Sep 18, 2018

Ed Whelan
‏ @EdWhelanEPPC

Ed Whelan Retweeted Robert Costa:

Funny how attorney didn’t seek an investigation two months ago. A week from now, I doubt that any fairminded person will think that any further investigation is necessary–at least not concerning any alleged wrongdoing by Kavanaugh.


Ed Whelan @EdWhelanEPPC

A horrific incident similar to the one the accuser alleges may well have occurred. But if so, she’s got the wrong guy. Kavanaugh wasn’t present, as this and much more will confirm.https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/18/politics/pj-smyth-brett-kavanaugh/index.html …
7:26 AM – Sep 19, 2018

And from Kathleen Parker: “Could there have been another, Kavanaugh-ish-looking teen at the house that night, who might have attacked Ford?”

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, also said:


Level of confidence of Kavanaugh supporters at the moment—VERY HIGH
10:03 AM – Sep 19, 2018

Following this story has been a wade through stupidity. How can a case be made against someone when the alleged incident took place 36 years ago – the accuser thinks; she’s not sure of the year – and she doesn’t remember the time or place? There is no there there.

It proves how stupid the Democrats and the media think the American public is. Unfortunately for them, we’re not.

The Trump Prophecies

In the summer of 2016 I came across a story about a man who adamantly believed that Donald J. Trump would be president.

It wasn’t a widely held opinion at that time, nor was it an opinion. He believed it because he revealed that he had been told this by God.

There are people all the time who claim that God has spoken to them on a variety of topics. However, this man seemed different to me and a lot of others.

He recounted how he was watching television in 2011 and Donald Trump came on the screen. He really didn’t know much about Trump, but a voice said to him, “You are hearing the voice of a president.”

That man was Mark Taylor and he has written a book recounting his story called “The Trump Prophecies.

I came upon the book after finding out there is a movie about his story and it will be shown in Memphis October 2 and 4 at the Paradiso. The 200 page book is a quick and interesting read.

If you are not a religious person, you will be inclined to dismiss his account as a nutcase’s ramblings. If you are a believer, you will understand the fight that is raging between good and evil in our country right now and how God would want to intervene.

If you are not a religious person, you will wonder why such an insignificant person as a former firefighter from Florida would be chosen as the one to receive His messages. But you might be forgetting that God often chooses unlikely people (like Trump) to do his will. Certainly St. Peter wouldn’t have fit the profile of the perfect evangelizer or apostle; nor would David have been chosen to lead Israel. In this regard, I have no problem with believing an average American was told prophecies.

Although Trump did not run in 2012, as Taylor had thought, he recounts that God told him to wait for the time when there would be a Triple Crown winner as a sign. Taylor was told that as with Triple Crown winner Secretariat, “There’s another one coming, a horse, a great champion, that I have created, greater than the champions before him, for the champions before him were great, but this one will be greater…For this horse shall be a sign to my Church for the time they are in. He will also represent my Church in the spiritual realm. They will run and not get tired; they will see and do things they have never done or seen before, for this generation will be great champions for my Kingdom.”

To the skeptical, a horse race as a sign might seem silly, but what is an election but a race where political thoroughbreds are up against one another?
American Pharaoh did go on to win the Triple Crown in 2015, finishing faster in the final quarter dash than record holder Secretariat.
Taylor notes that the race was run on June 6, D-Day, a significant battle in World War II. Ten days later Trump announced he was running for president. The name American Pharaoh also can be considered a reference to Trump and his leadership. The name Donald John Trump, according to his research, means “World Leader under the grace of God whose leadership will excel, surpass and outdo in Triumph.”

Taylor has many other interesting things to recount. Some refer to the Justice system, which Taylor sees as being almost overwhelmed by evil. He recounts how he felt in a vision a “demonic and very powerful entity” in the court room. It will be a big fight to overcome the evil, but he believes Trump will appoint 5 Supreme Court Justices who will enable this.

As we see events playing out in the Kavanaugh case, his words are validated. Taylor wrote the book a year ago in 2017.

Similarly, the corruption revealed in the Russian dossier, again which happened before most of the book was written, validates him because this is an issue God discussed. God indicated he would “completely transform the justice system” and rid our institutions of corrupt men.

His co-author, Mary Colbert, takes a section of the book to describe how she met Taylor and her own experiences with him and his prophecies. One result was a massive prayer group via telephone that connected to pray daily before the election. On election day, they asked people to blow the shofar, a ram’s-horn trumpet used by ancient Jews in religious ceremonies and as a battle signal.

Something worked, as we all know and produced a political miracle.

I enjoyed the book and it leaves you with a feeling of liberation and joy. The liberation comes from knowing that, according to Taylor, that God is in charge and has promised the United States will have a joyous future with the best yet to come.

If you consider that the Triple Crown presaged a victory in the presidential election, it is promising to consider that this year we had a Triple Crown winner, too, in Justify. Take into account that name as well. The midterm elections may turn out to be another victory for us.

Again, this book will appeal to people with a certain belief system. Others will not credit it. It’s up to the reader to decide. It is $15.95 at Amazon, so you can judge for yourself.

What Does Trump Know?

I’m struck with how calmly and fairly President Trump has been to the accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

So has Sean Hannity, which is a deviation from his usual full out attack mode. Hannity is tight with the President, too; he would have inside knowledge and follow what the administration wants.

This attitude suggests to me that President Trump knows something about the whole affair. He must know that the accuser is going to crash and burn when – or if – she appears before the Senate. Kavanaugh must have something up his sleeve as well. He was at the White House for a long visit yesterday. I imagine they planned their strategy.

Here are two comments I found that sum up the situation:


She does not remember the date.
She does not remember the location.
She does not remember how she got there or got home again.
She does not know the names of anyone else at the party.
She never told anyone about it at school.
Her only “witness” says it never happened.
Her recollection of the event disagrees with notes taken by her shrink.
Her students describe her as “crazy”.
They also describe her as an angry SJW.
She thinks Trump voters are worse than “deplorable”.
She shopped her story to WaPo before going to Feinstein.
Then clamed she wanted anonymity.
That’s a lot of stink.

And another that hints at the strategy:

We should be thankful for DiFi and Schumer.. they´ve chosen a strategy they cannot win at.

1) It won´t work
2) It forces red state dem senators to choose party over their constituents 2 months before the election
3) It makes us (and many Americans) very angry
4) Even if they succeed in delaying until after the election with a dem senate majority McConnell would have a vote before January.

They´ve painted themselves in a corner. They cannot win.

I concur.

Another sure thing is that Amy Coney Barrett, a runner up in this last Supreme Court justice search, has a pretty good chance of getting the next nod.

The Dems would not be able to draw from their popular sex abuse #MeToo playbook with a woman.

Flake Should Look in the Mirror

For those of us old enough to remember the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings, this attempt to smear Brett Kavanaugh is disgustingly familiar.

The Dems have opened their playbook to repeat the Anita Hill pubic hair on the coke can sexual harassment skit that almost torpedoed Thomas. This time it’s worse; the accuser pathetically goes back to his teen years for her story about potential rape. What’s next? Kindergarten capers?

We expect this nonsense from Democrats, but what the hell is “Republican” Senator Jeff Flake doing by joining in?

It smells like spite. Flake hates Trump and apparently would enjoy ruining a man to get his revenge.

When Flake ran for the Senate in 2012 we were told he was a reliable conservative by no less than self appointed expert in all things conservative Glenn Beck. One of the reasons was because Flake is a Mormon. Not just a Mormon, but a devout one and a family man, according to accounts.

But when you point fingers at someone like Flake is doing, more of them are pointing back at you.

It appears this family man’s son, Tanner, liked to post homophobic, anti Semitic and racists tweets. According to the New York Daily News, he has said:

“To the f—-t who stole my dirt bike from the church parking lot, I will find you, and I will beat the crap out of you,” the boy, whose Twitter handle is @tflakey, wrote on March 20, 2013.

“I’m down to own some f—-ts,” he wrote a tweet directed at another Twitter user.

His tweets also included an anti-Semitic message directed at an undisclosed Twitter user.

“Say something hilarious, and I guarantee that … will say it louder and get all the credit. Jew,” he tweeted in February.

Ariz. Sen. Jeff Flake said in a statement of his son’s postings: “This language is unacceptable, anywhere. Needless to say, I’ve already spoken with him about this, he has apologized, and I apologize as well.”

In a series of Facebook postings, riddled with “f—-t” and “n—-r,” the boy also bragged about his famous dad.

He boasted that he could talk to his father about a “crappy bill” his Facebook friend was protesting.

BuzzFeed also reported that the teenager used the screen name “n1—rkiller” in Fun Run, a gaming app on which he was active.

But, as they say, that’s not all.

Another son, Austin, and his wife were charged with animal cruelty in the deaths of 21 dogs in a Phoenix area kennel.

The two were in charge of it while the owners, the wife’s parents, were vacationing. The charges against them were later dropped, but apparently there was some degree of inattention that led the dogs to suffer heat exhaustion and suffocate.

So much for family values. Tell that to the people owning the beloved pets.

Flake himself has not lived up to his promise to his Arizona constituents to be a reliable conservative in the Senate. Isn’t that immoral? Why should he now be in charge of assessing all things honest and upright?

If there is justice, this trumped up charges against Kavanaugh will be dismissed and he will be confirmed.

At least all this discord is showing us who is honest and just in our government.

Poll Workers Needed Here

The Election Commission says they need Republican poll workers.
Here’s what’s needed:

The only requirements are: You must be a registered voter with an active/current voting record and attend a three-hour training class. You will receive $30 for your training and $160 for working Election Day. The next Election is Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Please submit a Poll Worker’s application online @ shelbyvote.com, select “POLL WORKERS” & “POLL WORKER APPLICATION”.

If you need information about Voter Registration, please call 901-222-6835.

Trump Movie Comes Here

A new movie called The Trump Prophecy will be shown in Memphis Oct. 2 and 4 at the Paradiso Cinema.

The website describes it:

A voice of hope – a movement of prayer

The Trump Prophecy is the story of Fireman Mark Taylor and what he heard God tell him about America, Israel and the world. The event seeks to answer the question “What does MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN really mean?”

A story of prayer and hope, this event inspires and uplifts as it reminds us of the privilege and blessings we enjoy as Americans “One Nation under God.”

Here’s the trailer:

I’m amazed that it will be in Memphis. You can find out more at TheTrumpProphecythemovie.com, including ordering movie tickets.

Woodward Working for FBI

Bob Woodward is not just a journalist – if being biased entitles you to that term. We now find out that he has been an FBI asset since his Deep Throat days.

The Gatewaypundit proves it with this State Department email from Sid Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton.

“So Woodward’s book is another FBI Deep State hit on Trump.
“It figures.”

The more you look, the scarier it gets.

Hurricane Trump

You think you’ve seen everything and then a headline like this comes along:

This is not from some tiny Leftist rag, but a huge Leftist rag, The Washington Post.

It is labeled “editorial” but so what? It has the same impact as a news story.

Besides, when has the news media separated fact from fiction in the past 50 years? If they report that Obama can stop the oceans from rising, they can report anything. An editorial anymore, as we saw with the New York Times anonymous White House aide screed, is considered God’s truth.

“It is hard to attribute any single weather event to climate change,” the Post says despite their own headline, “But there is no reasonable doubt that humans are priming the Earth’s systems to produce disasters . . . Florence is feasting on warm Atlantic Ocean water.”
Sent from a ****hole African country probably.

And it’s Trump’s fault! Even though he’s not been in office two years, his attention to the Paris Climate Accord would have prevented this. Wonder why they didn’t think of this last year in Houston? It’s no less ridiculous.

It’s amazing anyone even considers the WaPo or Slimes news sources.