Malia Obama – Smoking Hot

Looks like spending a year interning with Harvey Weinstein has encouraged Malia Obama to let it all hang out.

According to the Daily Mail:

The 19-year-old former first daughter, who took a gap year before starting at Harvard this fall, was seen locking lips with a mystery man at the festivities outside of the Yale Bowl.

A video shows the moment Malia reached up and put her arms around the young man before going in for a kiss.

Judging by the photos, Malia’s date is taller than her – a feat since 6-foot-1 Malia has several inches on the five-foot-10 average American male.

Another photo shows Malia smoking a cigarette during the tailgate – a sign that she may be picking up her dad’s old tobacco habit.

Malia doesn’t seem to mind showing off her lower half either in skin tight leggings. Guess she wasn’t listening when her dad and mom told Americans about the dangers of smoking. That’s just for us flyover peasants.

Can you imagine what would burst out of the media should they see Tiffany Trump taking a puff? The Left would erupt and castigate the entire family.

A year ago Malia was in a bar harassing a Gateway pundit reporter. There were rumors she had to be wheeled out although she was not the legal drinking age.

Must be a tough gig to be her Secret Service contingent.

Creepfest Continues

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted last night that the Franken case was just “the very tip of the Congressional iceberg” and promised more would come out today. He said “Ranking Democrat on major committee accused of several harassment by multiple women. Huge scandal. Developing…”

Who will join the creepfest? Many hope it’s Adam Schiff, the congressman who’s been involved in the golden dossier farce, or Senate Minority slug Chuck Schumer. This may be too much to hope for, but would anyone be surprised at their antics?

Nextdoor Gives Peek Into Issues

About 2400 people participate in, read, enroll in the Midtown Nextdoor Neighbors email. That’s 57% of residents according to their site.

The day to day topics give a pretty good look at what peoples’ concerns and strongly held beliefs are.

Crime is the No. 1 topic. Is there a day that goes by without “Gunshots,” “Suspicious person,” “Package stolen,” “Car break in” or other such phrases popping up in the header? Or people complaining about the rampant crime?

Responses like these show what we’re up against:
“It’s scary for sure. Usually the holidays bring more crazy crime. I’m praying it doesn’t and they (criminals) stay inside and away from here. I’ve put sheers on our windows to keep them from seeing inside. I’ve also noticed Peabody has turned into a car racing track late at night. Where is our police? Where is our mayor?”

“I’m really really hoping that the violent crime slows way down with the chilly weather easing in… we always jokingly pray for crappy weather because that means way less gunshot/stabbing victims come in (the ER) – because people just are not outside as much when the weather is cold or wet. It’s not an answer to the problem but it might be a small reprieve.

“… I remember when the police station on Union Ave. was about to close, but the PST branch was still going to be there – an old policeman told me, ‘Within a year or two, you won’t be able to live in Central Gardens; the residents here have no idea how much stuff we stop daily – and now they are moving the oldest police department in the city – outside of downtown – it’s a shame.’ In my heart of hearts I was hoping this man wasn’t right – but now I am wondering if he was telling me something prophetic. With property taxes as high as they are, with the ‘educational system’ being as horrible as it is – and with graft within the school system being something that the thieves in Washington, D.C. would be proud of, I am wondering why the city can’t find the money to pay for the police department to hire the people it needs, and to keep a station at the original Union Avenue location, AS WELL AS a station on Crump. Why can’t that be done?”

Mayor Strickland may talk about dealing with crime, but people sure don’t see any progress.

As for beliefs, Midtown is liberal and sometimes hysterical.

Someone who had a Black Lives Matter sign posted in the yard shared a note received in the mail. It was a card that said “All Lives Matter.” There was no return address.

This person interpreted it as “#bigotry #whitenationalistterrorism #hatemail #dumbbigots” and wrote “I reach out to anyone who wishes to speak out against hate to put a black lives matter sign in your yard to combat this hater, who I am sure is not alone. We can’t let intimidation like this stand. Imagine what hate mail actual people of color receive standing up for themselves?”
The responses were interesting. Here are some:

“Where is the threatening part?”

“I would not take that as a threat. Not hate mail if it says all lives matter. If you want to see what a threat or hate mail looks like, put a Trump sign up in your yard.”

The person who got the mail responded:

“It is actually hate mail, it’s confrontational to send an anonymous letter to a strangers house because you don’t understand that a black lives matter sign doesn’t mean all lives don’t matter, it means that we need to draw more attention to the importance of black lives since they are not treated fairly or reported about as equally as white lives. It’s like having a breast cancer awareness ribbon, it doesn’t mean other cancers aren’t important, it means attention needs to be raised toward that specific cancer so more public support and finding will come to that cause. No one sends letters, or confronts people with pink ribbons because they aren’t saying ‘all cancer is terrible’”.

Followed by
“I don’t know why “ALL LIVES MATTER” is considered “a hateful phrase” and don’t know how you consider this threatening. Yes, it was mailed to you and the zip code was wrong. Whoever did this is an idiot. I would just ignore it and go on about your day…”
Which the person then said:

“It’s hate mail because it is intended to loudly silence my black lives matter sign, and the issue that black lives are not treated as well in society, their deaths are not treated as importantly as white lives. This does not mean all lives do not matter, it means that attention needs to be paid to black lives in our society to end the disparages between us. It’s a hateful tactic.”

Another said:
“We just don’t want you to feel threatened and certainly you’re not hated. I’m certain… I have passive aggressive neighbors that are more bothersome, but this is harmless. Please do not become aggressive.”

“WTF is wrong with people? I’m starting to think we need to be two different countries because apparently the two sides currently residing in the US are never going to be able to work together on anything again. The days of cooperation, consensus and compromise seem to be over. Obviously the days of human understanding are over too.”

“Probably All Lives Matter was just the writer’s opinion, which means Alicia’s life matters…I wouldn’t categorize it as awful hate mail., just mail from someone who doesn’t understand the Black Lives Matter concept.”

“How can it be threatening if it states that all lives matter. That would surely include yours.”

The receiver of the note again commented:

“Girl, it’s not that it conveys all lives matter, it’s that it angrily imply that black people don’t struggle with equality in our society. It’s like saying ‘support pancratic cancer!’ Then someone writing a letter to that person with just all caps saying ‘ALL CANCERS MATTER'”.

“How could you decipher all of that in those 3 words? For that matter, all people are currently struggling in our fair city’s society trying to stay safe and out of the way from (statistically proven) black men’s gun shots.”

“I was afraid this post was going this way… (Recipient), Black Lives do Matter! So do White, Red, Orange, Pink, Blue or what ever color there is! The main point is we, as people I was afraid this post was going this way…
Alisha, Black Lives do Matter! So do White, Red, Orange, Pink, Blue or what ever color there is! The main point is we, as people , a city, county, state and country, should be colorless. This is just a theory or hope; but not reality. You received a piece of mail and perceived it as a threat/hostile. Your perception is your reality! It may not be others. Does this make us (others) wrong? I understand you have this belief that Black lives are not important to society as a whole. This is not TRUE! As X said ‘All people are currently struggling in our fair city’s society trying to stay safe and out of the way from (statistically proven) black men’s gun shots.’ Using this as an example then: If Black Lives Matter, then the ones ‘who matter’, need to change their own dynamic. How many psychologist’s does it take to change a light bulb? Think about it.”

“Just brush it off your shoulder and move on. Don’t let this person disturb your peace of mind. I honestly don’t think they meant you harm. Just voicing their opinions in an inappropriate way.”

It was interesting to read the spectrum of opinions. This kind of politics doesn’t usually get allowed on Nextdoor; perhaps it has since been removed.

Millennials Have It Coming

My new favorite columnist, Kurt Schlichter of Townhall, takes delight in what’s in store for those hipster millennials.

With all the awful things happening now – the discord, the anger, the stupidity – at least those of my generation can rest easy knowing that the Millennials are going to suffer after we’re gone. Sure, I’m going to die a lot sooner than them – unless someone invents some sort of expensive life extension potion that I can buy but they can’t because they will still be paying off their degrees in Oppression Studies and Virtue Signaling Arts until the year 2083. But at least I’ll know that we left them a suitably terrible world, since they are a terrible generation.

Millennials are the spawn we deserve – annoying, posturing, and frequently pierced. They are utterly convinced of their own moral superiority, and yet they don’t even believe in morals. Well, that’s not quite true – they just confuse morals with the increasingly bizarre patchwork of taboos and fetishes of the social justice weirdos they use as their moral compasses. When you ask people, “What’s the world’s biggest problem,” and they answer, “The structural paradigm imposed by cisgender Western males,” and you reply, “How about, I dunno, ISIS?” and they answer “Well, who are we to judge their culture?” it’s slappin’ time.

We warned them to stay off our figurative lawns, and now it’s time to figuratively tackle them like Kentucky libertarians.

I was born during the last week of the Baby Boom, making me…older than the Millennials. So I straddle that useless generation and the useless one that followed. It used to be called Generation X, but no one calls it that anymore because it made no lasting impression. Obama was in my generation. We’ll never live that down. In any case, I remember when calculators were newfangled, phones were attached to walls, and Showtime was the bomb.
CARTOONS | Glenn McCoy
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OK, so we dug this country $20 trillion into debt, we have a world full of enemies and a military that’s collapsing, and we saddled Millennials with Obamacare, a magical system that makes healthcare worse, but at least it costs more. Yet they seem cool with it. Oh, and politically, the country is divided as never before, at least not since Lincoln, who you Millennials think owned slaves because … sheesh, you nitwits think Lincoln owned slaves.

There was a time when liberals and conservatives didn’t segregate themselves into different bubbles and hate at each other. Recently, Time magazine ran an article about some liberal chick who dumped a guy during a date because he voted for Trump. That never would have happened years ago. Instead, they would have finished their encounter, and he would have given her a fake number so he never had to deal with her pinko nagging again.

But we seem to be losing everything that made us great. Back in the day, we crushed uppity Russian empires, no thanks to commie-hugging liberals who told us that the Reds loved their children too. You Millennials know that awful Sting song – your mom used to listen to it in the Volvo while carting you to soccer or whatever other sick, soul-killing enrichment activities she forced you into instead of letting you run free in the streets and woods like we did. But now we cower at the same losers Reagan stripped of their Ural Mountain oysters in fear of them posting some super-persuasive Facebook ads targeted at making autoworkers in Michigan fall out of their deep and abiding love for Hillary.

Yeah, we messed up, but you Millennials reading this on your smartphones, which you can see without glasses or squinting, shouldn’t act so high and mighty. You had a chance to fix all of this and instead you’ve chosen to never move out of your parents’ houses and to just sit around and invent new pronouns for genders that don’t exist. A couple decades down the road, when I’m dead from chronic bitterness and drinking too much expensive cabernet that I buy with the Social Security money you’ll be toiling to pay me, you won’t have families or careers. You’ll be my age and still making coffee for the next generation of ingrates, the children of the immigrants and super-religious Christians who represent the only portion of America still making babies. You’ll come home to your used Mitsubishi love robot named Olive, reheat some Sara Lee avocado toast sticks, and watch Saturday Night Live as it tries to make fun of President Donald Trump, Jr.

But while we’re still here together, with me owning stuff and you struggling to afford your daily kombucha smoothie, we face many shared challenges. There’s that giant debt, and there are those foreign people who want to kill us, and there is the terrifying fact that we are at each others’ throats here at home. We know how this plays out if we don’t fix it – bad for me, but super-bad for you. Maybe we should try and square things away. Maybe we should stop assuming the worst about each other, start thinking about what unites us instead of what divides us, and work together to make a better tomorrow. Maybe.

But I guess that’s kind of up to you though, because as so many of you on Twitter like to point out, I’m going to die a lot sooner than you are. And that kind of makes the future your problem.

Same Game, New Players

With all the sexual harassment accusations swirling after Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Judge Roy Moore and now Sen. Al Franken were exposed, another name popped up. This time it’s from 20 years ago, but the similarities are quite astounding.

There was a Republican senator from Oregon, Bob Packwood, who was run out of the Senate in 1995. At the time I wasn’t paying too much attention to politics, but I do remember something about him kissing a woman in an elevator. People were shocked (more naive times) and this was before the Clinton/Lewinski/impeachment drama.

If you look him up on Wikipedia, the surprising thing is how familiar the event and the players are.

He won his election in 1968 by 3,500 votes. Even then it was a tough road for a GOP guy in the Portlandia world.

Wikipedia goes on to say, “He was most noted for his role in the 1986 ‘unlikely triumph of tax reform’ while he was chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee. President Ronald Reagan had proposed the idea of tax reform in 1984, but Packwood’s initial response was indifference. However, he played a leading role in fashioning a ‘radically new tax code that will raise business taxes by some $120 billion over five years—and lower personal income taxes by roughly the same amount.’ Historians of the Act have written that his turnaround ‘revived the dying tax reform bill’, and credited his ‘ingenuity and astonishing legislative skill’ for passage of the law, which ‘despite its warts and wrinkles…succeeded at the fundamental purpose of reform’.”

Trump’s tax cuts and reforms are the biggest since Reagan’s attempt in 1986. People forget how long it took to get them.

Wikipedia continues, “Packwood’s debating skills were rated A+ by USA Today in the issue of July 18, 1986. But his debating and legislative skills could kill bills as well as pass them. His ‘masterful’ floor management has been credited with killing President Clinton’s 1993 health care bill.”

At that time it was called HillaryCare. Now it’s Obamacare, but it’s the same attempt at government takeover of the health care system. Would that we had as skillful a Republican senator today!

Then, “Packwood’s political career began to unravel in November 1992, when a Washington Post story detailed claims of sexual abuse and assault from ten women, chiefly former staffers and lobbyists. Publication of the story was delayed until after the 1992 election, as Packwood had denied the allegations and the Post had not gathered enough of the story at the time. Packwood defeated Democrat Les AuCoin 52.1% to 46.5%. Eventually 19 women would come forward.”

Yes, you can always count on the Washington Post to blab about Republican mistakes while ignoring what Ted Kennedy and buddy Chris Dodd were doing to waitresses in restaurants. No different today when the sleazy Sen. Bob Menendez goes on trial for taking bribes, plus he apparently likes young girls, too.

“With pressure mounting against him, Packwood announced his resignation from the Senate on September 7, 1995, in which he stated that he was ‘aware of the dishonor that has befallen me in the last three years’ and ‘his duty to resign’ following the Senate Ethics Committee unanimous recommendation that he be expelled from the Senate for ethical misconduct. Democratic Congressman Ron Wyden won the seat in a special election.”

Wyden still holds the seat.

“After the sexual harassment case came to light, Packwood entered the Hazelden Foundation clinic for alcoholism in Minnesota, blaming his drinking for the harassments.”
Minnesota, eh? Will Minnesota Senator Al Franken find it his duty to resign? Will he blame another vice? Will he go to a clinic? Has Menendez resigned? No.

Here’s the interesting part: “Four years later, during debate on Clinton’s impeachment, McConnell said that the Republicans knew that it was very likely Packwood’s seat would fall to the Democrats if Packwood were forced out. However, McConnell said, he and his fellow Republicans felt that it came down to a choice of ‘retain the Senate seat or retain our honor.'”

The McConnell they refer to is Mitch McConnell. As you may recall, it was in the Senate that impeachment fizzled. Had it not, would we be in this mess today? Funny how McConnell didn’t feel it was that big a deal for Clinton to lie.

Maybe it would have been better had Republicans retained the Senate. Funny, too, how well versed McConnell is in ousting people. He’s also very familiar with how to handle these issues – along with tax cuts/reforms and getting rid of Obamacare. Surely some of that knowledge could help him today – if he really wanted to do something.

Did this Packwood case also suggest to him how to sabotage the Alabama Senate seat?

It’s all very curious.

Losing by a Hair(s)

Must Hillary Clinton go on interview shows daily? She can’t leave the stage. Her bitterness spills out wherever she goes. Not a good look, Hill.

Also not a good look: her balding head. Is it me or is the woman’s hairline receding dramatically as shown in this clip? Looks like she’s got some kind of disease, aside from the toll of old age. It’s downright freaky.

Who’s Running for What in Shelby County

Tomorrow candidates for Shelby County offices can pick up petitions to run for the August 2018 election. Ryan Poe of the Commercial Appeal has a listing of who will be on the ballot for various offices next year.

The floodgates of campaign announcements opened in recent weeks although some candidates — especially in the county mayor’s race — are already months, if not years, into their campaigns. Here’s a quick rundown of how the field is shaping up in 2018:

In the mayor’s race, Trustee David Lenoir, Juvenile Court Clerk Joy Touliatos and County Commissioner Terry Roland are vying for the Republican nomination to face the Democratic candidate: Sen. Lee Harris or former commissioner Sidney Chism.
In the race for sheriff, Chief Deputy Floyd Bonner, a Democrat endorsed by Republican Sheriff Bill Oldham, faces Republican Dale Lane, director of the Shelby County Office of Preparedness.
In addition to Roland, a number of other term-limited commissioners are looking to change seats. Melvin Burgess will run for assessor; George Chism for trustee; and Justin Ford for Harris’ Senate seat, possibly against Rep. Raumesh Akbari.
The County Commission election will be a political free-for-all. In District 1, Roland’s seat, Shelby County Democratic Party vice-chair and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital scientist J. Racquel Collins-Milinkovich is running as a Democrat. In District 5, chairwoman Heidi Shafer’s seat, Republicans Geoff Diaz and Richard Morton have announced. In District 7, Burgess’ seat, Tami Sawyer, a Democrat and leader of the #TakeEmDown901 grassroots movement to remove Confederate statues, will duke it out with Republican Sam Goff, president of both the Midtown Memphis Development Corp. and the Evergreen Historic District Association. In District 8, the seat being vacated by Walter Bailey, Memphis Housing Authority chairman Mickell Lowery, attorney JB Smiley and Memphis Housing and Community Development inspections manager Daryl Lewis are all running as Democrats. In District 9, Justin Ford’s seat, Memphis City Council member Edmund Ford — the commissioner’s cousin — will face Adrian Killebrew in the Democratic primary.
Robert Hill, executive director of government and legislative affairs for the trustee, is running for Juvenile Court clerk, a position opened by Touliatos’ mayoral run.
Human resources professional and political progressive Torrey Harris will challenge Rep. John DeBerry Jr., a socially conservative incumbent, in the House District 90 Democratic primary. The district includes parts of South Memphis, Downtown, Midtown and Frayser.
Allan Creasy, a well-known activist in Democratic circles, plans to challenge incumbent Republican Rep. Jim Coley in House District 97, which includes parts of Bartlett, Cordova and North and East Memphis.
In the 8th Congressional District, Shelby County Democratic Party grassroots council member John Boatner Jr. of East Memphis will seek his party’s nomination to challenge incumbent Republican Rep. David Kustoff.
In the non-partisan Shelby County School Board election, District 9 incumbent Mike Kernell will be challenged by Alvin Crook, former president of the Shelby County Young Democrats…

In the governor’s race Republican Bill Lee opened an office at 5575 Poplar, Suite 813, across from the Memorial Park cemetery; while Democrat Karl Dean — opened offices at 3175 Poplar, across from East High School.

Awaiting Bill O’Reilly’s Take

I have been checking twitter and eagerly await what Bill O’Reilly thinks about this photo:

You might remember that Al Franken and O’Reilly have nothing but contempt for one another. On The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly referred to Franken as Stuart Smalley, the name of a character he played on Saturday Night Live. It was his way of pointing out how unfit the former comedian was to hold a Senate seat and the contempt he had for him.

It appears that a lot of people have joined the tribe of ousted guys from important jobs. O’Reilly and Fox’s Roger Ailes were removed from their jobs at that network quickly and fiercely. Then followed Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and other Hollywoodites.

Looks like politicians are getting in on the action now, too. Aside from Bill Clinton, the guy who showed the way, so to speak when it comes to sexual harassment and even rape charges, there is Senator Menendez. He seems to like young girls on his trips to Orgy Island with a benefactor. Vice President Biden has been shown lately why he is referred to as “Handsy.” He likes ’em young, too. Of course there were Senators Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd who ordered a waitress sandwich at a certain restaurant they frequented.

Will there be any comeuppance for Franken? Not if the networks and newspapers have their way. It will be blacked out, just like everything else harmful to Democrats is. (See Menendez trial coverage – if you can find it.)

Someone else besides O’Reilly will be enjoying Franken’s discomfort. Remember Senator Norm Coleman? He was the Republican Senator from Minnesota who ran against Al Franken. He lost in a very tight election only because some ballots that were clearly marked for him were declared ineligible. Coleman should have kept his seat, but like always, the GOP (the governor was a Republican at that time – Tim Pawlenty) didn’t go to bat for him.

Have a good laugh, Senator Coleman! It’s the rare time Al Franken has been funny.

Moore Is Less

When President Trump went to Alabama to stump for Luther Strange in the primary, I listened to his speech.

Many conservatives had asked why he was backing the more GOPe candidate Strange instead of Judge Roy Moore. Moore would have been a natural for a Trump endorsement, since he leans right, too, but he spoke up for Strange. Many believed Trump had cut a deal with Strange backer Mitch McConnell.

Listening to Trump’s speech, I thought there is something Trump knows about Moore that we don’t. There is something that makes him want to distance himself from Moore. Now it turns out there is.

Perhaps McConnell – who I believe is the one behind the outing – told Trump that should Moore win the primary, bad things would come out about him. That’s what happened.

I’m not for the GOPe getting a scalp in this race, but I do agree with Hannity that in the next 24 hours Moore should either bring out absolutely conclusive proof of his innocence or get out of the race. Right now he is harming himself, his family, his state, his party and his nation.

If the Democrat were to win this race, Alabamians would regret having chosen him for the next three years. He could be an awful obstacle to the agenda they would prefer. I do believe something will be worked out to stop Moore. In addition, he’s standing in the way of the message on taxes and Obamacare’s repeal.