Group Seeks to Oust Alexander

Senator Lamar Alexander is up for reelection next year, but he hasn’t done much to make conservative Republicans happy. He’s pushed an internet sales tax, he’s pushed for the Senate illegal immigration bill and he has cozied up to Barack Obama.

Many Tennesseans do not feel he reflects our values. Redstate blog asks “Who needs Democrats when we have Republicans like Lamar Alexander?” Indeed.

The author continues:

As I comb through his voting record, it is striking to discover his history of supporting big government. He voted for massive energy mandates and subsidies, tax increases, against blocking eminent domain, for expanded federal healthcare, against blocking Obama’s EPA mandates, against worker’s choice, and for every spending bill under the sun. And of course, for mass amnesty.

It is particularly jarring that he is the Ranking Member on the Appropriations subcommittee on energy. It’s no wonder he is being praised by a new liberal environmental group, “Citizens for Responsible energy Solutions,” for his work on anti-free-market energy policy. Incidentally this group is run by the wife of Steve LaTourette, the chairman of the RINO Republican Mainstreet Partnership.

But, perhaps, the scariest thing about him is that he is the Ranking Member of the Education Committee. Control of the education system is the most important priority for the statists, for when you control the children you control the destiny of the country.

As Lamar Alexander asks voters of conservative Tennessee to give him a third term to push big government, I hope to continue highlighting the need for change. Here is a speech he gave in 1989 on education that really embodies his political ideology and reflects the cumulative effect of his voting record:

He sounds more like a Democrat in this clip from 24 years ago, and he has gone even more that way since he’s been in the Senate.

There are many people who want to stop the Senator from another six years. They have formed the Beat Lamar project. Members have formed an independent expenditures Super PAC to “defeat Lamar Alexander in the 2014 Tennessee Republican Senate primary through a conservative ground game powered by grassroots volunteers.”

They say:

Co-founder Michael Patrick Leahy announced today that the BEAT LAMAR project will invite potential challengers to Senator Lamar Alexander to make their case to grassroots activists at BEAT LAMAR candidate forums in five locations across Tennessee beginning on August 31 and ending on September 28.

According to Leahy, “BEAT LAMAR will announce the names of the potential candidates who will receive invitations well in advance of the forums. We will conduct a straw poll at each forum, and endorse one of the potential candidates on September 30.”

The schedule of candidate forums across the state, each of which will be co-hosted by tea party groups, is as follows:

Nashville—Saturday, August 31, co-hosted by a statewide coalition of Tea Party groups organized by Eric Stamper, co-founder of the Sumner United for Responsible Government. Location and time: TBD.
Memphis—Saturday, September 7, co-hosted by the MidSouth Tea Party. Location and time: Jason’s Deli, 3473 Poplar Avenue, Memphis. 3 pm to 6 pm.
Chattanooga—Saturday, September 14, co-hosted by the Chattanooga Tea Party. Location and time: TBD
Knoxville—Saturday, September 21. Location and time: TBD
Johnson City—Saturday, September 28, co-hosted by the Tri-Cities Tea Party. Location and time: TBD

BEAT LAMAR will conduct a straw poll at each forum, using a weighted voting system. Everyone who shows up will receive one vote. BEAT LAMAR volunteers will receive one additional vote for every 50 doors they knock on between July 10, 2013 and August 30, 2013. For example, a BEAT LAMAR volunteer who knocks on 200 doors during this time period will receive a total of 5 votes—1 for showing up, and 4 for knocking on 200 doors.

BEAT LAMAR will announce the name of the candidate it endorses, based upon the straw polls conducted in these five statewide forums on Monday, September 30. Thereafter, its door to door independent expenditure activities will feature two messages: BEAT LAMAR and Vote for our endorsed candidate.

Tennessee should have no shortage of candidates able to challenge Alexander. Zach Wamp, for one, springs to mind. There is no reason why Alexander can’t be replaced. He has become a career politician looking after his own reelection rather than serving the Volunteer State.

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