Headlines Tell Tale of Loss

Another day, another loss of freedoms.

Waking up to these news reports:

“Federal Court Overturns Block on NDAA Indefinite Detention…Americans Can Legally Be Kidnapped and Held Without Trial,” redflagnews.com

Gatewaypundit.com: “Jesse Jackson Calls for UN to Investigate America.”

“Former GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell Told her tax records were breached.” Washington Times.

Gatewaypundit again: “Black Teens Beat Sanford Man 13 Times in the Head with Hammer – Media Silent”

“Obama DOJ ‘Trolling for Tips’ to Use Against Zimmerman” Fox News.

From the Washington Examiner: “After re-election, Obama asks aides how to govern without Congress.”

“While You Were Distracted, Obama Signs Executive Order” describes his forcing all Americans 15-65 and older to be tested for AIDS. This from Reuters.

Gateway Pundit: DOJ Has Seized George Zimmerman’s Gun Without Charge!”

“Trayvon’s Uncle Ronald Fulton is ON the Executive Board of the NAACP Miami-Dade Chapter AND Worked with the DOJ.” American Thinker.
WSJ: “Detroit Has Become the Largest City in U.S. History to File for Bankruptcy.”

“Thirty Six Cities File Bankruptcy Since 2010” Governing.com

“TSA Searching Parked Cars at Airports.” WHEC.com

And there are more.

How much longer will Americans put up with the acceleration of taking away our freedoms? Young people say I’m not doing anything interesting anyhow, let the government go ahead and watch what I’m doing. What will make them wake up?

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