Happy Birth Day

Funny how the media so totally misunderstands the American people. Disconnected, too, in their offices in New York and Los Angeles from the everyday lives and feelings of our citizens.

Take the birth of the royal baby. Media spokesmen wonder why Americans care and wonder if it is part of the celebrity obsession they have caused themselves (Kim Kardashian, for example). Yes, that’s part of it and yes, we do like to see how the top of the heap lives and experience it vicariously.

These are the same news people who cover a trial intensely from jury selection to verdict to afterwards analysis. TV hosts talk about a trial daily while one is going on and offer worthless opinions and analyses more often wrong than right. They are the ones hyping the baby’s birth, sitting outside the hospital in throngs for more than a week.

There is something else at play they don’t get. We have been slimed by so much bad news, especially lately, that the moment anything good happens, it’s a relief. It’s good to share in someone’s joy for a little while rather than wallow continually in sorrow.

If you’re a parent, you like remembering the birth of your own child and how much happiness it brought. If you’re a single woman, you like to think that happiness like that awaits. Single men, too, take a look at family happiness and it can’t fail to have a good effect. Older people can hope to experience it again via grandchildren. Kids like to see a new baby because it reminds them that their mom and dad were happy when they were born. Perhaps, too, they anticipate the birth of a sibling.

This wanting to identify with happy news is a lot of what the hoopla is about. For a while there is no Zimmerman trial, no IRS delving into your identity, no grueling political campaign to slog through, no Obama with his ever growing list of intrusions on our freedoms.

This happiness will pass soon enough. Then the media will turn and look for any sign that Kate Middleton is experiencing depression or the baby blues. She’ll be watched for any signs of trouble and if none are found, they’ll suggest some.

Back to reality will come soon enough. Enjoy the vacation from it.

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