Cohen: I’m Black Yo!

Maybe Congressman Steve Cohen enjoys notoriety a little too much. Why else would he keep tweeting after his tweet out to a young blonde during the State of the Union address brought him attention? Even now after his tweetheart turned out not to be his daughter, he wasn’t embarrassed. He just tweeted another blunder:

Told AfricanAmerican towdriver my week -father -DNA test not father reporter/ attractive fallout.he(not aware of TN9)says,You’re BLack! Yo
11:00 PM – 20 Jul 2013

This came after Cohen’s cadillac broke down in Washington. He explained:

“I took it as a compliment. I hear it in Memphis all the time,” Cohen, D-Tenn., said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “Here’s what happened: I drive an ’86 Caddy. A lot of African-Americans drive old cars – a stereotype – a lot of African-Americans drive old cars.”

“My constituents don’t look at me as a white person. They say, ‘You’re one of us,’” Cohen said. “And I took it as a compliment. I hear it in Memphis all the time.”

Not everyone shares his affection for himself.

ABC reports: ” CNTV senior producer Myles Miller, who’s African-American, to tweet that Cohen’s remark from the tow truck driver “is just wrong on many levels. Like watching a car wreck in slow motion.”

Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski told him, “Again, keep it off Twitter and we won’t cover it.”


Now let’s just hope he doesn’t say he would have been Trayvon.

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