Reinventing the Electorate

Yesterday’s announcement that the DOJ was going to go after Texas’ voting laws, once more showed that the Obama administration plans to bend the rules to get what it wants.

What it wants most right now is for the 2014 elections to flip the House back to the Democrats. Analysts say this is unlikely, but that’s only under our current standards. Obama proved in 2012 that if you manipulate the electorate you can win. He did it then by using data to find every voter he could and by using federal agencies’ data to discourage Tea Party and Republicans via the IRS. In that way he created a manmade, shall we say, electorate and not one that would have normally shown up at the polls – or not shown up.

As Holder announced yesterday, they want to shape it again by attacking voter laws in states unfriendly to Democrats. The biggest prize is Texas. Get Texas, keep New York, California and Illinois and you will perpetually win. They want to throw the voting pool open by allowing anyone to vote. They don’t want any restrictions put forth by voter ID laws, no matter what the Supreme Court says. Even if the Supreme Court ruled against them, they still have a lot of valuable time to work on this and get their people in strategic political positions such as judgeships, City councils, mayors and sheriffs. Once installed, it is twice as hard to get them removed.

Look for them to press for voting rights for criminals, immigrants and younger people next. They may want to deny the elderly a vote under the pretense that they are not of sound mental state if that group signals it is against the Democrats. As for candidates, Democrats have already shown that lax proof of citizenship, sexual perversities, failed business records and financial shenanigans are no barrier to elected office.

Their long term method of using the education system has come to fruition as well. Universities have already become 100% liberal and have pushed progressive ideas on gullible students. The same thing is happening in elementary and high schools. American history is often about Americans acting badly and diversity trumps any kind of message about individuality and the American spirit. Look at Common Core and you see it. With this kind of propaganda, who will tomorrow’s citizens vote for?

With the information they are obtain on every person in the country, they build a huge database that will be used in their favor. Your mail is photocopied, your emails kept, phone calls recorded, car travels recorded by photographing your license plate at intersections, records of your purchase, smart meter data on what you are using inside your house along with all your medical records. This allows them to suppress voters they don’t want showing up at the polls by threats, implied threats and IRS audits while contacting those they do want and coercing them to go vote.

Already the mainstream media is in their pocket. They have taken on the duty of deciding what’s news and what isn’t. Nothing critical of Obama is very big news. When there are some “scandals” they are dubbed phony and the liberal media just stops information flow from getting to Joe Citizen. Most have little idea of what Benghazi was about or Fast and Furious or the activities of the IRS. When you control what people find out, you help shape the electorate.

Let’s not forget the entertainment industry’s role in shaping the electorate. It has doggedly pushed moral decay for decades. That has to be to allow people to accept the anti capitalism, anti patriotism, a pro green agenda and a pro abortion one.

Look for churches to come under more bad publicity. That’s because they have always had a role in determining the values people hold dear. Most of them are in conflict with Obama’s. We already see how religion has been taken out of school, the military and even local government.

Obama’s attack on the Defense of Marriage Act was purposeful, too. Once the family unit is taken down, the kids are up for grabs. He wants them to think as he does. Mom and Dad are just in the way. When you redefine marriage you go on to redefine any other sacred relationship you want.

The electorate he’s building doesn’t look much like the American electorate of the past. Not since FDR has anyone tried so hard to shape it. So far, it has been a very easy job for Barack Obama.

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