O Suddenly a Hawk

“On days such as this, you’re back there once more. For Korea was the fire that helped to forge you . . . your lives hold lessons for us today. Korea taught us the perils when we fail to prepare. After the Second World War, a rapid drawdown left our troops poorly equipped.

“That lesson, he said, teaches that the US must maintain the strongest military ‘bar none.’”

Guess who said that? Barack H. Obama. The guy who wants us to shed some of our nukes. The guy who didn’t believe in the Iraq War and wants us to shimmy out of Afghanistan. He was saying it at a ceremony observing the armistice 60 years ago that ended the Korean War.

Obama probably wanted to appeal to the Korean War vets in the audience. But there’s something else.

He is amassing enormous amounts of data on Americans, supposedly to thwart any terrorist attack here. Not many of us believe that though, especially after the system didn’t detect the Boston bombers. We believe he wants to use the information as a weapon to punish his enemies.

Could it be he has a similar idea with drones, arms and training soldiers? The Department of Homeland Security recently bought up enough bullets to kill every American five times. Was it for use against civilians?

Unfortunately, liberties are lost a little at a time so their absence is not as noticeable. Does he intend to instigate new attacks on our civil liberties under the guise of our own protection?

That’s how someone who wants that would do it.

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