New HQ for Shelby GOP?

Last night the Shelby GOP held its monthly steering committee meeting. One of the topics that came up was what to do about our current headquarters on Poplar in Midtown.

Being a Midtowner, I, of course, like the location. However, most Republicans live out east even as far as Collierville. I understand their desire to find a new place more convenient for them. There are more Republicans out east than midtown and downtown, too, so more could avail themselves of an office nearby. The current office space is in “blue” territory, but even that could be argued that such a place is where we especially need to be.

The rent paid now is reasonable, especially for a place that has several offices, a conference room and a bathroom. The deal also allows us to meet in the conference room of Clark Tower whenever we want at no cost. It is hard to find a similar deal out east.

That leads to the idea of a “virtual” office. That is, since so much today is done electronically, do we really need an office at all? Could we get by with a post office box or telephone? There are also companies that charge about $99 a month and provide you with a desk, mini space and person to man the phones. The money that could be saved could be used for campaign coffers.

Calling themselves “the dinosaurs” some members bemoaned the fact that the Shelby GOP has maintained a brick and mortar office for 50 years. It is a let down or acknowledgement of defeat to cede our representation to the other side. I see their side, too.

Fortunately we have some time to scout and think a little more on this topic. When 2014 gears up, we want our party to be ready to fight and expand on the offices we already have.

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