Chairman’s Message

Shelby GOP chair Justin Joy has a message for Republicans. “If you are upset with what’s going on in government now, let them know!”

Joy acknowledged that there is “debate and disagreement” going on in our party, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “It is incumbent on us as Republicans – and as citizens – to let them know what you think. And if you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain. Citizen engagement is what it’s all about.”

“August 2014 will be critical to our future as a country and as a county. Every office city wide will be on the ballot. I call it the Jumbo Ballot Election Year.”

Commenting that 2010 was a great year for us, he says “there may be some opportunities in 2014, too.” Specifically, since district lines have been redrawn, “there are now 13 single districts for County Commission. The Election Commission is working on who’s where; they are finalizing and double checking the data. We could go to a 7 or 8 Republican majority on the Commission, if everything goes well for us.”

Joy has plans to make that happen. “Shelby GOP now has a finance committee, which we never had before.” He wants to utilize money to “cut through all the noise” around the election. “Direct mail will be more important because social media is now overwhelming people. We want to mail ballots out to people so they know our candidates.”

He also wants more focus at the precinct level. “Let’s start at the micro level. It’s a long term project, but we’ll build on it. Midtown is a good area to do it in because the boundaries are easy and tight.” Joy hopes to get people to oversee block by block contact. “You can get you feet dirty and knock on doors,” he explained.

There will be a kick off event to all this October 26 at Jim Rout’s house. Joy said details and more information will be forthcoming.

As an example of the better government he sees Republicans providing, Joy asked us to compare Nashville and Washington D.C. “With our Republican supermajority in both houses and Republican governor, we are getting things done. While in Washington, all we are getting is dysfunctional gridlock.”

If that doesn’t motivate you, nothing will.

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