Vote Fraud? Ask Holder

No one could accuse J. Christian Adams of being ignorant of election law. He worked in the Justice Department in the Bush years, with his specialty being discrimination in voting.

It was Adams who raised the most noise about the Black Panthers standing outside a polling place in Philadelphia in the 2008 election, intimidating voters. When Holder took the reins of Justice, these objections were swept away.

Today, the Ulsterman Report shares these observations by Adams, who feels Holder stole the election for Obama.

The gravest and most long lasting damage that Eric Holder has done to the nation is his manipulation of the electoral process, particularly before the 2012 presidential election.

Eric Holder allowed that election to take place with over 4,000,000 ineligible voters on the rolls. The left-leaning Pew Foundation issued a report showing that voter rolls around the country were polluted with dead and ineligible voters. Holder is obliged to enforce federal laws which require states to remove these ineligible voters from the rolls before a federal election.

Instead, Holder has a philosophical objection to these laws and he refuses to enforce them. Failure to remove ineligible voters allows people to vote multiple times in multiple states. It allows dead voters to remain on the rolls to be voted by family members or others who know they have died. Felons who have not been removed from the rolls will also be allowed to cast illegal ballots. Since Holder alone has power to prosecute federal election crimes, we cannot count on him to do anything about voter fraud in federal elections.

Consider Meloweese Richardson in Cincinnati, Ohio. Richardson admitted on camera to news reporters that she voted multiple times for President Obama in 2012 and 2008. She voted in the names of people who spent time at her house as well as family members. She was unapologetic.

Voting twice for president is a federal crime.

Yet, to this day, Eric Holder has not prosecuted Richardson for violation of federal law. After all, she voted for the President, and some people get breaks from this Attorney General, and others get threats. It all depends on who you are or what you look like, not how you behaved. It is true that Ohio brought charges against Richardson. But there are federal issues at stake separate from the state concerns.

The arrogance of Melowese Richardson is a symbol of what a nation with Attorney General Eric Holder will produce. Her brash unrepentant arrogance for voting six times for President Obama sounds like Eric Holder’s unrepentant testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Fast and Furious.

Like Richardson, even after Holder is found to be contemptuous of the law, there are no apologies. At her sentencing, Richardson blustered that she did it all for her beloved President out of a deep allegiance. Holder acts contemptuously toward Congress and the rule of law for the same reason. It is all about power, power for President Obama and his revolutionary transformation of America.

Meloweese Richardson didn’t care if the law was perverted as long as President Obama held power – and neither does Holder. If IRS officials committed federal crimes to target Tea Party groups, so be it. They are the enemies of the progressive President and deserve a pass. If the New Black Panthers violated federal civil rights laws, so be it. They were fighting to stoke racial tensions and threaten an innocent man because of his race. If Holder’s DOJ intimidates Fox News, so be it. Fox News provides the most objective coverage of the Obama administration and deserve the pain.

Eric Holder is the Ivy League schooled lawyer representing the hopes and dreams of the progressive mob and race hustlers. He displays the same contempt for the law as does the mob calling for racial vengeance. He is skilled at using power and position to protect political friends and harm political enemies. Holder’s version of justice is foreign to these American shores, and to our American age.

Eric Holder is a menace to the rule of law and the individual liberty it protects. He should not only be run out of his office, but hounded forever by liberty-loving Americans exposing his behavior until he is bereft of clients after he leaves the Justice Department.

Whenever people start blathering about Republicans trying to suppress the black vote, I would like Republicans to come back and blast them for the lie that this is. There is not now and has not been any proof of this. The argument that needing a voter ID suppresses the vote also ought to be attacked for the ridiculous idea it is, especially in this era.

But, the trick the Democrats always use is to accuse the opponent of doing the thing you’re doing. It’s been a great CYA for them. Why do we let them get away with it?

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