Cohen’s Week

Another week, another self promoting email from Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen.

He starts out on a “high” note:

After Republicans spent another week in Washington infighting and working as hard as possible to keep Congress stuck in reverse, they recessed last Friday for the entire month of August without adequately funding the food stamp (SNAP) program, advancing comprehensive immigration reform, or fixing the devastating cuts caused by sequestration. But, before they left town with so much left to do, they were able to fit in a 40th useless vote to repeal President Obama’s landmark Affordable Care Act—even though they know it will go nowhere in the Senate. While House Republicans refuse to do their jobs in Washington, I’ve been hard at work in Memphis all week. Keep reading to learn what I’ve been up to.

Anybody see the program on food stamps, aka SNAP, on Fox last night? Money for it has doubled under Obama while the requirements for SNAP have been decimated, to use a term. The GOP finally divested it from the Farm Bill so SNAP could be tackled singly. Didn’t Cohen, also leave D.C. for the entire month of August? He could have stayed there if he liked. As for comprehensive immigration reform, it’s not like we lack for any guidelines now; they just aren’t enforced. Has anyone noticed “the devastating cuts caused by sequestration”? Didn’t think so. ACA? Slice it, dice it, thrash it, trash it. Get rid of it any way you can. Right now the job of Republicans is to oppose the Obama administration. I wish they were working harder at it. As for Cohen working hard, there’s more.

His “accomplishments” this week: Got Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to tour Memphis (got to spend those taxpayer dollars); visited LeMoyne Owen to remind them he got a grant; celebrated the 48th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and anticipated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington; remembered Lois DeBerry (again); visited a National Nights Out party; bashed Republicans.

He humbly includes two clips of his appearances on local TV stations, available to watch if you can stand it.

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