Islam Infiltrating TN Schools

Laurie Sterling had the details:

As a former teacher in the Tennessee school systems, I am appalled by the way my state has caved to the demands of various Islamic groups and to their agenda to implement Sharia Law in America. Tennessee is one of the first states to implement Common Core, which is a curriculum that caters to Islam and socialist ideologies. Not only that, it purposely dumbs down the students to “put everyone on the same mediocre playing field.”

In the latest example, a high school in Springfield, Tennessee, is teaching the “five pillars of Islam” during the first few weeks of school. The Bradley County News reported, “On display on the freshmen hall wall of the Robertson County TN School, the 5 Pillars of Islam were pasted “up and down” the hallway proclaiming the “rules” to be a good student of Islam, much in the way the 10 Commandments direct Christians.”

But it gets worse, much worse. Michael Del Giorno, a radio talk show host from Tennessee has been taking his time to comb over the Tennessee textbooks to prove the pro-Islamic indoctrination and socialist agenda in these books. If you listen to his talk show on August 13, at about 59:00 minutes, he reads directly out of the textbook, “Cultural Landscapes.” He exposes how this book is attempting to rationalize terrorism. At around 1:03 minutes, he explains how the book portrays terrorism, “Viewing violence as a means of bringing widespread publicity to goals and grievances that are not being addressed through peaceful means. Believing in a cause so strong that they do not hesitate to attack, despite knowing that they will probably die in the end.”

The book attempts to equate terrorism with the French Revolution, presidential assassinations and other acts of violence. “Cultural Landscapes” goes on to list several acts of terrorism against the United States starting in the “late 20th century.” The book states, “Some of the terrorists during the 1990’s were American citizens operating alone or with a handful of others.” No mention of the terrorists included the words “Islam,” “Jihad” or other terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas or Hezbollah. The goal of this pro-Islamic textbook is to justify terrorism, equating it with isolated violent acts by individuals who are clearly disturbed but are not jihadists. The book attempts to make martyrdom sound like a noble goal, which is reprehensible.

As if all of that weren’t enough, the Tennessee Public School System continues to slip into a larger sinkhole of Islamic indoctrination. My husband, who is a Special Education consultant for a Tennessee School District came home and reported today that Sunset Elementary School in Williamson County is no longer allowing students to bring pork to school for lunch or snacks! A list was sent home with the students from Sunset Elementary School, a part of the Williamson County School District. It stated, “Sunset School’s staff is attempting to make school parties and snacks as safe as possible for all our students, including our students that have a Severe Food Allergy.” Therefore, ONLY choose a food from the following list to bring into school for snack. NO OTHER FOOD ITEMS ARE PERMITTED!!!

Number 3 on the list states, “Rolled up fresh, deli Lunch meat, and/or cheeses (no meats containing pork!).

None of this is really too surprising when it comes to Tennessee and its demise since the election of Bill Islam (I mean Haslam!) Recall my article about the June 4, 2013, event in Manchester, Tennessee called, “Is Rural Tennessee Becoming the Next Dearborn Michigan?”

In that article, I exposed how the U.S. Attorney, Bill Killian hosted a meeting put on by The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMACTN), to advise Tennesseans how it could be a, “Federal crime to speak out against Islam.” I was present at the event, attended also by FBI agent Kenneth Moore to intimidate the people of Tennessee. I covered the event fully in other articles and YouTube videos on my YouTube channel, “Stands with Israel”

Please let your voice be heard and share this article far and wide. Contact your representatives and Tennessee governor, Bill Haslam. Call Tennessee Superintendents, contact parents and school boards and get the word out now before it’s too late! It’s time to expose the evil agenda behind all that is going on.

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