Funny, That’s What He Does to the Country

At the most critical time of the business year for the residents of Martha’s Vineyard, Obama’s vacation is doing a lot of harm.

The Vineyard Gazette reports:

“We are very impacted by this,” said Andrea Rogers, manager for the Vineyard Artisans Festivals, which take place Thursdays and Sundays at the Grange Hall. More than 70 artists sell ceramics, jewelry and art at the festivals. “August is our make it or break it month, so this is the worst possible time of the year to block access,” she added. “It impacts a lot of people.” . . .

“We’re really in a bad position at a critical time of year . . . we’re trying to survive the winter.”

At Alley’s General Store, owned by the Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust (MVPT), the road closure’s impact is evidenced by empty parking spaces, usually a scarce commodity in the summer and especially in mid-August.

“Basically, the major East-West corridor on the Island has been turned into a dead end,” MVPT executive director Chris Scott told The Times in a phone call Tuesday. “It will be thousands of dollars lost.”

So sales dry up for the middle class Obama pretends to defend. What’s it to him? His presence alone should be enough for them, right?

Looks like he has the same effect on the entire country, doesn’t it?

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