Race Card Should Fold

The race card is a perfect example of this division and why this movement should be extinguished. Anybody who plays the race card in our country today is less than pond scum. It has become the 21st century equivalent of accusing someone of witchcraft in eighteenth century Salem.

Anyone who uses the race card should be considered a pariah automatically. It’s almost always projection. Black and brown people above all would profit from the end of the civil rights movement. We already have strong civil rights legislation. If anyone breaks the law, prosecute them. Meanwhile, move on. Stop dwelling on discrimination. Stop scratching the scab and let it heal.

Roger L. Simon is the radical who proposed this.

Racism will never be eradicated. Neither will crime or poverty. The best efforts of the government cannot get in peoples’ minds and stop them from themselves. Human nature is such that we are imperfect. Some of us, a small proportion of Americans I believe, are and will continue to be racists. If not racists then against Christians, Muslims, gays, whatever. Is this good? No, but it can’t be legislated away anymore than it already has been.

The government has tried to get in your mind with hate crime legislation. But ultimately it can’t stop people from thinking bad thoughts anymore than it can stop criminals from breaking the law. There are barriers in place, education and morality and that’s as much as anything that can be done to stop it.

The irony of the situation is that the U.S. elected and reelected a black man as president. We have a black attorney general, black mayors, black legislators, black TV hosts, newscasters, movie stars and celebrities. How could a people that racist have put so many in power?

The next step – if sanity doesn’t kick in – is persecution. We’re perilously close now. If you don’t agree that Trayvon Martin was innocently shot down, Oprah Winfrey thinks you’re a racist. Criticize Al Sharpton as Bill O’Reilly recently did, and he’s accused of hating blacks and the poor. This is dangerous territory nearing McCarthyism.

Most Americans have arrived at the place where they judge each person as an individual and want to do that. They want to like who they like, looking beyond skin color or religion. Isn’t that all we can ask?

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