Kids Chant Praise for Core

From the Blaze comes this shocking story:

A substitute teacher in North Carolina recently sent Glenn Beck a copy of a poem that she claims roughly 80 fifth-grade students recited for their promotion ceremony (like graduation) at a school near Raleigh.

The poem does not, as some might expect, celebrate school being done for the year, friendship, memories, or anything of the like. Instead, it praises the virtues of the controversial “Common Core” education initiative.

The poem is titled “We Learned More With Common Core,” and the phrase is repeated over and over.

It reads:

Text genre, features & theme to explore

We learned more with common core.

Fractions, decimals, journal prompts galore

We learned more with common core.

RUNNER & CUBES are strategies for

Learning more with common core.

Vocab words like (clouds, organs, force), & omnivore

We learned more with common core

Economy, government, Revolutionary war

We learned more with common core.

So many new concepts to explore

We learned more with common core.

“That doesn’t sound like you’re indoctrinating kids at all!” Beck’s co-host Pat Gray said sarcastically on radio Friday. “Like it’s Soviet Russia? No, not at all!”

The teacher who sent the poem to Beck said she was alarmed by what she saw, and asked him to alert his audience about what is going on in our schools.

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