The Disappearing Middle Class

The first clue is that he is so insistent he is for the middle class. When Obama says that, you know the opposite is true. Democrats do this to cover their tracks and accuse the opposition. Amazingly, it always works for them.

It’s no surprise the Obamas vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Aspen or expensive European capitals. These are their people. These are the ones they identify with, emulate and respect. You’d never catch them in Crawford, Texas. Too middle class. Too ordinary American. Can you imagine Michelle without her freshly caught lobster or organic kale? They don’t even like Camp David for a retreat. Too ordinary. Too many other presidents have used it and it’s mundane.

Fine. Let them dally with the Hamptons/Hollywood clique. The trouble is how they are shaping the world for these people and not ordinary Americans.

This morning I read about the ghastly price nutrition information will add to the cost of restaurants. A minor, but telling, thing. Who will pay for this hike? The restaurants will have to pass it along to the customers. For the wealthy, the added costs mean nothing, for the rest of us, the increased prices either shut us out of going or impose a penalty. All so that the people who care about such things, i.e. the diet obsessed liberals, can be informed of their calorie and nutrition count. The rest of us realize that fried stuff with be fattening, lavish desserts will add pounds and cream sauces will put on pounds. No biggie, if you’ll pardon the irony.

But Obama doesn’t just turn his attention to these minor things. He’s doing it in health care. Who will have to pay for universal coverage? Not the rich. They don’t care and they will continue to get the good medical care their money can buy. Who gets hurt by the all to real death panels? Not the rich. They’ll buy their way out. Once again, it’s the middle class.

The elites care about green this and carbon that. How much it costs, not so much. They will still be running extra air conditioning in their extravagant houses while granny will be sweating it out to save a few pennies. Does Obama care about her? Evidently not. He wants the green paradise of liberalworld as long as others pay for it.

Cars that run on imaginary energy sources, complete with black box and tracking? Joe Middle Class will be subsidizing that for the Prius users and Fisker purchasers. Fitting these specialties in cars and satisfying the unions has
already cost us Detroit and our car manufacturing. Expect to drive any car you can afford until it is only fit for the junkyard.

By the way, Mr. Middle Class; notice how your taxes have risen since Obama took over? He says he’s for middle class tax reductions, but that only works if you lower “middle class” to mean what previous was nearer to “barely making it class.”

And that’s the true Obama goal: minimize the middle class. Make the gulf between rich and poor even bigger. Grow government dependency and you’ve won the majority of voters who need you to survive. He’s doing it in every part of American life.

Middle class? Take a good look now. We’re on the endangered species list.

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