Boehner’s Choice

Among Republicans, we feel that we have been put in a box on the Obamacare/funding the government issue. Half of us feel that the GOP House should take a stand, enlist the Senate and insist that no money will pour out of D.C. unless Obamacare is dropped. The other feels that a government shutdown is just what Obama wants, with dire outcomes for Republicans.

This morning on the Larry Kudlow WABC radio show, the opposite was suggested.

Yes, that it is Obama who is in the box.

How can this be? Congressman Peter Roskam of Illinois, Chief Deputy Whip in the House and fourth in leadership, explained. He offered Speaker John Boehner’s promise that there will be no shutdown. There will be a continuing resolution to fund the government. What there will be is a delay in the implementation of Obamacare of a year, putting the issue right in front of voters for 2014.

Robert Costa of National Review added that Republicans want to negotiate later over the debt ceiling and that gives them an opportunity to make deals. He agreed that the White House is looking for a shutdown, feeling it is politically helpful to Obama and the Democrats.

Kudlow added that Boehner is outwitting Obama and boxing him in. Proof of this is Obama’s interview on CNN in which he attacked Rush Limbaugh – a sign of desperation on O’s part. The sequester has been successful for Republicans, so that argument of austerity it brings doesn’t help Obama in his fight either. Most Americans hardly noticed.

All agreed that delaying Obamacare a year is fatally harming it. The delay strategy for the individual mandate pushes it to the 2014 election. With each passing day, more information about how hard this bill will hit Americans comes out. Boehner is betting the mood of the country will not be to elect Democrats and further knot a rope around our necks.

The hysteria on some uber conservatives’ part needs to tamp down. Let’s not fall in the trap. There aren’t just two choices Republicans have. We can play smart.

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