White House Insider Returns

The anonymous, secretive White House Insider is back via the D.W. Ulsterman blog. He allowed an interview and, as usual, has much insight into what is happening with Barack Obama.

Here’s a sample. First off, he discusses Valerie Jarrett.

WHI: Now this ain’t me saying it, but what I heard. And that was that Jarrett is planning her exit from the White House. That it’s in the works.

UM: Her choice I assume?

WHI: Oh, hell yeah. And I doubt she’ll be giving up her influence one bit. Guessing it’s something to do with paving the road for her expanded role beyond the White House, which means what she’s really up to is setting up the public profiles of the president and First Lady. They are planning on something that will outshine the Clinton Initiative stuff by billions of dollars. It’s all money and influence for them now, nothing more. These last eight years is all about setting up the next thirty, and Jarrett is going to be right in the middle of all of it.

UM: Did you read my report on how Obama was the one to go to Jarrett’s house in Martha’s Vineyard not once, but twice?

WHI: I did, and you thinking that was odd was right. The President of the United States was openly acting like Jarrett’s b*tch. They ain’t even trying to pretend that isn’t the case anymore. It’s weird, but it’s what I saw, it’s what others saw, it’s what everyone inside the White House knows. She’s the president. Now you’ll have some people read that and think no way, that’s just not possible, and go back to sticking their heads up their asses. No, the real deal is Valerie Jarrett is and has always been swinging the biggest stick inside this administration. Anyone want to offer up proof otherwise, I’d love to see it.

He is then asked about Benghazi.

Too painful. And I’m not just talking about the four dead Americans. I’m talking about the thousands of dead from the weapons they’re smuggling. I’m talking about how corrupt the disclosure process has been. I’m talking about the complicity of the media to help cover it up. You take the IRS, which I still think has real political heat that could burn this White House, you take the Solyndra sh*t, all the other stuff…it’s Benghazi that has me the most spooked. That thing…you bring it up to military. I know some, right? They won’t discuss it. Clam up. Give you that “time to move on” look. It’s weird. And lots of people have asked where Obama was that night, right? Not one definitive answer from the White House. Not one. Now I know for a fact that’s a major red flag. White House protocol demands we…not the public, but you know, staff, they know the president’s location at all times. Talking 24/7. He’s in the can taking a sh*t? We know. But this White House is telling us they don’t really know where the President of the United States was when we have an ambassador under attack? Bullsh*t. And that’s what we call a sloppy cover up, which means it was rushed, which means they were panicked, which means it was a real deal serious f*ck up.

Almost forgot! Did you catch the little thing, Obama’s friend, his uh…the body man guy (Reggie Love). What he said about Bin Laden? How the president was playing cards?

UM: I did.

WHI: That wasn’t about the Obama killing – it was about Benghazi. It was a set up. A test run.

He then goes on to explain. Read it all at http://theulstermanreport.com/2013/08/27/white-house-insider-barack-obama-a-weak-ass-fool/

Part 2 will follow.

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