Anti GOP Bias on Display

And then some in the Commercial Appeal this morning.

First I was amused at the front page story about the stalker mom. The Missouri woman launched a campaign against her daughter’s ex boyfriend when he rejected her. She had him and his girlfriend followed, harassed and watched. One of her hires finally spilled the beans to the FBI when Mrs. Cavner asked him to break some legs.

If you read just the opening graphs and final ones you missed this gem. “Cavner, who is also a philanthropist and Democratic Party fundraiser…” If she had been a Republican, you can bet that would have been in the lede.

If you made it to the Viewpoint page – and let’s admit that a lot of us can’t stomach it and skip to the TV section – you were accosted by this headline: “GOP’s August madness.” Interesting concept at a time when Obama’s foreign policy mess confounds even the Democrats; when half the month is spent on his vacation; when the Democrats run from townhall meetings because no one wants to confront Obamacare; when Anthony Weiner and San Diego Mayor Filner’s antics embarrass the nation.

Somehow, though, it’s the GOP that’s crazy. And boy do the editors slather it on. “The fevered ranks of conservative House Republican back benchers seem determined to refine political idiocy into a high art form.” Tell us how you really feel, CA.

The animus behind it is the “advocates of impeachment.” Why would anyone even imagine that’s deserving of consideration the editors ask. Well, you know the answer. They say Republicans “plain don’t like him. He’s the wrong color; he’s half African; he has a funny name and he exhibits an aura of detached cool that the Republicans find infuriating.”

Republicans, though, “just can’t find a reason” for impeachment. Really? I don’t think impeachment is a good idea because the media will rise to Obama’s defense no matter if he murdered his daughters and Michelle on national TV. But reasons?

How about Benghazi for starters. How was it that five hours went by when the ambassador and our SEALS could have been rescued, but he refused. Where was he anyhow? Why have the perpetrators never been pursued or punished? Was there a bigger plan involved, one that would cast Obama as hero right before the election?

How about using the IRS to attack his enemies? Tea Party groups were denied their tax exempt status so as to neuter them in the 2012 campaigns. How about the NSA spying on everyday Americans? Nixon was a piker compared to this.

How about Obamacare? It was pushed through in a shady way via reconciliation in the Senate. No one wants it. Obama lets his friends out of it, but the rest of us are supposed to comply. How just is that? Why is he able to avoid carrying out the law when it contained specific dates with which it must comply? Doesn’t seem constitutional.

What about the funds that are funneled to his union friends, green energy buddies and campaign contributors? Does Solyndra’s dubious failure mean nothing?

How about today’s news that Obama wants to go into Syria and do a little bombing. It could spark a world war as Russia and China back Syria and Iran. There has been no vote in Congress on starting a war. Doesn’t that concern anyone?

Anyone of these alone would have constituted enough reason to impeach a Republican. None of these has anything to do with his race, background, religion or comportment. They have to do with the Constitution and American freedoms.

Wait til he moves in on freedom of the press. Then the CA might reconsider. But, it may be too late then.

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