White House Insider Part 2

DW Ulsterman delivered the second half of his interview with the White House Insider.

They discuss the importance of 2014, voter fraud, Hillary Clinton and the chances for Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in 2016. As always, profanity alert for the squeamish.

Here’s a taste of their discussion. You can read the whole thing at http://theulstermanreport.com/2013/08/27/white-house-insider-obama-white-house-putting-gas-to-the-flame/

Now when you say you got readers who are throwing up their hands and saying why bother (2014 election)? Ah, now that’s a whole different thing. THAT’s a big f*cking problem. That’s what Democrats have wanted for a long time. Make all of you just give up. Turn you all into a bunch of pathetic wimps. And by the looks of it, seems like it’s working, right?

Obama ain’t running in 2016. He’s an anomaly. I underestimated it before, how deep people’s guilt, fear, the whole skin color bullsh*t. I knew it would play a part, but after a couple years, figured people would be over it. Media didn’t let that happen though, and this White House played that card over and over again. It’s pretty much the only card they got left, right? But it works. I talked about it with you years back – White Guilt. Man, even when I was saying it to you then, had no idea how deep it went. This country is so damn obsessed with all that sh*t. Get over it, right? White, black, brown, red, grey, gay – who gives a f*ck?

Obama, he hates the work. Laziest son-of-a-bitch who has ever been elected. That boy…see now, people gonna call that racist but…well f*ck them too. That boy likes the speeches, but he sure as sh*t don’t like the work of government. So his people, they all do that part for him, and they are pitiful at it. Worst group of people I’ve ever seen. Just terrible. Terrible!

You see, the White House then was still talking up its unification, we’re all Americans bullsh*t. Post racial president crap – never was the plan. NEVER. They always wanted to use race to divide up this country and make it weaker. The race card, the riots, the media coverage…man, it all came to pass. And it’s still being done all around us and it’s got me real worried. Some of us…you know, we’re old enough to remember how tense things got before. With race. This White House man, they are putting gas to the flame, and a whole lot of people are gonna get burned. Already have – but it could be more. A lot more, and that makes me so damn sad, so damn pissed off, because that ain’t what we’re about. Not for a long time, but that’s where this White House wants to put us. The Old Man saw it before I did, right? Remember that? He recognized what it was all about. And these f*cking Democrats today, they are so short sighted they just see it as some re-election tool. No, what it is could be mass destruction. Talking about people’s lives here – and like I just said, that ain’t what we’re supposed to be about. You can only push people against the wall so many times before they’ve had enough and up and push back. You can feel that…millions of people are reaching a breaking point. They’ve had enough, and that worries me ’cause that’s when things can get real ugly real fast.

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