Dream Hijacked

There is no point in watching the memorial commemorating Dr. Martin Luther’s famous speech 50 years ago today.

Obviously it is noteworthy. Obviously King was a great man. It’s because it is not about him.

When you see Jimmy Carter, who had no real help for any American during his administration, get up to speak, you know it’s a joke. When you see Bill Clinton, it’s going to be about him. The man never fails to inject himself in whatever the topic is. Ditto Barack Obama, who never experienced anything like what Dr. King did, but will act like he did. The Democrat politicians are swarming like they always do at an event, motivated by vanity and power.

What’s in it for them currently is to bash Republicans. Gun control, class warfare, voter ID, budget wars and taxes; that’s what they want to highlight, not the progress that has been made in the past 50 years. Progress that saw a black man elected president – twice – despite the picture of enduring racism Democrats love to paint is not what they want to discuss. They want to use King to promote their liberal programs that have done more to hurt Americans than to help them. It’s how they keep power.

The media will cut into the liberal lovefest, too, as they like to do. “Journalists” enjoy nothing more than donning the air of superiority they feel over the rest of us, plus the publicity. They will be positively orgasmic today, tonight and tomorrow.

They have made Dr. King more of a commodity than a man of historic importance.

The better thing to do is to treat every individual fairly and justly. That was Dr. King’s point; not to use him for an agenda.

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