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Could the United States, through President Obama, be behind the chemical attack in Syria?

It’s evidently an idea that is gaining steam in Washington. D.W. Ulsterman had a note from the Republican Insider and here’s what he said:

Whispers growing in D.C. of the possibility Libyan chemical weapons were part of the gunrunning operation out of Benghazi. Small amount to be used by rebel forces to create favor among American public for a more “robust” military intervention. I first heard this version three weeks ago. Repeated last week, and then again today, all by different individuals.

I resisted the scenario, but was told Assad had no reason to use those weapons and in such a small amount. For what purpose? He is apparently winning the civil war by a wide margin. Rebel forces were disintegrating. Russia was providing continued support. Why do something that had no logistical benefit but would only give the United States reason to intervene?

Libya had stores of such weapons. From Benghazi to Turkey and then to the Syrian rebel forces which are for the most part being led by Al-Qaeda and factions of the Muslim Brotherhood. Know you have felt there was something similar to this situation going on with Benghazi. Was that feeling sourced by someone I’m not aware of? If so, I’d keep in touch because that version is now gaining some attention up here.

Was also told another thing right after Kerry did his tears of terror talk today. He was so certain of who fired the missiles and where, and when. He had absolutely no doubt on the Intel. Funny how for days and weeks after Benghazi they didn’t have a clue and then excused all their so called mistakes to the “fog of war.” That doesn’t make sense to me. They want Americans to believe they are so right on Syria while accepting their reasons for being so wrong on Benghazi.

Leadership is mute on the CIA/chemical weapons transfer. Most members are still away on break, but the phone tree is lighting up. Know of one Congressman who says he’s willing to make the accusation public. Bad idea at this point. Need to wait and see, but he’s not one of mine so I have no input there.

If this administration has gone this far off the edge, people will never trust this government again. Me included. This is one time I don’t want something that might hurt my political opponents to be proven right. This seems too much, even for this administration, but some people are quietly making some very compelling cases that it might really have happened.

Will follow up again soon.

It’s something to consider. Ulsterman adds his own view:

I don’t share R.I.’s unwillingness to believe this administration is capable of such a thing. I know all too well what they are capable of, having made that knowledge the focus of my novels on this very subject. If and when I receive another update from R.I., I will make it available to you soon after. Until then, as you have always done, keep your eyes and ears open for any information that might corroborate this scenario R.I. just shared. Like me, I know many of you also share a deep mistrust of how far this administration is willing to go to further its agenda. What once seemed implausible, or something that would only exist in a work of fiction, could in fact be a sad and frightening reality. Hope for the best, but be always vigilant for the other.

When you consider how puzzling this all is, it’s certainly a possibility. For instance, what was going on in Benghazi? Was there a connection to the weapons smuggling? Why haven’t any of the survivors testified before Congress? Why did the administration relocate them? Why would Obama be willing to do all this in Syria and put American lives in harm’s way either directly or in retaliation, yet he wasn’t willing to save four American lives in Benghazi?

A comment from the article reminds us that “New NSA leak showing satellite was capable and was watching Bin Laden compound gives pause…Extrapolate that fact.Could that satellite not also show exactly who and what was happening in Benghazi? With that new NSA info considers that real time watching of Benghazi, as first reported was very real indeed. And that Reggie’s pathetic comment about 17 hands of gin rummy was to give cover to not have been watching those rapes and Steven’s mutilation in Benghazi. I don’t believe the card game leak was about Jarrett but about Benghazi and the CinC being protected from willfully, wantonly, refusing help to those in Benghazi when he knew and he was watching EXACTLY what was going on there.”

The NSA is able virtually to tell what a citizen had for breakfast, but didn’t know what was going on in Benghazi or in Syria? Hard to believe.

Their air of confidence about chemical weapons in Syria were used by Assad; doesn’t that have a bravado tone to it that smacks of deception? Why did John Kerry earlier call Assad “my dear friend…very generous to me” and echoed Hillary’s comment that Assad was reformer she could believe in? Now he’s evil?

How do we know it was Assad anyhow? Some are suggesting the Saudis are behind the chemical attack. ZeroHedge has found this:

The incredibly frank discussion between Saudi’s spy-chief Prince Bandar and Russia’s Putin exposed a much deeper plot is afoot and the following details from the actual people on the ground in the chemically-attacked region of Syria suggest Obama is playing right into the Saudi’s plan. While Obama is ‘certain’ that the chemical attacks took place on al-Assad’s orders, as MPN reports, “from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.”

Certainly the American public has reason to doubt that we are being told the truth.

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