Rush Buttresses Insider’s Theory

This morning Rush Limbaugh is discussing whether Bashir Assad has been set up with the chemical weapons charge.

It is just what the Republican Insider heard and was reported on this site.

How could this be and is it a crackpot theory? Well, the Syrian rebels have been losing the war with Assad. What better way to get help than to use chemical weapons against their own people and blame it on Assad? Take this even further. What if the Obama regime was going along with this or instigated it? Rush reminds us that last summer then Defense Secretary Leon Pannetta mentioned that some chemical weapons were missing. It went virtually unnoticed at the time. Now it seems more relevant.

And how does this all tie in with Benghazi? Could it be that it was just before the September 11 attack on our embassy that this “loss” of chemical weapons happened? Did Ambassador Stevens know about this or play a part in it? If he was taken out, then any objections he could have would be silenced.

It’s a theory worth consideration. We know the Obama people are strategists. They have long term plans for everything they can possibly control.

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