Cohen Must Be Smiling

Or Cohen may be bustin’ a move with joy. But let’s hope not twerking. Or if he does he keeps it to himself and doesn’t post a selfie. Rep. Steve Cohen’s probably jubilant that Putin has offered Obama a way out of the Syria quagmire (can that apply to Democrats?) and spared him a vote on it in the House.

In his last email to constituents Cohen wrote:

I am very concerned about going into Syria, but I am also very concerned about the message it sends if we do nothing. We are just getting out of two wars—one we should not have started and one where we lost our focus and have stayed too long—but the international community must make its voice heard in light of these horrific acts. I have spent the last week weighing all the information I’ve received at classified briefings as well as your thoughts, and I will continue to do so.

When Congress returns to Washington next week, it will begin debating a resolution authorizing the President to use military force in Syria. We don’t know just yet when the House will be called to vote, but I will continue pressing the Administration for answers and information – as well as continue listening to you — before I cast a vote on this matter.

Having to choose between his liberal bias against any kind of military action and his desire to please his black constituents and back Obama would be a difficult one for Cohen. In my opinion he puts Steve Cohen and Steve Cohen’s future above doing the right thing. He’d have to look into and consider which way to swing.

For now, at least, he’s spared the heavyweight decision making.

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