Republican Insider: O Neutered Now

The anonymous Republican Insider contacted his host, D.W. Ulsterman, with some insight into D.C. events:

A very brief message from a Republican Insider closely connected to the daily “clash and mash” inside Capitol Hill. It appears Barack Obama’s Syrian mess has not only weakened him abroad, but delivered a “debilitating” blow within his own party. Would also remind readers RI was spot on with earlier predictions on this Syrian debacle – they deserve an atta-boy for being willing to share their insights, and I am very grateful for their doing so. -UM

Hello. Wanted to let you know president and entire administration dealt debilitating blow not only regarding ability to broker deals with Republicans, but within own party. Democrats openly stunned at how badly this Syrian thing played out. Can’t believe White House so clumsy and off message. Jokes about Kerry going off all over the place.

Reid doesn’t think he can even deliver Senate support. House not even close. White House sent out message to leaders of both parties open to “change of plan”. Assume that is Syrian deal coming from Putin via Kerry foot in mouth. Saving face is now #1 priority for WH. Too late for that. Obama officially neutered this week. He won’t recover fully from this one. Too many mistakes and people disgusted by this WH on both sides. Glad they could finally join us, right? WH will try to spin this deal as their idea but won’t work. Too many were paying attention on this one.

Good day for those of us who dislike everything Barack Obama’s policies stand for, but horrible day for those of us who want to see America made stronger. We all look very bad on this to world.
Not all bad though. Very good week for Senator Paul. Standing improved. That is very good for the party. Grow the base with core principles. The senator is doing that despite opposition from figures like McCain.


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