Not Very Syria-ous

What did all these weeks of flopping around on what to do in Syria accomplish? President Obama can be “proud” of what he has “achieved.”

1. He handed the Middle East over to Putin. He made him a player there.

2. In doing so, he made us a second rate power.

3. Israel is now in a more perilous state with the entry of the Russians who care nothing for them.

4. Assad’s power is now cemented. He goes from third rate dictator to top of the heap.

5. Obama gave Congress a lot more power. Many of his initiatives should be dead in the water now. Will they be? There’s not a lot of hope that Speaker Boehner or Majority leader Cantor will know what to do with this gift, however.

6. We now know how shallow – and that’s a kindness – Hollywood celebrities are. When it comes to Obama, they will muzzle themselves.

7. No one knows our foreign policy. What is it? When a Republican’s in office, Muslims can count on us keeping our word. When it comes to Democrats, they can’t trust anything they say and certainly not any promises they make.

8. Al Qaeda knows how weak we are. We threaten, but there are no consequences. If there were, they would be “small” as John Kerry explained. Why not take advantage of it?

9. Democrats must be unnerved. The president they thought was anti war put them in a difficult position. Some were willing to go out on a limb for him against their own beliefs, only to have him cut it off with his vacillating. I would feel queasy about the midterms.

10. The media has been exposed for the fraud that it is. They are willing to slap “brilliant” on anything Obama does and his flip flopping is only seen as proof of his genius. Come on! Hearing Bob Beckel suddenly be pro war on Fox’s show The Five has been enlightening. There is no integrity with Democrats.

11. Iran gets empowered by Obama’s weakness as well. Now they have Russia in the neighborhood and they can count on Vladimir helping them.

12. Russia moves to secure energy and therefore political and economic power via this deal. They have plans for a pipeline there. With their domination of energy in Eastern Europe, this gives them more in other parts of the world. Meanwhile we refuse to use the God given resources we have in this country.

13. Our enemies in the Middle East will now have more weapons available to them courtesy of the Russians. Basically the Russians are in charge of monitoring Syria’s use of chemical weapons. How ridiculous is that? They will hide anything they want from inspectors or the world’s gaze.

14. Our military is disheartened. The Commander in Chief would send them off to die in an event not tied to our national interests. They already know he despises them. This makes their lives even harder.

15. We don’t even know all the blow back we’ll get from this development. More will come out in the coming year. None of it will be good for the U.S.

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