God Kicked Out at Memphis City Schools

You can’t trust our public schools anymore and I’m not so sure about the private ones. The indoctrination is scary.

Yesterday I heard of a mother commenting that her first grader was being taught about the three branches of government. The person who relayed this asked her if it wasn’t a bit early to be teaching that. The mother thought so, too. She commented that the Bartlett school was using Common Core. Asked whether all the children’s lunches were free, the mother said yes. Kids got breakfast, too, and for some it was their second one. (Is that the kind of nutrition you want, Michelle O?).

Then we read that God isn’t considered a proper idol for a student at Lucy Elementary.

From WREG:

Memphis mother Erica Shead said she was angry after her 10-year-old daughter Erin, told her Wednesday, she wasn’t allowed to write about God for a school assignment.

“It was so cute and innocent. She talked about how God created the earth and how she’s doing the best she can,” said Shead.

Shead said Erin was told she can’t use God as an idol for the assignment.

She said her daughter was told to start over and pick another idol.

“But my teacher said I couldn’t write about God. She said It has something to do with God and God can’t be my idol,” said Shead about what her daughter told her.

Erin told her mother she was also not allowed to leave the assignment about God at school, that it must go home.

On the second try, Erin chose Michael Jackson, which was acceptable.

“How can you tell this baby, that’s a Christian, what she can say and what she can’t say?”

Shead took her concerns to the school principal at Lucy Elementary Wednesday morning.

“Can you show me this in a policy where this child cannot talk about God on paper,” asked Shead.

Maybe the teacher was hoping she’d pick Barack Obama.

And we wonder why our people are not ethical or moral.

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