Government Gone Wild

Honestly, the Founders would not recognize this nation. They would think we live in tyranny. How much more could the government intrude in our lives? From these stories over the weekend, it looks like they’re just getting started. Nothing is too small to escape their regulation obsession.

For instance, in Pittsburgh, some residents can be – and are – fined for parking in their own driveway:

Then, there is New York, where the government wants to regulate dinner parties!
From CBS 2

As you sit down to dinner, this story illustrates eating out like you have never experienced before. We are talking about super-secret, illegal dining experiences hosted in homes.

CBS 2 investigative reporter Tamara Leitner went undercover to see firsthand how this underground world works.

It may look like a dinner party, but it’s really an underground supper club.

The diners are a mix of New Yorkers and tourists. CBS 2’s undercover cameras captured one experience — eight people who didn’t know each other eating a meal in a stranger’s home.

That hostess, Naama Shafi, writes about food but is not a chef. Leitner found her through a website, which connects amateur foodies and professional chefs in 20 different countries with people who want unique dining experiences.

Clandestine dinner parties like the one Leitner attended have become more common in New York City. And insiders told Leitner they are completely unregulated.

But some critics have concerns about these unregulated dinner parties.

“It definitely falls into a gray area,” said Leon Lubarsky, owner of Letter Grade Consulting.

Lubarsky’s staff of retired New York City health inspectors advises restaurants on health regulations.

When asked if the underground restaurants should be regulated, Lubarsky told Leitner, “Yes, they should be regulated by the same system that regulates every restaurant in New York City.”

If this doesn’t cement the idea that we’re becoming a third world country, I don’t know what would. They do this in Cuba because of government control there. Now it’s happening in Manhattan.

Want to bet this would not apply to any Democrats who want to throw a fund raising dinner party for a candidate in New York? Wouldn’t that be “unregulated?” Guess it’s OK then.

Then we have Chicago where the government there wants an even greater monitoring of energy than they have now. (Pro smart meter people: Do you see where these meters are taking us?)

From the Blaze:

Building managers in Chicago are complaining they will be put through “public shaming” after the city council voted to require them to publicly disclose their energy use in the city’s bid to cut it by 30 percent by 2020, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Beginning next year, Chicago buildings will submit annual reports regarding their energy efficiency and could be compared to their peers.

Only buildings larger than 50,000 square feet will be required to report data to a program the Tribune compared to TurboTax run through the EPA, called Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn’t see a problem with this.

“Do you check the mileage before you purchase a car? Do you check the energy-efficiency of a utility before you purchase it? Do you do comparative? What is wrong with providing people information?” Emanuel said, according to the Tribune.

Sure, there’s absolutely no problem with a dictatorial government forcing their beliefs on citizens and private entities and publicly shaming them, which could cause a loss in revenue and customers all while publishing private data, which is none of Government’s business, and probably for the Cult Of Gore.

You’d think they had more important things to deal with in Chicago, like murders, crime and state bankruptcy, than looking into energy usage, wouldn’t you?

It goes to show you how very much the government wants absolute control of energy use for everyday Americans. Control that and you control behavior, commerce, business and transportation.

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