Happy Days Never Even Got Here

The shooting at the Navy shipyard changed Obama’s plans for today. He wanted to focus on the five year anniversary of what he likes to call the Great Recession caused by President Bush and Republicans. Obama’s team had assembled a group of Americans to stand behind him as examples of the success of his handling of the economy.

He had also wanted to have it in the Rose Garden because it suits his own rosy outlook and makes for a good photo op.

Mother Nature stopped that with rain so he ignored the Navy shipyard shootings and the weather and held the event indoors. He kept the cadre of Stepford People he drags in for every such speech.

He didn’t let the truth about the economy deter him either. Obama talked about how scary it was for Americans five years ago as they lost jobs and their savings. But after he took the helm, things have turned around. It’s your basic “Happy days are here again” poop the Democrats have touted ever since FDR lengthened the Great Depression.

Since almost no journalists will point out the glaring truth to him (they either work for him now or plan to in the near future), I’ll just ask a few rhetorically.

If things are so great, why are pension plans in trouble all over the country? Check the front page of our newspaper today.
If things are so great, why is Detroit now in ruins and the car industry sputtering? Wasn’t Detroit the ultimate liberal experiment?
If things are so great, why is Illinois deeply in the red and I don’t mean politically? Lots of other states join Obama’s “home turf” like California, New York, etc.?
If things are so great, why is black youth unemployment higher than ever?
Why is gas trending towards $4 an hour?
Why is food stamp usage skyrocketing? Didn’t these people eat the crap sandwich Obama made for them?
If things are so great why are employers switching to part time workers to avoid the costs of Obamacare?
Why are people worried that the real estate market is about to drop soon?
If things are so great, why is it every time you go to the grocery store prices have again gone up?
Why are young men taking a long time to go through college and then having to live at home with mom and dad because there aren’t any professional jobs for them?
If health care is about to be so fantastic, why are drug prices still so high? Even my dog has meds that add up in triple digits.
If things are so great, why has the labor force kept declining since you took office?
If things are so great, why can’t the post office hit the black? Why do they want to scale back to fewer delivery days? My grandparents enjoyed two deliveries a day. A day! And there were no automatic sorting machines or airplanes to transport the mail.
If things are so great, why can’t we make a quality anything anymore? Why do we rely on China for everything?
If the stimulus package you produced was so great, why is there a new report out on the dangerous condition of bridges across the land? I thought that was one of those “shovel ready” jobs.

Mother Nature is not the only one to rain on your parade Mr. Obama. Reality will do that. Your friends on both coasts may believe your propaganda, but people in Flyover don’t. We can see very clearly from here.

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