A ‘Ted-ucation’

Freshman Senator Ted Cruz is doing exactly what the Republican Party needs. He’s standing up for our beliefs and showing leadership.

It’s something the GOP has been lacking ever since the election of B.O. Somehow, that scared our party. Members stopped criticizing or obstructing Obama because they’d get slapped with the racism charge. At this point in our country, being a racist is the highest crime you can commit. Politicians will do anything to avoid this charge rather than stand up and explain themselves.

Even the big 2010 win didn’t do much to dissuade the old guard of the GOP. They remain convinced that the Tea Party is cryptonite for them and any embrace of them makes them fodder for the scrounging media. So they have been reduced to mild objections to whatever dangerous policy the executive branch pursues.

Cruz is a refreshing change. Even people who don’t agree with his stance have to admire his courage and fortitude. He’s going where angels fear to tread and not looking back. He’s shining national attention on a vital issue.

Probably some of the other future presidential contenders are wishing they’d been so bold. Right now Cruz is becoming known in every household in America. He is providing a rallying point for all – conservative or not – opposed to Obamacare. That number will only grow as people see their premiums rise and their good medical attention fall.

Napoleon famously said that after the French Revolution he saw the crown in the gutter. “I merely picked it up,” he said. The country and especially the GOP is searching for a leader and Ted Cruz is merely picking it up.

Obama is basically a bully and the thing a bully fears most is someone who confronts him. Cruz is doing that right now. He may not succeed in stopping Obamacare completely, but he has shown his mettle. He’s shown the rest of our party how it’s done.

I, for one, like it.

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