Republican Insider: It’s a Beginning

The Republican Insider, an anonymous actor in Washington who periodically contacts blogger DW Ulsterman, has this to report on the goings on in D.C.:

“Long night. Reid wanting to cut off Senator Cruz with procedural action later in the afternoon. By staying up all night and having America wake to the fact he is still standing is putting the Obamacare issue front and center. That is the last thing Democrats want because it is a monstrosity that does not hold up in any way to public scrutiny and they know it.

Technically, we won’t win this battle. We finally have people in the party who understand the war.

This is the beginning of the era of the new Republicans. It is an era that is finally putting America and Americans first. America and Americans now.

Had two Senate Democrats quietly let us know they supported what we were doing. They fear back home backlash on the Obamacare issue, and have seen the cost estimates. Tsunami of debt and regulations the will lead to millions of very upset citizens. One of them made a comment about how Harry Reid was “way past his expiration date.” Not one single member of the Republican leadership has given us any words of support.

Nice to know some of “them” are finally admitting it. That wouldn’t happen without the work of Senator Cruz and some others, and all the other people out there who have been really paying attention to what is going on here.

Glad to be a part of all this. Not too often you can actually feel pride when you are walking around this place.

This is one of those times.”


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