Shame on Corker

The RightScoop nails this whiny sad excuse for a Tennessean as he embarrasses himself and us on the Senate floor.

This is the full exchange between Sen. Bob Corker and Sen. Ted Cruz where Corker suggests that Cruz and Lee are holding up the vote on the CR until tomorrow just so they can be on TV. But more than that Corker plays dumb on voting for cloture tomorrow, suggesting that a vote for cloture (ending debate) is a vote in support of the House CR.

But that’s completely dishonest because as soon as they vote to end debate on the House CR, Reid is going to propose an amendment to strip out the House language that defunds Obamacare and it can’t be filibustered. It will pass with a simple majority. Corker knows this but plays off the simple majority amendment process that Reid will invoke as something that’s been around for ages and nothing to be concerned about. But Cruz continues to point out to Corker that a vote for cloture tomorrow will indeed be a vote to give Harry Reid the power to fully fund Obamacare.

Also watch to the very end, just past Durbin’s little speech, and you’ll see Corker throw both Cruz and Lee completely under the bus, siding with Durbin. It’s disgusting.

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