Tea Party Dead, Eh?

The media would make you think they are irrelevant now. Record low popularity is the idea they try to purvey.

If that were true, why do they persist in attacking them?

Maybe it’s because they are not as unpopular as the “polls” would have you believe. Maybe they fear that the discontent with Washington will have Americans finding they have a lot in common with the Tea party. Professor William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection took a deeper look into these “polls.” You’ll want to explore his findings here: http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/09/congrats-gallup-for-inspiring-these-5-misleading-anti-tea-party-headlines/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+LegalInsurrection+%28Le%C2%B7gal+In%C2%B7sur%C2%B7rec%C2%B7tion%29

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