Bartlett Story Questioned

Yesterday there was an objection by a Muslim woman over the ACT booth at the Bartlett Festival.

The New English Review posted the following account, plus Channel 5’s reportage:

The Bartlett Festival near Memphis is a major fall event in Shelby County, Tennessee. Among the presenters at the Festival was the ACT! Memphis Chapter who paid the required $50 fee to set up an information booth to present its views, free speech under our First Amendment. The Memphis ACT! Booth at the bucolic Bartlett Festival had information that discomforted a local Muslim woman attendee. She lodged a complaint triggering a local Channel 5 WMC TV news investigative report. She said it had no place at a local family event with what she alleged was an anti-Muslim message. However, her action simply drew attention to the realities about the activities of the radical elements in the Shelby County Muslim Community thereby raising the visibility of the ACT! Memphis Chapter awareness campaign.

Watch the WMCTV report, Controversial Festival Booth.
Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee
Following the kerfuffle over the WMCTV report, the Memphis ACT! Chapter posted the following response on its website:

It is unfortunate that a woman was offended when ACT! Memphis staffed a booth at the Bartlett Festival.

But we must wonder;

Was she offended when a HAMAS Intelligence officer was found living in Collierville and deported?
Was she offended when the president of the Muslim Student Association at the University of Memphis declared the that MSA was a regular donor to the Holy Land Foundation, which was convicted in a federal trial in Dallas, TX of funding a terrorist organization, Hamas?
Was she offended when federal agents raided the Memphis home of a Syrian citizen and found a photograph of him shouldering a rocket-powered grenade launcher in Bosnia while standing next to an associate of Osama bin Laden?
Is she offended that the mortgage of a Memphis mosque is held by a front organization of the Iranian government that had its assets seized by the federal government?
Was she offended when an Islamic school in Memphis announced that they hired a consultant who was listed in a secret Muslim Brotherhood document that was seized as evidence by federal agents?
Was she offended when an Islamic school in Memphis had a former employee of the Holy Land Foundation as a guest speaker to introduce the new principal?
Is she offended that several mosques in Memphis are owned by NAIT, an organization that was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, the largest terrorist financial case to be prosecuted in the United States?
Was she offended when a young man from Memphis was radicalized by persons at mosques in Nashville and after returning from “training” in Yemen, went on to shoot down two U.S. Army recruiters in Little Rock, killing one and seriously injuring the other?
Was she offended when federal agents raided the apartment of an Egyptian student, near the University of Memphis and next to a mosque and found an airline captain’s uniform and a training video labeled, “How an Airline Captain Should Look and Act?” Was she offended when this student was deported for using a false Social Security number and determined to have been in the country illegally?

Yes, it seems the lady has much to be offended about. But exposing the truth is not one of them.

We had recently presented before the Memphis and Jonesboro ACT! Chapters in mid-September through the auspices of their stalwart leaders, Mason Ezzell, III and Robert Norvell . We learned first hand about problems with local Muslim Brotherhood front groups and Islamic Centers in both communities. We had written about the Shelby County MB contingent involved with the American Muslim Advisory Committee of Tennessee (AMACTN) and American Center for Outreach (ACO) in a June 2012 New English Review expose, Does Muslim Blasphemy Trump Free Speech in America?. We also knew about the local family court decision of 2007 recognizing Shariah in the custody battle between a Memphis ACT! Chapter stalwart, Rosine Ghawji and ex-husband, a local Syrian Muslim endocrinologist.

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