Color My World

Did you like the pink newspaper this morning? Did it make you want to go out and get a mammogram?

There was a time when “pinko” was a derogatory term and implied you were Communist. Guess that day is gone and with it the idea that Communism/Socialism is a bad thing. Evidently they’re not afraid of that. Makes sense when you look at the content.

Why stop at pink? The CA ought to go ahead and do a green newspaper. Wouldn’t that show that they care about the environment? While you’re at it, why not use edible vegetable dye for ink and print on edible paper? Think of the benefits! It wouldn’t pollute the environment and would provide sustenance for the homeless and our city school children.

Why not blue? The newspaper’s heart beats blue and we live in a blue city. It even works with our musical heritage! And what a way to persuade the reluctant voter! They wouldn’t have to bother endorsing anyone on the editorial page because you’d know to vote for the Democrat/Liberal any time and under any circumstance.

I wonder at the race issue, too. For years, the newspaper has inflicted white paper on black ink. Surely that’s not right. Switch to black paper with black ink. Then you’d avoid all racism. Of course most of us couldn’t read it then, but who reads it now anyhow? If you do, you quickly decide to fold it up and trash it after a headline or two.

The newspaper may be on to something here. For such a long time they have focused on content when the form and style are really what matter.

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