All About Spite and Power

If the treatment the WWII vets got from the Obama administration didn’t clue Americans in to what Obama is all about with this defunding issue, this direct quote should get everyone’s attention.

Ace of Spades reports “Naval Academy Director: I was told that reason that cost-free Navy/Air Force game had to be cancelled was for ‘the optics’.”


The Naval Academy Athletic Association is a private organization not funded by the government. Gladchuk said the Air Force-Navy game could be held without any “appropriated funding.” Air Force recently created a similar athletic association that operates using private funds, donations and revenue from intercollegiate contests.

“We could run our entire athletics program and conduct events as we always do without any government funds,” Gladchuk said. “In talking to the Air Force athletic director, their football team could execute the trip without government funding.”

Asked why the Department of Defense was suspending intercollegiate athletic contests if government funds are not required, Gladchuk said he was told it was about “optics.”

“It’s a perception thing. Apparently it doesn’t resonate with all the other government agencies that have been shut down,” Gladchuk said.

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