Why Free School Meals Are Bad

The same thing is happening in Dallas schools that is happening in Memphis. The Dallas school district has 159,000 students who will now get free breakfast and lunch. This after the U.S. Agriculture Dept. announced it will no longer make meals available based on financial need.

Glenn Beck raised concerns on his radio show Friday morning. They are the same ones many of us have in Memphis, where kids also get free dinners during the week and free meals to take home for the weekend.

From the Blaze:

Apparently district officials believe the overhaul will actually save money by eliminating 40 positions — costing $300,000 — dedicated to filling out paperwork for students who qualified, public information, and more. This way, it will simply be available to everyone.

“For free, it’s going to save a lot of money. Okay. Right,” Beck said in disbelief. “A. I think this is Cloward and Piven, collapse the system. But more importantly, this is, again, indoctrination. This is, teach kids from the very beginning that Mom and Dad do not provide breakfast or lunch…The state provides that. By the time you get out of school, you’ll be like, ‘Why am I paying for breakfast? I’ve never paid for breakfast a day in my life! Why am I paying for it?’”

Beck continued: “Once you indoctrinate your kids that Mom and Dad are not responsible at all for breakfast or lunch – that the state is – you are on your way to that communist utopia where it’s universal housing, universal education, universal [healthcare] and universal food.”

He added that you’re also on your way to “universal toilet paper lines.”

“That’s what happens,” Beck said. “You stand in line, eventually, for toilet paper. Because nobody does anything anymore. Because the state has taken everything — including the will to do anything. And so people stand in line for toilet paper.”

Beck added that when society descends into such a state, it usually lasts for about seventy years.

“It’s that way pretty much every time,” Beck said. “Seventy years of darkness. If we lose it ‑‑ and remember, we’re the United States of America. There’s nobody else fighting for this. If we lose our freedom, we will never see it again, nor will our children. It will take 70 years to get out of the darkness…And here we sit with a school district in Texas – Dallas, Texas – [claiming] that this is actually going to save money. How is that even possible?”

Beck said later in the program that progressives call themselves by that name because they don’t want a revolution — they know Americans would never accept it. Though they agree with their “communist friends on universal healthcare, universal housing, [and] universal jobs,” Beck said progressives go about achieving those ends differently.

“‘We don’t want a revolution, and so we’re going to take it and break it up into baby steps,’” Beck said. “That’s what they are. They are communists. They are authoritarian communists.”

It’s not that we don’t believe hungry kids should suffer. No one wants that. Previous programs took care of it and the rest should come from churches and the community.

By everyone getting a free lunch it teaches complete dependence on the government. The first bonding that occurs between mother and child concerns food. The government wants to get in on that and supplant the parental role. As he says, it then is applied to every area of our lives.

We don’t need more proof that the government is a corrupting influence. We already have a welfare class that never seems to get out of its predicament. Actually, it has grown and is growing more since LBJ started the whole thing.
Now they want the rest of us to comply as well.

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