Golf Will Trump Shutdown

There is much gnashing of teeth about the duration of the government shutdown, the debt ceiling and the negative impact of it all. Through it all, President Obama has declared his intransigence. He will not negotiate until the shutdown ends and the debt ceiling is lifted.

If that’s negotiating, then 9/11 was negotiating, too.

Anyhow, there is belief that Republicans will crack first. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe the GOP has an ace up its sleeve, or more correctly, an ace in the hole.

If there’s one thing Obama is passionate about, it’s getting out on the golf course. That has been the most consistent aspect of his presidency. Weekends and holidays find him on the links despite the gravity of any situation. Supposedly he came in from the golf course to the situation room when the Bin Laden raid took place. He didn’t even bother to take off his light jacket. He probably wanted to go finish his game.

You know right now he is jonesing to get back out on the greens. Now that the weather is cooler he must yearn for a good, long game. Of course, he could go out and play, but the “optics” for that are bad. His handlers won’t let that happen.

Maybe John Boehner has a good reading on Obama. Perhaps Obama will not be able to hold out after another weekend. I don’t believe the president, who is a bully, can deny himself pleasure much longer.

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