Beck Fingers McConnell

There has been a lot of talk about infighting among GOP senators during this government shutdown. Some of them evidently have it out for Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz who they blame for the tactic.

Yesterday a moderate Republican senator contacted TV/radio host Glenn Beck to tell him he was appalled at what went on at one of these private, off the record meetings. The senator wanted to remain anonymous and is someone Beck said he’d put in the category as one “not on our side.” He said what prompted them was the comments by another GOP senator who basically called Cruz and Senator Mike Lee traitors. That senator was appalled by such an attitude that appeared to him as frighteningly UnAmerican.

Beck had promised he would reveal the name of the senator on his TV/radio Blaze show this morning. He did and at the beginning of the show. He said the culprit was Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

The Blaze reported:

“Here is what happened,” Beck continued. “As they are all standing in there, they are told in not so many words, that they are on the wrong side. That these people have been here for a very long time, and you new senators come in and you think you know it all. And if anyone is working with the Senate Conservatives Fund or FreedomWorks, you’re a traitor.”

Beck’s co-host Pat Gray asked if “traitor” was the actual word used.

“The actual word used was not ‘traitor,’” Beck said clearly. “They couldn’t remember the actual word, they said, but that’s what everybody heard, and that’s what set this guy off. Because he was like, ‘Yeah, you put ‘em in their place.’ And then when he heard the word, and he doesn’t remember what it was, but he translated it as ‘traitor,’ and he was like, ‘Whoa, that’s a little strong.’”

Beck reminded that even during the most contentious debates, the rhetoric is always, “the good senator,” or “my friend the senator.” But he said this meeting was described as a bloodbath, and “very, very unlike anything senators do.”

“Now you would have to ask yourself, I wonder if there were any tapes being made…” Beck remarked. “I don’t know. But boy in today’s world, I sure would be sweating up a storm.”

Beck said there was another senator making similar attacks, and he hopes to have that senator’s name by the end of the day.

The second senator reportedly stood up and said something along the lines of, “I want you to know, FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund worked hard to unseat me…[and] if any of you take a dollar from either FreedomWorks or the Senate Conservatives Fund, you’re an enemy of mine.”

Beck remarked: “But the one who wanted everybody to know that you’re a traitor, his name is Senator Mitch McConnell.”

Beck said the senator may appear all “high-eyed” and “happy-faced” on television, but he is a “ruthless, ruthless authoritarian leader of the GOP.”

“Mitch McConnell — isn’t he running again?” Beck concluded pensively. “That should be interesting.”

Later in the program Beck said that the reason the IRS was not being investigated as it should be for its bias against the Tea Party is because McConnell wants the IRS to work against them.

Beck continued, saying Karl Rove was “the Iran” in this situation, meaning he is the silent perpetrator behind the scenes. Rove is a failure, Beck said, explaining that he promised success in last year’s election and “pissed off” a lot of millionaire and billionaire contributors. Beck sees that Rove needs to get other groups like FreedomWorks out of the way so he can be the one in charge of getting money for candidates. “He’s has a big political machine,” people have told Beck and Rove wants to protect and expand it.

It is no secret that Rove worked against Ted Cruz when he ran for the Senate. Cruz presents a threat to Rove since he has been successful.

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