Presser Cooker

I didn’t listen to Obama’s press conference yesterday. I had the TV on, but the sound muted. I was surprised at how long the thing went on, except that the Narcissist in chief loves the podium and the attention.

I didn’t listen to it because there is no press in a presser anymore. It’s a political cooking demonstration. Obama was there to list all the ingredients the press needs to get his message across: chaos, extremism, Republicans, obstructionists, terrorists, etc. After he gave them that, he stirred the pot for them. Then he helped them compile it all into a nice dish that they can serve up to the taste impaired American people.

What’s the proof? No reporter even asked him a question about Obamacare and its inauspicious opening. Had anyone attended that White House event who really cared about answers, it would have been the first question out of the box.

So it was a complete class for main stream media pupils who eagerly lap up all the talking points he serves them. They have to get some instructions from him because not even a journalist could come up with good arguments to persuade Americans that Obama is doing the right thing.

It was just another exercise in propaganda.

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