An Interesting Take on Boehner

Yesterday, the idea of Boehner proposing to lift the debt ceiling for six weeks drew nothing but criticism and angst from the conservative base.

It was so bad that it made me shut off talk radio and Fox News. If there is one thing that is a waste of time it is speculation, particularly speculation from a bunch of people who always expect the worst outcome.

Here’s another, calmer take on what Speaker Boehner did in his proposal to Obama: A few excerpts from Fisher Adams:

Now that John Boehner and the GOP House leadership have proposed a temporary extension to the debt ceiling, the predictable outcry from the conservative base has largely been, in a word, angry.

Admittedly, as a proud member of the conservative base, even my own initial reaction may or may not have included a combination of four- and six-letter words that would be considered less than savory…

Does John Boehner’s temporary debt ceiling increase plan compromise on ObamaCare? Not really — the one-year suspension of the individual mandate, medical device tax, and chained CPI are all still on the table. Certainly a 6-week temporary spending hike doesn’t negate all that.

ObamaCare has not been rubber-stamped, or given a free pass. But what Boehner has done here — and it’s as incredible as it was unexpected — is that he has flipped the script on how Democrats attack Republicans…

Now, because Boehner has flipped the script, it’s Democrats behaving as they always accused the Republicans of behaving. They’re the ones refusing to negotiate and not compromising. They’re the ones saying no to vital spending bills. Heck, they’re even out there evicting octogenarians from their homes in the name of government shutdown.

By the time Obama and Boehner sit down in mid-/late November, there’s a chance that public opinion of ObamaCare might be so low that Boehner won’t have any trouble getting a one-year delay in the individual mandate. If not more!

I truly believe that Obama wanted this shutdown. But I don’t believe for a second that he thought it was going to go like this. The media has been able to shield him from any blame or fault for nearly 5 years. But now that people can log on to a $634-million website and see his incompetence for themselves, concealing Obama as a miserable failure is too much to ask even for Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews.

I’m not a “fan” of John Boehner. I’ve seen him as a weak vacillator for almost the entirety of Obama’s reign. But there’s a huge difference between compromising on principle and compromising on tactics, and I’m not even going to pretend to know how this all ends. But up until now, there’s been no doubt who has outplayed whom.

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