Cartoonist Shows Dumb Side

Did you see the editorial page cartoon in Sunday’s Commercial Appeal? It was something no Republican group would ever publish. First, because we wouldn’t approve of one that racist, stupid and poor quality and secondly because we’d be accused of being racist, stupid and of a lower intelligence.

If you didn’t see it, it was four panels of Janis Fullilove. Her face is elongated to the point of looking like a witch. Her nose is pointed like a witch with her eyebrows raised in anger. The first panel has her saying “You lie, Mr. Smarty pants! That’s a bunch of bull!” In the second panel she is standing up shouting “You hear me, Mr. Smar-Tee Pants? You’re just tryin’ to make me look bad, aren’t you?” In the third a voice from outside the panel comments “No, Ma’am. You’re doing a pretty good job all by yourself.” In the final one she is looking directly at a smart meter. She is about to bring down the gavel and her thought bubble says “Never argue with a smart meter.”

It’s not very clever or well drawn. How long did it take the cartoonist to come up with this brilliance? Using smart as your word tool is about as banal a concept as someone could come up with, isn’t it? He must have given it, oh, about five seconds’ thought – tops. His attempt to make fun of her correction of MLGW executive Chris Bieber’s name is something you’d have to know about to appreciate in the second panel.

The whole thing is insulting to Ms. Fullilove and to Memphians. The cartoonist is showing his shallow grasp of the issue. It’s what the liberal media wants. It’s the Alinsky tactic of finding a target, freezing it and then making fun of it. That way no one has to waste little gray brain cells to form a coherent opinion. It’s handing the public a position on a plate with the warning that if you don’t agree with them, you’re stupid, too.

Ms. Fullilove has erred on getting off the liberal/Democrat bus on this issue. She is probably finding out the cost of disagreeing with the team. She is not availing herself of any goodies that may come with recommending the smart meters. So she is being pilloried. Even the race card can’t save you when you part ways with liberal thinking.

She is in accord with what intelligent Memphians understand about this monstrosity. So far she is the only public figure standing up to MLGW.

For that, she has my appreciation.

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