One Confederate Flag Waver or Plant?

At the weekend veterans’ protests about the shutdown of memorials, some man waved a Confederate flag in front of the White House.

Suddenly, all Tea Party and Republicans everywhere were tagged as racists anarchists who want to see Obama assassinated and the country in turmoil.

Have any of these media people and legislators who arepromoting this story considered that the person waving the flag might actually be a liberal/Democrat/progressive? Doesn’t it seem like a perfectly logical plan to smear the opposition? Saul Alinsky would have high fived any liberal infiltrating the event full of patriots to subvert it. It’s the kind of thing you’ll find in their big book of scary, evil tactics.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi joined up with other Democrats walking from the Capitol carrying a huge gavel? They were marching to celebrate passage of the Affordable Care Act. They claimed that some in the crowd yelled racial slurs at the black politicians walking with her. They made a big deal about how awful it was.

Then Andrew Breitbart stepped forward and offered something like $10,000 for anyone who could prove that such a thing had occurred. Crickets chirped. No one ever did claim the money because no one did it.

Before our side starts wincing and squirming, then slinking off assuming guilt, we need to volley back. Why not tell the Dems that perhaps someone on their side is responsible? Why accept guilt? One out of millions may think that way, but one in millions of their party might, too.

Time for the elephant to get agitated and throw some weight around.

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