Dissatisfied? Who’s to Blame?

So 81% of Americans are dissatisfied with life in these United States. Is that a surprise? The most surprising thing is that it’s only 81%. Well boo hoo.

Yes, I’m also dissatisfied with the direction the country is going. Yes, we are in peril as a nation. Yes, our democracy is evaporating. Yes, I despise many of the people who run the country in Washington, D.C. Most of them should go, starting at the top.

But look at the majority of Americans. Take a good look at the whiners. Do they vote? No. About 57% of eligible American voters exercised their right in 2012. About 41% voted in 2010. So all you people who didn’t vote, you contributed to the problem. Some say these people cost Romney the election. It’s too late now to act all indignant.
Of those who do vote, look at the kind of people we have become. In an interview I saw, Americans on the street were asked the amount of our national debt. No one said more than $3 billion. One said $1 million. They would have been shocked to know it’s $17 trillion. They had no idea of monetary amounts. Lay part of this to our poor education system. Lay another part on our media blackout on all economic news hurtful to Obama. But most of these people don’t take the time to find anything out about economic issues that effect them. They can barely keep up with their own debt and understand and agree with the Dem Wimpy strategy of promising to “gladly pay tomorrow for that hamburger today.”

Titans of finance we are not.

Nor are we moral heavyweights. How can we expect clarity and truth from a society that wallows in moral chaos and lies? A country that winces at God in Christmas doesn’t stand strong. Fewer of our people attend church or belong to an organized religion. We’d rather worship at the altar of Sunday football than waste time with discussions of good and evil.

We follow the Kardashians and their escapades, but not those of our self indulgent leaders. We’re more interested in Academy Award fashions and make up than the make up of bills in our legislature. We take our definitions of life, marriage and health from TV sitcoms. Classics in literature are being shoved aside for Common Core choices of books about subjugated immigrants and anti gay bigotry. There is not much self examination going on with us.

No body is guilty anymore either. The OJ trial showed us that. Americans don’t like to be “judgmental” and are convinced it’s a bad thing to be, so no one is responsible for anything anymore. People who steal are excused because they come from a poor background. Just look at the EBT fracas at Walmart over the weekend. Once it became evident that the EBT card wouldn’t have a limit, people stripped shelves clean, loaded up as much as they could and got home with it as fast as they could. Not a lot of moral guilt there.

My parish priest is fond of saying that when you point a finger at someone, three are pointing back at you. Sure it sounds like something a 1950s mom would say, but there’s truth in it. We rail against the Washington elite, but who put them there? They are a reflection of who we are as a people.

That reflection is not pretty. We won’t get better leaders until we are a better people. What’s that old saying? You get the government you deserve?

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