Too Good to Be True

It was a pleasant surprise today to see the CA’s op ed page with a story debunking the benefits of Pre K. “Prekindergarten hasn’t met expectations” was the headline of the story by Republican State House Representative Bill Dunn.

He revealed that some of the studies quoted in the sources for Pre K advocates date from 1962 and 1965 when schools and society were different. He even points out that one could draw the conclusion that children that young are actually harmed by early education. Many of them are not ready and that’s something Finland, an acknowledged success in education, has found out. There, school does not start til kids are 7 years old.

It appeared that journalism here is still trying to show both sides of the story. The CA has been heavy on the pre K propaganda, what with the tax increase vote to fund it coming up next month.

Then I turned to page 5B. A much longer story at the top of the page has this headline: “Large study touts Pre K value for all kids.” They just had to have the last word, didn’t they?

Notice how the headline attacks the op ed. “Large” study. That means better, right? A bigger and therefore better sample. “Value.” Who’s against value? It implies that taxpayers will get value for their money, so pass the tax. And I love “for all kids.” They are implying that it’s an issue of fairness. That is always the Democrat/liberal note: fairness and equality, because nobody wants to be against those. If you are, you are a greedy, selfish pig who should be shunned by fellow citizens. And it’s for the kids, after all, and nothing is too good for them, is it?

Today’s media never misses a chance, do they?

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