Doctoring Truth Is Bad Medicine

“A National Health Service free at the point of use will soon be “unsustainable”, if the political parties do not come forward with radical plans for change before the 2015 election, top health officials have warned.”

No, this isn’t discussing Obamacare or the battle of Republicans vs. Democrats. It’s the British, saying that the system they set up for health care – and which Obama wants to imitate – flat out doesn’t work.

The “Independent” newspaper in Britain has the story. They explain that health care costs continue to rise, money coming in is flat and they face “the most challenging period in its 65-year existence”, they quote Britain’s NHS Confederation.

“Given that demand continues to rise, drugs cost more, and NHS inflation is higher than general inflation, the NHS is facing a funding gap estimated at up to £30bn by 2020.”

They argue that the NHS must change from a health service designed to address the “needs of the 1960s”, with a focus on hospital care and treatment of acute illness and injury, into a service better equipped to look after people with long-term conditions, with a focus on community care.

“If we do not achieve a post-election drive for change it is very possible the current basis of the NHS free for all at the point of need will become unsustainable in the future,” they conclude.

What makes us think we will fare any better? The fact that there are so many more Americans than British citizens alone puts the idea on life support. How do you take care of 300 million people? How do you track them and keep accurate records on them? How can you begin to monitor fraud?

How do you take care of an aging population when the younger one isn’t generating enough people to sustain what we have? You can’t. How do you do it when there are not enough doctors available for citizens? In Britain this problem is not as large a one as here. They are now estimating that there will be about one doctor available to 88,000 people in the U.S. You’ll die before you get an appointment.

Republicans are right to keep fighting on this. We may have lost battles, but the war is by no means over. You can keep the facts from people for only so long and then they find out the truth. That truth is likely to be found in the pocketbook and it hurts there profoundly.

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