Things That Make You Go Hmmm

With the anniversary of the Newtown massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary coming up in December, Obama and the media will once again return to the theme of guns promote massacres. They will rev up the calls for gun control.

However, some eyebrow raising facts surround the story of Adam Lanza and his rampage. The DCClothesline notes that the death certificates of victims have never been allowed to be scrutinized. Usually death, birth and marriage certificates are in the public domain.

Did you know that “Adam Lanza’s death records are especially important because Social Security Death Index initially had his date-of-death (DoD) as December 13, 2012 — one day before Lanza’s alleged shooting rampage. When bloggers discovered this curious fact, SSDI quickly changed Lanza’s DoD to December 14, 2013.” Hmm.

And, “The Associated Press reports (via Fox News), Oct. 15, 2013, that contractors demolishing Sandy Hook Elementary School are being required to sign confidentiality agreements forbidding public discussion of the site, photographs or disclosure of any information about the building where 26 people were fatally shot last December.”

Why the secrecy if the information we have been given is correct? They have also barricaded (or should it be Barrycaded?) the property and hired full time security. Odd.

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