TN SC Rules

Thank God the Tennessee Supreme Court recognizes that a library card is not a valid voter ID. It was ludicrous for the Democrats to make that argument in the first place.

Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton had decided that Memphis Library cards would be acceptable in our last major election. He and the Democrats pulled this idea out of nowhere to widen the pool of voters and get their candidates elected. It was about as partisan and pathetic an effort as they could make. They live in their own world and make up their own rules outside of what our laws are.

There is no reason to do this from a common sense point of view. Everyone today has to have some kind of ID for just about every transaction. And, IDs are not hard to come by. The state had set up easy ways for anyone to get an ID, even if they didn’t drive. There was no reason for library cards to come into the picture at all.

In turning down this appeal the state Supreme Court recognized the lunacy of this effort. Had they ruled for it, they would have been basically ruling against themselves. If you deny the legitimacy of laws already on the books, you deny all laws. Why have judges if anything goes? It leads to chaos and anarchy.

Glad they realized that.

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