Was It a Scripted Moment?

At yesterday’s Rose Garden press conference with Obamacare supporters, a woman fainted while the president was talking. Seemed a bit odd. A closer look has some speculating that it was staged.

DW Ulsterman says

While I would like to think this was a legitimate instance of a woman who might be suffering from low blood sugar, or something related, there is the oddly timed reaction by President Barack Obama who, while reading from his teleprompter, is somehow able to know something amiss is going on behind him – even though the young woman has hardly moved or said anything to indicate she is in danger of fainting. Barack Obama has utilized the “woman fainting” ploy often when campaigning for himself, or an issue. In this case, (rather ironically) it is Obamacare. Would this administration be so desperate and callous as to stage this near-fainting spell as well? I’ll leave that to you to decide…

Here’s the video:

Obama was certainly ready with a quip, wasn’t he?

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