What If

Jo Anne Moretti, blogger and host of Underground radio, posits this:

What if the Repubs just played a pretty good game of rope a dope with Obama.
I was just thinking, perhaps Obama’s ego was used against him.
They knew Obama would never negotiate, so the House pushed the de-fund issue.
Then Ted Cruz fight brought huge attention to the Obamacare issue.
Everyone had heard of Ted Cruz and that the House Repubs were adamant about stopping Obamacare.
There were accusations and insults all over the place, including even within the Repub party.
Obama kicked, fussed, slandered and threatened everyone.
His contempt for military was on full display with his closing Memorials to Vets antics.
All the while many Repubs resisted, while just enough opposed them, to keep up the charade.
Needless to say Obama won.
But did he really?
The Repubs asked for a delay.
Obama said no.
Repubs asked for dropping the medical device tax. Obama said no.
Obama was asked to waive the mandate as he did for Congress. Obama said no.
So now. after all this attention was called to the matter, We are left with Obamacare.
People are seeing the result, or the Prize for winning.
People also know the Repubs had absolutely nothing to do with it.
It was Obama who stepped in his own trap.
His ego made him so snotty that he refused to negotiate.
Now he and his stooges, like Pelosi and Reid are left standing there alone, holding the whole Obamace debacle bag, on their own, and there is nobody to blame but his ego.
By this time next year people really will find out what’s in it.
Obama fought not to have a delay.
If he does delay it on his own, that would be illegal.
Congratulations Libs. Here’s your prize.
Be careful what you wish for.
Be even more careful who you follow into oblivion.
It was always about Obama to Obama.
His fake human props who really didn’t succeed in enrolling, or purchasing Obamacare insurance won’t save him.

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